The Unwanted Princess Chapter 77

79 Chapter 77: The Golden Apple


"New magic..." Luther lightly smirked

Ivery turned back around to face the fairies that still held excitement in their eyes.

"Is there something you're supposed to give me? Or is there somewhere you're supposed to take me?" Ivery asked

"Yes!" One of the fairies nodded

"Which one?" Ivery asked

"Both." The fairy said

"Both?" Ivery wondered what and where it was

"Follow us!" The fairies started to fly into the golden forest

Ivery followed their fairy dust trails they left behind in the air. Luther, Yannel and Danya carefully followed behind her.

"What if this is a trap? Like that town of dead people..." Yannel expressed his worries to Luther

"It's not." Luther said

"How do you know?" Yannel asked

"I just do." Luther sighed

"...." Yannel didn't question Luther any further


The fairies stopped in front of a small cottage house, and the roof was covered in golden green vines.

"Go in there." The fairies pointed to the cottage

"Okay.." Ivery nodded and walked up to the cottage

She reached for the door and suddenly the door swung open. Ivery quickly backed up before the door hit her.

"Oh sorry, I'm just so happy that you're finally here!"

"W..Who are you?" Ivery asked the beautiful woman that stood in front of her

The woman had long curly red hair that reached her thighs, her emerald green eyes looked at Ivery with the same excitement the fairies had. She wore a simple yet beautiful long golden-green dress. Ivery had also noticed that she too had four sparkling translucent wings on her back...just like the fairies did.

"I'm the fairy queen, Titania." She said with a smile

"Fairy queen.." Ivery never thought fairies actually existed, she always believed their existence was only something made up from fairytales....but nothing surprised her anymore ever since she came to this world where gods, magic, dragons, and monsters physically exist

"It's an honor to meet one of the chosen ones." Titania gently took Ivery's hand

"It's my honor to meet you as well.." Ivery smiled

"Come in, please, I have something for you." Titania led Ivery into the cottage

Luther walked up to the cottage and headed inside as well, he didn't want to be far away from Ivery in an unknown place like this, even if it didn't give off any dangerous aura...he wanted and needed to be close to her.

Yannel and Danya slowly followed right behind Luther.


"Sit here while I get it." Titania pulled a chair for Ivery

Ivery sat down on the chair and patiently waited.

"Are you sure about this place?" Yannel asked Ivery

"I am." Ivery nodded

"When she took my hand, I checked the magic flowing from her prowess core and sensed that her magic was pure and her aura was calm." Ivery assured Yannel

"She's definitely a powerful fairy." Luther said

"Her magic prowess is fitting for a ruler." Luther could sense the power emitting from the fairy queen and it was definitely vast

"So all of this is legitimate..?" Yannel asked

"Yes." Ivery and Luther said

After several minutes went by, Titania came back with something shocking. She sat it on the table in front of Ivery.

"What is this...?" Ivery looked at the strange pumpkin sized golden apple on the table

"The golden apple." Titania said

"Golden apple? When did apple's grow this big?" Ivery asked

"It was a seed given to us by one of the two great gods of your world to grow here, this land was made by the gods as a magic source for the worlds below, it's a place that many mortals seek since just being here can strengthen one's prowess core immensely, but it's impossible to get here for mortals if we fairies don't open a portal to bring the mortals ourselves." Titania answered Ivery

"But by planting the golden apple's seed here, this seed was able to grow into a fruit filled with the magic of this land." Titania told them

"Wait, did you just say worlds below..?" Ivery asked

"Yes, this is the realm of fairies, we opened a portal to your earthly realm to bring you here." Titania said

"Realm of fairies?" Yannel couldn't believe his ears

"Our realm is one of the lowest magic realms, we are below the seven heavens, five mystical wildernesses, but we reside above the mortal realms and the three enchanted seas." Titania explained

"I see.." Ivery understood now, it felt strange that they were no longer on the earth

"It was indeed hard to find you, but we managed to find you in time, we were instructed to seek you when the apple was done growing." Titania said with a smile

"How was it hard to find her when there's only one world?" Yannel asked

"One world? You think that your world is the only world in the whole universe that mortals live in?" Titania laughed

"Child, there are 55,260 mortal worlds in the 50 mortal realms that you mortals and other creatures inhabit, those worlds were all made, controlled and maintained by at least two gods and one satan." Titania told Yannel

"No way..." Yannel was both amazed and shocked

"Interesting." Luther knew there were other worlds, but he never knew there were that many and several different mortal realms

"Now back to the main task." Titania looked back at Ivery

"You must eat this." Titania pointed at the apple

"Eat it? Okay.." Ivery nodded

"You mustn't leave one bite of it left, although it's core isn't able to be eaten, so don't try." Titania smiled

"Wait, wait, wait....you mean I have to finish this whole thing?!" Ivery looked at the pumpkin sized golden apple in horror

"Yes, it must be fully consumed in an hour, since it's power will start to flow back into this land if it isn't eaten in an hour after it's picked from the great golden tree." Titania nodded

"T-That's impossible." Ivery felt sick just thinking about it

"Regardless, you must eat it if you want its power as your own." Titania said

Ivery sighed.

