The Unknown Beauty Chapter 188


"Go Ahead. Make a move," said Lin Yu Yan. "Just like old times, when mother would teach us how to defend ourselves."

The area was quiet. No one made a move. Silver, Victoria, and Knight was in charge of the Sea Snakes movements and even they trembled in fear from the killing intent coming off of Lin Yu Yan.

Lin Sheng's people felt it. They have felt the same thing come off of Lin Sheng before but not as strong as Lin Yu Yan's. Probably due to the amount of misfortune she had to endure is what caused her hatred keep growing.

'Brother?! They are brothers and sisters!' thought Min Fu-Han. His eyes open wide in shock. 'No wonder they are strong!'

Guo Jinsong and Hua Maoli are also surprised. 'It's no wonder they are so strong! They are the offsprings of Lady Lin!'

"Yu Yan! Please! I don't want to hurt you!" said Lin Sheng. He walked in front of Lin Yu Yan to reason with her from destroying the empire.

"Brother Sheng, it's a little too late to say that," said Lin Yu Yan.

Lin Sheng was taken aback. His eyes widen and pain was brought back from his past to his mind.

"And you know why. So stop trying to reason with me," said Lin Yu Yan. He stared at her brother, reading his expression. He wasn't handling it well.

"Sister Yu Yan!" said Kenzhi.

Lin Yu Yan's name was called and they all looked to the side. Xie Rong, Kenzhi, Meiying, and Peng Ai.

"Where's Lang?" said Lin Yu Yan.

"We don't know," said Xie Rong.

With them arriving, they ease the air a little. Everybody sighed in relief and let the conversation happen due to their slight fear.

"We're here!" said Wu Lang. He came with his sister and they were covered in wounds but they both look refreshed.

"Everything good?" said Lin Yu Yan, knowing why the were covered in wounds. 'I felt your qi a few minutes ago. Before Lin Sheng arrived here.'

"Everything is perfectly fine," said Wu Long Long. She looked over and could see Min Fu-Han on the ground.

"Great," said Lin Yu Yan. She smiled and the others were surprised. At a time like this, she still was able to make such a beautiful smile.

"Did Wang Ping tell you to come here?" said Meiying.

"No? I just went straight here because this is where the most intense fight is going to be, right?" said Wu Lang, smiling cheekily. "I want to finally see sister Yu Yan finally show her us her real strength."

"So you didn't go back to the Ma residence?" said Peng Ai.

Lin Yu Yan laughed. Lin Sheng has never seen that face on her in a long time. They were talking but no one around the could hear what they were saying but themselves. He looks over at his group and gave them a confident smile to assure them everything will end fine.

'Wow I'm glad she didn't lose her smile,' thought Lin Sheng, turning back to check up on her.

Lin Yu Yan said something to the six and three of them, Meiying, Wu Lang and Wu Long Long, left to do their work once Xie Rong handed something to Lin Yu Yan. Lin Sheng lifted up his hand and 3 other people from his grouped followed them.

"It's no use. They're gone already," said Lin Yu Yan.

"We'll find them," said Lin Sheng.

"Sure Well, if your not going to make a move, I will," said Lin Yu Yan. She moved fast towards her brother. So fast that even Lin Sheng and Han Bingwen wasn't able to react fast enough and she already landed a punch on Lin Sheng's face.

He flew about 20 meters away and Lin Yu Yan was standing where Lin Sheng was originally at. His group backed up a little from the surprise.

"S-She's fast!" said a man.

"How is she faster than captain?!" said another.

"Come on. Just like old times," said Lin Yu Yan.

Lin Sheng got up, making his final decision on what to do in this situation, and gave her a glare, "This is on you, Yu Yan."


"No, I must get kill her. I still need to kill Lin Yu Yan. She is the reason why mother died! Mother wanted her died and I must fulfill her wish!"

Wang Tingshi was able to take a step but she was too weak. You can hear her stomach grumbling for food. Wang Ping grabbed a piece of bread out of his pocket and handed it to her.

"Here. It's your favorite sweet bread," said Wang Ping.

Wang Tingshi grabs it right away and gobbles it down. As if it was instant, her body got strength and she moved towards the hole Wang Ping made and tries to get out.

"Tingshi, stop! You're going to get yourself killed!" said Wang Ping. He grabs her arm but Wang Tingshi slaps it away.

"No! You can't stop me! I going to avenge Mother! She killed mother and father, Brother Ping! She is going to pay for it!" said Wang Tingshi.

"Tingshi, Listen to me! You don't need too! She saved my life! She saved Brother Haocun's life! She saved all the citizen's of Wang's life, Tingshi! She is the hero! Empress Mother and Father were the ones trying to kill us! Even empress mother almost killed Hongbin!"


Wang Tingshi was in disbelief. 'What are you talking about...? Mother said she was going to destroy the empire...'

"No way mother wanted brother Hongbin to be the emperor"

"No, Tingshi. It was MOTHER who wanted to be the ruler. Hongbin was just a tool for mother to use to become the ruler," said Wang Ping.

"No she tried to kill brother Hongbin?"

"She even tried to kill me, Brother Haocun. And for Second brother Dequan she was successful"

"No you're lying. Mother didn't want me dead mother loves me"

'No...! She wants me! She loves me!' thought Wang Tingshi.

"No she didn't! She didn't love anyone! Not even her own brother and husband! Let alone her children!? Tingshi! You don't have to kill Lin Yu Yan just because mother told you too!"

"No..! I must kill her! She stole my love!" said Wang Tingshi.


Wang Ping has no idea what she was talking about.

"She stole my man Lu Tian Jie! I must kill her!" said Wang Tingshi. She grabs her head, eyes widen and saying words that she has no control over, as if she got possessed. A few seconds passed and she instantly became normal.

"What did I just say?" said Wang Tingshi.

"Lu Tian Jie? That's Lin Yu Yan's father" said Wang Ping. As if that was a signal, Wang Tingshi grabs her hair again and curls herself into a ball, spouting reasons that makes no sense.

"No I have to kill Lin Feng Yue. She stole Lu Tian Jie away from me I will kill her! I have to kill her!" said Wang Ting Shi.
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