The Unknown Beauty Chapter 189


"No I have to kill Lin Feng Yue. She stole Lu Tian Jie away from me I will kill her! I have to kill her!" said Wang Ting Shi. She grabs her head and started pulling her hair as if she was clawing the perosn out of her.

'What? Why are you naming Lin Yu Yan's parents?' thought Wang Ping assuming that the names are Lin Yu Yan's parent's names.

She mumbles the same thing over again, "I have to kill Lin Feng Yue. I have to kill Lin Feng Yue. I have to kill Lin Feng Yue."

"Tingshi! Look at me!" said Wang Ping.

He grabs her on the shoulder to face him but her head was still down. He then grabs her head and lifts it up so her eyes are on him.

"Look at brother Ping! Tingshi! You don't have to kill her! You are not your mother! You are not Li Muqiu!" said Wang Ping.

Her eyes was in tears. She has no idea what was going on her head.

"Brother Ping?" said Wang Tingshi. She stopped pulling her hair and looked over at her brother.

"You are NOT Li Muqiu!!" said Wang Ping.

Her eyes lit up, as if another spirit was in her body but not fully removed.

"What happened to me.?" said Wang Tingshi. Her head hurts from the pulling of her own hair.

"That's my question to you! Why did you all of sudden thought you were your mother?" said Wang Ping.

"What? I was acting as mother?" said Wang Tingshi.

"Yes! What did she do to you!? Why are you acting as if you are her!?" Wang Ping.

"I don't know." said Wang Tingshi. She grabbed her shoulders to try and stop it from trembling. "I don't know...! Brother what's wrong with me!?"

"I will find a cure for that! I will ask Lin Yu Yan!"

"No! Don't!"

"Why?" said Wang Ping.

"Because I has this urge to hurt her even when I know it's wrong I don't know if I have control over my body anymore!" said Wang Tingshi.

Wang Ping hugs her tightly to reassure her. "Tingshi, your brother will help you! I wasn't able to save brother Dequan but I will save you! Follow me to Lin Yu Yan. She can protect herself from you and she will find a cure!"

"But I don't think she will help! I even tried to sabotage her when it was Father's birthday banquet!"

"Tingshi! Do you really think she cared about such little thing?! She's not that mean! Of course she will help you. After all, it is your mother's fault all this happened."

"...Okay. If you say so."

Wang Tingshi feels a little lighter, like a weight she never new she had was lifted.

"Brother Ping Thank you for coming for me I was going to be killed because I am part of Li Muqiu's family."

"No way! I will never do that! You are my sister! I have never done anything to even deserve to be in your favor either, Tingshi."

Wang Ping gave her a smile. Wang Tingshi felt a warm feeling in her heart. She has never felt that before but it made her feel alive. Her eyes were covered in tears.

"Tingshi!? Are you hurt!?" said the worried Wang Ping.

She was crying out loud. "No..! I'm just happy!" she said.

It was the first time she ever felt happy before. Her mother and her blood related brother has never made her feel like this.

She also gave Wang Ping a hug, tightly, to show her appreciation and to show him her love.

"I've never felt this before, Brother Ping. Even mother has never show me this much concern. I've done so many bad things! I don't think I deserve this!"

"It's okay, Tingshi. We weren't born as bad people. We change. It doesn't mean you will be a bad person for the rest of your life. You can change into a good person."

"Can I?"

"Yes. And I will help you this time."

"Thank you"

She sniffled in happiness. Wang Ping carried her out of the Quan residence and for once in her life, she felt safe. She fell asleep in his arms as they walk to the Ma residence to get her checked up.

"Tingshi Brother will be here for you now. I'm sorry it took me so long to realize it."


"Is Chu Yang and The Emperor okay?" said Quan Su Wen.

"They are actually fine. It's easy to patch up the inside of Chu Yang and the Emperor my be bleeding a lot but his injuries are minor except the fact that his energy core has been damaged so he is having a slow recovery," said Soo Li Na.

"Really?" said Quan Su Wen.

"Yeah... It seems like this happened long before he got injured."

"Huh.... I'll check on it after all of this is over."

Chu Yang was getting patched by Soo Li Na as the Chu Emperor was healing himself to the best of his ability but it seems to not be working.

"Here," said Chu Yang. She handed her brother a jar.

"What is this?" asked the Chu Emperor.

"Hoi-Mo, just put it on your wound," said Chu Yang, not wanting to explain what it is.

The Chu Emperor trusts his sister and opens the jar. It has the typical herb and medical smell and her spreads some on his wound to find the stab to heal almost instantly.

Some of the Medical Sect. members saw the emperor place the strange cream on his wound and was amazed by the instant healing.

Quan Su Wen grabbed the jar after the emperor fully healed and inspected the jar and took a whiff of the scent.

"This is amazing..." said Quan Su Wen.

"Isn't it? A friend of mine back in Wang made it. She is researching and with the help of Yu Yan's knowledge, was able to create this wonderful healing cream," said Chu Yang.

"Alright, you should be set," said Soo Li Na, double checking on Chu Yang's wound.

"Since my insides are done, I just use the cream..." said Chu Yang. she grabs it out of Quan Su Wen's hand and scoops us some cream to place it on her wound, in the front and back, and watches as her skin heals.

"And now I'm good," said Chu Yang. She stands up, feeling perked up to fight again.

"...how? How was that made?" said a medical sect., in disbelief.

"Why would I tell you? I mean, we still didn't get a proper apology from the medical sect.," said Chu Yang.

"we're-" said Quan Su Wen, but was cut off by Chu Yang.

"Not from you. You already apologized enough."

The Medical sect. looked at her and were about to do so but Chu Yang interrupted their movement.

"I don't want an apology now. It's sad that I had to bring it up in the first place. It seems like you all don't have common curtsy like your Master," said Chu Yang, shooting them down right away.

A few citizens notice Chu Yang and sighed in relief that she is alive. They also were glad the emperor was healed as soon as possible.

"The emperor and the general is not dead!" said a citizen and soon a few people were cheering.

"Listen to me carefully," said the Chu Emperor. He stood up from the ground to talk to the people.

"Everyone, get to safety. No is not the time to be loud and cheer because we are now in the hands of the enemy. I will not hand over this empire to Minister Quan. Just promise me get to safety I don't want to make the same mistake again."
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