"Alright..." Ivery frowned

"You can do it." Luther walked behind the chair Ivery sat on and leaned down to kiss her head

Ivery smiled after receiving encouragement from Luther and she then leaned forward to take a bite from the golden apple. Suddenly and instantly Ivery's prowess core in the center of her chest began to glow with a golden light.

Luther, Yannel, and Danya looked at Ivery with shock in their eyes, one's prowess core wasn't supposed to be seen...such a thing could only be seen by someone with immense magical prowess but that was only if they used prowess sight spell...

But Ivery's prowess core revealed itself to all of them, and its light was blinding.

"It's no wonder she's the chosen one..." Titania was unphased by the blinding light and looked at the intense energy Ivery's prowess core emitted with astonishment

"What's happening?" Ivery asked, noticing the bright golden light shining in her chest

"It's the golden apple bringing out the energy and power of your prowess core, it's revealing your prowess core so its power can easily flow into it, you must continue eating." Titania said

Ivery continued biting into the golden apple.


About 40 minutes later, Ivery finished the golden apple to its core, just as Titania instructed, she didn't leave a bite of it left. Ivery's stomach felt like it was going to burst..

"You.." Titania looked at Luther

"Hm?" Luther looked at Titania

"Stand right there beside her." Titania said

"...." Luther shrugged and walked forward to stand on the right side of where Ivery sat

"As the first chosen one, you must carefully take care of the second." Titania said with a smile

"So you know?" Luther grinned

"Of course, the black magic inside of you and sinister aura you have is suffocating, you're quite a dangerous man, so dangerous that your existence could be a grave sin." Titania said

"I'm not the fairy queen for nothing so of course I'd notice, even a mortal with no magic would instinctively know to not approach you." Titania sighed

"Such rude words, fairy queen Titania." Luther smiled

"Rude they may be, but aren't they the truth?" Titania raised an eyebrow

"They are." Luther nodded

"If I may ask, why are you with the second chosen one? Your magic is the complete opposite of hers, and I sense that there's a lot of evil within you...even in your blood and soul.." Titania narrowed her eyes

"I'm with her because we're currently engaged, and she's the only being in the universe that I care deeply about." Luther smiled

"I see." Titania lightly smiled

"How she managed to capture the heart of a man that's most likely on par with a satan is a wild mystery." Titania looked at Ivery

Luther looked down at Ivery and felt like something was wrong, she was oddly silent.

After taking a look at her, he instantly noticed that her eyes were glowing with a golden light. She had a blank expression on her face.

"What's happening?" Luther asked

"The power of the golden apple is flowing within her, merging with her current power." Titania told him

Ivery's eyes closed and her body went limp and she fell sideways, Luther quickly caught her. He looked up at Titania. She knew Ivery was going to pass out, and somehow knew Ivery would fall off the chair.

"When she awakens the fairies will tell her where she needs to go next, I have to go back to my castle...it was still an honor to meet you, Luther." Titania smiled

"Likewise." Luther lightly smiled back

Titania soon left the cottage.

Yannel looked at Luther, as he picked up Ivery and carried her in his arms.

"She said 'Luther'." Yannel had a feeling before, but now this confirmed it

"You're crown prince Luther Vandell from Fresia, aren't you?" Yannel started sweating

"So what if I am?" Luther looked at Yannel with a grin

"Why did you become an adventurer? Why are you with Ivery? Weren't you engaged to princess Inanna not too long ago?" Yannel asked

"If I'm crown prince Luther, who do you think that makes her?" Luther widely smiled, thinking Yannel was fast yet also slow at catching on

"She..she can't be.." Danya covered her mouth

"She is." Luther said

"Princess Inanna...?" Yannel's eyes widened

Danya knew Ivery was royalty, but she never thought she was from such a powerful royal family. But to find out Lutris was actually crown prince Luther from the most powerful, influential, and wealthiest royal family in the world made him even more terrifying to stand in front of.

The whole world knew about the renowned kingdom Fresia and the unrivaled power they held over everyone and everything. But the most talked about person was the infamous crown prince Luther of Fresia.

He was almost impossible to personally talk to, you could only talk to him unless he started the conversation. He's ruthless to his enemies, irritate him enough and he'll still strike you down. He spares no one once he takes out his sword, even if you cried and begged at his feet, he won't even think about letting you go.

