The Unknown Beauty Chapter 187


Wu Lang and Wu Long Long are still in the middle of fighting.

"I'm not going! I have to help! I'm not going to let the bad guys kill innocent people anymore!" said Wu Lang.

"You might die! I don't want to lose you either!" said Wu Long Long.

The two charged at each other, with their electrifying qi on their hands, clashing into each other making a big explosion. It goes on for another few minutes and they try to use another big attack but it made an even bigger explosion. They flew away from the each other and they ran out of qi.

But they both still get up and are now using their physical strength. They slowly walk towards each other and landing a punch on each others face.

"Long Long, look at me!" said Wu Lang. He holds down her shoulders and look at her straight in the eyes. "I know what I have to do. I want a peaceful life just as well as you but I can't ignore the fact that I could help people."

"Lang" said Wu Long Long. She was surprised in only a few months, her brother now has a different mind set.

"There is still one more thing I'm confused at and I want to get an answer from the emperor," said Wu Lang.

'He's growing up. He moved on and I tried to stop him' thought Wu Long Long. 'I'm still living in the past and scared.'

"Mother and father are dead Grandfather and Grandmother are dead... I just didn't want to lose you too" said Wu Long Long. Her body was trembling in emotions and she looks at Wu Lang with sad eyes.

"I even lost my purity How How am I supposed to live now!? I even tried to force you to come with me! I even said in my mind, that I will kill you if you didn't want to come with me!"

"Long Long you what?" Wu Lang took his hand off her shoulder and looked at her crying face. 'She lost her purity?!'

"This is not the person I want to be, Lang. I don't want to be dirty. I don't want to be scared. I don't want to be a coward. I don't want to be a killer. But it's who I am How am I supposed to live knowing I'm the person I hate!?" said Wu Long Long grabs his collar in anger and fear.

Wu Lang notice a dangers this conversation turned into.

"Long Long! You can change! I changed! You know who I was before. Scared and always relied on you! I was weak! I was a coward and I relied on you to get us out of that crazy place! But I was wrong. Living without you was such a struggle!

I was so scared but I made it. I was able to make it because I know you will be alive. I realized I have to be strong and stop relying on you so I can save you one day. Sister. Please. I lost mother, father, grandfather and grandmother as well but I also do not want to live without you. Please don't. Kill yourself" said Wu Lang.

'That's right even if Wu Lang is not near me, I at least know he will care about me'

"Sister I'm sorry it was my fault you had to struggle through all that but I still can't leave them," said Wu Lang.

"I know I know how much you care about people I'm surprised you are able to even like people again because of what happened with us," said Wu Long Long.

"But Who Who did that to you!?" said Wu Lang. "Why are you telling me this now!?"

Wu Long Long was so mad at herself, she forgot she even blurted out her secret of being raped.

"It it happened before we were in this situation." said Wu Long Long.

"What-! This happened before all of this!? Why!?" said Wu Lang. He couldn't believe his ears. 'It was highly likely she would've been raped in the slave trade but instead... she was raped before that!?'

"Because no one was going to believe me! If I said something about it, he was going to do things even worse!" said Wu Long Long. He eyes was in fear. She was trembling and she held her body to make it stop shaking but it didn't make a difference.

Wu Lang watched her. He has never his sister so scared before. He hugged her, trying to make her better.

'She's so cold' thought Wu Lang. The warmth coming from Wu Lang calmed down Wu Long Long and she gave thought it's probably time she tells her story.

"It was Uncle" said Wu Long Long. "He touched me for years and then he killed everyone in our family. We are the only ones alive left. His son's watched as I was being touched. They don't care about us. They are going to kill us, Lang. They are coming after us this very instant. The only reason why we are still here is because of the Min Fu-Han, which they can't touch."

"What are you serious?" His face was in disbelief. "Because it was all Uncle's doing Of course father wasn't going to believe you."

"Yeah that's why we need to leave. They will be coming after us soon, Lang. We need to go. NOW."

"It's okay, Long Long. We are safe. Especially if we are around Sister Yu Yan. She will help us with our revenge as well. There is no way she is going to let this go."


"This is the Quan Residence, right?" said Wang Ping.

Wang Ping stood in front of the Quan residence which is covered in turtle statues and paintings. He walked into the residence, no one was around in plain sight, no one was detected. Wang Ping walked through the residence, hoping to find a hidden basement.

Wang Ping walked slowly in and a part of the house, he felt a presence under him. He smelled a familiar scent. He broke the floor to get to the basement quicker.

After the dust disappeared, he saw a familiar figure. His sister, Wang Tingshi, was sitting on a dirty bed, wrapped up herself into a ball, not moving. Even after his big entrance, she didn't move.

"Tingshi?" said Wang Ping.

Her body twitch at the sound of a familiar voice. She slowly looked up to see a face she recognized.

"Brother Ping?" she said. He voice was weak.

Wang Ping looked at his sister in shock. She was starving. She lost so much weight from the lack of food. Wang Tingshi reached out to her brother, with her bony hand, and grabs him by the end of his shirt. It helped her stand up but she then tripped from the lack of movement she has made in the past few days.

Wang Ping caught her before she fell and helped her get up from the bed.

"How did you get here?" said Wang Tingshi.

"I came here to let them know father was killed and that brother Haocun is now the new emperor of Wang," said Wang Ping. "How did you get here? Why did you come here?"

"Mother told me to get help from the people here. But it seems that they didn't want to help. Instead, they imprisoned me here in their basement."

"We didn't even know the Chu empire was even alive. I'm glad you are still alive. But Tingshi... let's go home."

"What..? 'We?'"

"I came here with Lin Yu Yan and Gu Xiang."

"Really! Then I must kill her now that she is here!"

Wang Tingshi let go of her brother and she started moving to finish her mission.

"What!? You're crazy!"
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