The Villainous Emperor Is My Pet? Book 1 Chapter 24

Volume 1 Chapter 24 The Lecherous Side In Your Eyes

Dante stared at me. "You are thinking that I love you."

"Erm" I blinked at him. How did he guess? Were my thoughts showing on my face? I wiped my sweat with my arm. "I am not thinking anything like that."

"You are raping me with your eyes," He spoke as if he was telling me a fact. "You have done enough. Go back to your room."

"My room?" I had a room? I looked at him with expectation. I also wanted to take a bath. My clothes were dirty too.

"The other door in the sitting room," He exhaled. "Take a rest. I will see you later."

Though I was highly reluctant, I went to that room. It was smaller than his bedroom, but there was no layer of dust anywhere. The wooden bed was small and unstylish; however, the bedsheet was clean. His servants must have maintained the place after he was gone. I opened a small wardrobe. To my surprise, there were female clothes.

Did this belong to the previous attendant? I took a sniff. It smelled new. There was no sweaty or dusty smell. Someone must have placed it recently.

Was it normal for attendants to get this treatment? What was my role in this crazy emperor's life? I would find out in the future. I went to the bathroom. My bathroom was quite small and anything but luxurious.

"I guess I have no choice." I sighed. I needed a plan. What should I do? "Oh my god!"

I yelped when I felt the cold water on my body. "Where is the f.u.c.k.i.n.g water heater?"

How could people take a bath in this cold? It's suicide.

"I am going to freeze to death." It was impossible to think about problems while taking a cold shower. When I got out, I quickly went into the bed and covered myself with a blanket. It was a super bad decision. Both the blanket and the bedsheet were soaked.

"I am losing my intelligence with each passing minute." I cried as I dragged myself out of the bed and went to the wardrobe. I picked up the dress that looked the warmest. The dress fitted me nicely.

"Is this normal?" I bent down my head and looked at my chest. "Probably not."

I heard a knock on the door. Could it be the emperor? I opened the door and found a young girl standing in front of me with a bowl of red stuff in her hand.

She was petite but her voice was high-pitched. The girl must be around twelve or thirteen. Her clothes were plain. "Miss, I am here to dye your hair."

I glanced at the bowl. The red liquid had bubbles in it. "Why?"

"All the servants must dye their hair red." The girl smiled at me brightly. "The lady is a servant in a name, but she must also do it. The lady must not worry. She will look beautiful with red hair."

Was it some kind of custom? "Okay, then. You can dye my hair."

"Thank you, milady."

The girl's name was Annie. She told me that her mother also worked as a maid in the palace. It was her mother who selected the dresses for me. It was the first time when the second prince brought back a woman with him. Everyone in the palace thought that I was his lover. Their suspicions were confirmed the moment I entered the prince's bedroom.

Even at a young age, she was quite skilled.

"I am his attendant," I informed the girl. "I am not his lover."

She giggled. "Attending lady is another name for a lover who is given a status yet."

"What the f.u.c.k" The corner of my lips twitched in anger. I didn't know that. "Do other princes have female attendants too?"

"They already have wives and concubines," Annie said. "Only the second prince hasn't married anyone yet. Now, we are sure that he doesn't like men."

At that instant, I imagined Dante with another hot man. Would the emperor be below or above? It was hard to tell. Many overbearing men would be different in bed. Honestly, I wanted to see him below a man who bullied him with the rough pounding.

"Ehehehehehe." I let out a low laugh. I could almost imagine Dante's low groans and blushed face. I licked my lips. I would totally love it if he was gay.

"Done." Annie brought a mirror and put it in front of me. "Lady, take a look."

The girl in the mirror was young. She should be around eighteen or nineteen. Her hair was dyed ruby red. She had wide-set single-eyelid forest green eyes. Her lips were too thin. Lastly, she had a tan. The red hair was a disaster.

"..." I wanted my old body back. I didn't want to work on this body from scratch. It was no wonder that the emperor wasn't attracted to me. I wanted to cry my eyes out.

"It turned out nice." Annie combed my hair. "Milady, this dye is brought from the Jian Kingdom. Since it has magic, even the roots will stay red for the next three years."

"Annie, this looks ridiculous on me." I felt like a clown. Black, brown or reddish-brown would look better with this skin tone. "Can't I dye my hair black?"

She looked away uneasily. "Milady, the prince might kill all of us if you go against his command."

"I guess I need to have a talk with him." It was bullying. How could he make his employees dye their hair against their wishes?

"Milady, I don't think that you should do that."

I ignored Annie and stormed into Dante's bedroom. He was seated on the sofa, dressed in a flimsy black robe that gave me a good look of his firm chest. There was a golden envelope in his hand. Dante raised his head and met my eyes.

It was not the right time to be distracted. "Dante Scheledrus Wyrm, you are a --"

"Your hair is red," He commented. "It suits you."

"Are you blind?" I frowned. "It doesn't suit my skin tone at all."

"It does."

"It doesn't."

"It does."

"It doesn't."

Both of us wouldn't yield.

He beckoned me. "Come here."

I still have no idea why I went to him like a nice little girl. He made me sit beside him. Then, he wrapped a few strands of my hair around his finger, studying it with a focused gaze.

"So?" I asked him after a minute or two.

He grabbed my jaw and raised my head. After a long moment, he said, "Yellow was too innocent and cheery for your face. The red brings out the lecherous side in your eyes."

Lecherous It was the first time someone called me that. If this guy didn't know how to compliment someone, must he open his mouth? "Hey, I haven't done anything lecherous yet. How could you call me that?"

"I am well aware of what you are capable of." He released my face. "Are you sure about not wanting revenge?"

"I am as certain as your belief about my lecherous side." I scowled at him. I hadn't even touched him yet and he was already calling me lecherous. What about him? He had made several s.e.x.u.a.l remarks about me. Wasn't he the lecherous one among us?

"We are invited to his engagement ceremony." He gave me the envelope. "You are the main guest."

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