Just with his words, he's made countries crumble into nothing. He's killed royalty like it's nothing, he's striped nobles of their nobility and wealth, and he's made even the wealthiest families poor.

All wars he's participated in, ended in hours after it started.

As a royal, he's the worst of them all, he doesn't associate with people below him unless it's necessary or unavoidable, and he looks at everyone that he's not interested in as if they're nothing but dirt.

As the crown prince of their world's most powerful country, he's not allowed to have a wife with a noble status, his wife must come from a family of full-blooded royalty just like him, so that their children will also be of a full royal bloodline. It shocked all that heard that his ex-fiance, princess Xia wasn't actually a Castiell, she was the daughter of two commoners.

It was a clear offense to the kingdom of Fresia since Julian knew Xia was not his biological daughter and an offense to crown prince Luther after all, he was going to marry a girl with commoner blood, while he was of only royal blood.

But the offense was forgiven because he was already engaged to princess Inanna, who was from two full-blooded royal family lines, since the most powerful royals are the royals with the blood of full royal ancestry, most royals have noble blood mixed with royal blood, but a full-blooded royal only had royal blood flowing through their veins.

Cassandra was the child of the Empress and Emperor of her country, and both of her parents came from two full royal bloodlines, and Julian was the same, both of his parents were descendants of two full royal bloodlines.

Inanna's biological mother Cassandra, who is the princess of a strong and influential neighboring country of the Lilith, currently the empress of the Lilith kingdom, and her biological father Julian, the current emperor of the Lilith kingdom. Inanna is the perfect match for crown prince Luther, status and blood wise.


"W-Why did you both tell me you were Ivery and Lutris, and you were unknown infinite attribute holders?" Danya asked

"To the world at the moment, she's known as a Hollow's castle resident, a princess banished from the royal castle, after Ivery met you, it wasn't too long after she left the Hollow's Castle." Luther answered

"We couldn't carelessly let a stranger know that she's a Hollow's castle runaway, since a Hollow's castle runaway is to be killed on the spot, if word got out that she escaped, then she'd constantly be sought after since there is a large sum of reward money for capturing or killing the runaway." Luther said

"Aren't Hollow's castle residents are magically marked on the back of their necks, she doesn't have that mark." Yannel said

"Her father, Emperor Julian removed it." Luther told him

"Wait, it was said that Princess Inanna was stripped of her title, had her engagement to you annulled and was sent to the Hollow's castle because she lost all of her magic and couldn't represent the Lilith kingdom as their crown princess anymore, but she clearly still has her magic, so why?" Yannel didn't understand why Ivery was sent to the Hollow's castle if she still had access to her magic and her prowess core was as strong as ever

"I guess I could tell you since we'll be revealing it soon to the public after it's safe for us to return..." Luther didn't see why he had to hide anything anymore, they already figured it out and it wouldn't hurt to let them know a little bit more

But he refused to tell them anything about Eos...that however was none of their business and it wouldn't benefit them by knowing about Eos anyway.

"We faked everything." Luther said

"Faked..." Yannel and Danya couldn't believe what they were being told

"Why would you all fake something like this?" Yannel couldn't find a good reason why an emperor would falsely denounce his own daughter in public, strip her of her status, cancel her engagement and send her to the Hollow's castle to wait for execution

"All I will say is that we're hiding from someone powerful and Ivery's trying to protect someone important to her at the same time." Luther responded

"The price for keeping this person safe was for Ivery to give up her status and her engagement to me, the only good way to have the person who threatened Ivery believe that everything was real was if we publically announced everything and sent Ivery to the Hollow's castle with the reason being that she lost the connection to her prowess core." Luther explained

"But why isn't she still in the Hollow's castle if she was there in order to keep that person safe." Yannel asked

"The person that we're hiding from would know she's there at all times, and that was too unsettling for us, so we left." Luther said

"I'm understanding now but one more question if you don't mind..." Yannel's hands were getting clammy

"Ask." Luther uninterestedly waited for Yannel's last question

"Why do you keep calling her Ivery when her name is actually Inanna?" Yannel wondered why Luther kept addressing Inanna as Ivery, wasn't Ivery a name they made up in order to kill the suspicion that she was actually a runaway princess from the Hollow's castle?

"It's the name that she prefers to be called....and it's a name that I prefer to call her." Luther looked down at Ivery who laid asleep in his arms and smiled at her peaceful sleeping face

"She prefers to be called Ivery? I'm sorry to ask but why?" Danya asked

"Enough with the questions, I want to let her rest, and resting in silence is best." Luther laid Ivery down on a nearby wooden four-seater chair, he sat down beside her and picked her head up, he then let her head rest on his lap, he leaned back in the chair and closed his eyes




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