The Ultimate Host Book 6 Chapter 610

Volume 6: The Zen Continent Chapter 610 Assassin Order

Before Takeo Hitoshi left Hitoshi Village he brought a strange type of salt with him only used for tracking purposes. It was called Tracking Salt. He however only brought a small bag with him. In actuality, he had five barrels of Tracking Salt. He ripped open the small bag on rubbed the Tracking Salt on the ground. Suddenly multiple footprints started to pop up all over the place.

Takeo waved his finger across the dirty ground and sucked the dirt off his finger. He instantly spat the dirt on the ground and stood on his feet. "These are your friend's footprints. "Seeing so many, it looks like he didn't want anybody to track him." "So where is he now?" asked Cross. "I am positive that he passed through this desert. " Takeo looked in the air and noticed that night had fallen.

"We should get some rest and continue in the morning," said Takeo.

20 minutes later...

When everyone was asleep, Takeo decided that he was going to contact one of the elders who were considered to be the most powerful ones in the Hitoshi Village. He placed his hands on the sand and generated white aura around his hands. Suddenly, the sand mould into the elder by the name of Yao Hitoshi. Yao Hitoshi had a greyish blackish top knot. He only had one eye. He wore a black robe. He also had a greyish, blackish mustache.

"What news do you have to deliver for me Takeo?" asked Yao. " "Not much but I will get back to you, Elder Yao Hitoshi." Yao Hitoshi clenched his hands into fists and placed a serious expression on his face. I am tired of you not bringing me any news Takeo. "If I knew this I wouldn't have elected you to be my strongest pupil," said Yao. "Just give me a couple more days, " "I promise I will get back to you." "No." "I had enough."

"I had enough of you and Akashiri." "This is why I gave out the order to kill Akashiri." "It will commence for 2 minutes." "I will give you one more chance." If you don't have any news for me the next time I schedule a meeting I will have you killed. "Do you understand me?" Takeo didn't answer. "I will take- Unexpectedly Takeo pulled our sword, chopping the sand hologram in half. Takeo placed his sword inside its sheath and closed his eyes. He placed his back on the ground and fell asleep.

Hitoshi Village.

Akashiri was doing sit-ups inside his chambers. He did over 400 situps in only a span of 2 minutes. He been breathing heavily and hopped to his feet. He went inside his fridge and pulled out cold tea with over 20 teaspoons of sugar inside it. He guzzled down the cold tea and smiled. He looked at the teacup and placed a serious expression on his face. He crunched the glass teacup in his hand. Chunks of glass were now inside the palm of his hand.

He ripped the chunks of glass out his hands, causing blood to splatter all over the white rug. He scavenged through his fridge and pulled out a tub of cookie and cream ice cream. It was the only thing he loved more than anything. He ate two scoops and placed it back in his fridge. He sighed and collapsed on his bed. When he was about to fall asleep, a woman with dark hair walked in. This woman was Erica Yamashita. She grew up with Akashiri and pretended to like him.

However, she secretly was jealous of him and hated his guts. "How are you feeling Akashiri?" asked Erica. "Much better," answered Akashiri. " I no longer need these blood-drenched bandages." He ripped the blood-drenched bandages off his hands and his chest. "What can I do for you?" There is something I want to ask you. "Go ahead." "For the past 18 years, I had something I wanted to tell you," said Erica. "What is it you want to tell me?" said Akashiri. "I love you." "Every since we were little." Erica walked towards Akashiri and sat on the bed ripping off Akashiri's shirt.

She began sucking the sweat off his chest that turned her wet. After 5 minutes she was riding him. She only did this to distract him. She was m.o.a.ning loudly like a siren. As Akashiri was about to release his seed inside Erica, Eric sharpened her teeth and bit a chunk out of his chest biting off one of his n.i.p.p.l.es. Blood began to draw. This made Akashiri mad. He tossed her through the wall making her fly into the shower.

Akashiri instantly jumped off the bed and scavenged through his dresser pulling out two Kunai. Erica instantly recovered hopping to her feet. She rolled out of the way, dodging the two Kunai that went into the wall as if they were darts being thrown into a target pinned on a wall. Akashiri quickly sprinted out of his chambers. He was confronted by a low-level ninja who drove a sword inside of his stomach.

Akashiri coughed up blood and staggered back. He pulled out his sword and sliced the ninja"s head off, splattering blood all over the green grass. He instantly turned around and saw Erica approaching towards him. Suddenly metal blades came out of her fingernails which dropped on the ground. " Erica what was all of that for if you were going to try and kill me?" asked Akashiri.

" You could of at least try to poison me instead of seducing me with s.e.x." "For years I envied you." "I despise your f.u.c.k.i.n.g guts." "Instead of master Haruki Hitoshi chose you to become his strongest pupil." "As soon as the order for your assassination was called out by heart bounced in joy." Akashiri placed a serious on his face and placed his sword in its sheath. Suddenly many ninjas began surrounding his chambers. Erica ran towards Akashiri and leaped 10 feet in the air.

She sliced a layer of flesh off of Akashiri"s chest causing blood to draw. Akashiri tried to roundhouse Erica. She, however, ducked down and generated blue smoky aura around his body.

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