The Villainous Emperor Is My Pet? Book 1 Chapter 26

Volume 1 Chapter 26 You Felt Real


"I am dying." The woman with yellow hair inserted her hand between the gaps of buttons on his shirt and touched his skin. "Let me see your abs once."

"..." Dante Scheledrus Wyrm, who was more than two thousand years old, had never met a woman with such last wish. There was no way to save her. But she was the first woman who was able to break the first part of the curse.

"Please." Blood trailed from the corner of her lips while her eyes shone with perverse desire. "This is my last death. After this, I am gone forever. The least that you can do is let me touch your eight packs."

"Behave." An odd woman and her odd wish. Dante Scheledrus Wyrm didn't know what to do. He wasn't supposed to feel anything. But the first feeling that he felt because of this woman was sheer anger. The second feeling was certainly frustration when she kept using her intense vocabulary on him. The third was He wasn't certain of what it was.

But even death couldn't make this woman behave. She unbuttoned his shirt right away and ran her palm over his skin. "I love you, but I love your eight packs more. Can I touch your d.i.c.k?"

He looked at her coldly. "Just die already."

"O-One touch" She coughed out blood. "You can't even do that?"

The woman was bitten by an undead sent by Aloisia Bloodworth, stabbed by his knight's sword accidentally, and poisoned by his enemy, Kaige Jin who still had no idea that this woman wasn't Aloisia Bloodworth. It was too late to save her. He didn't feel anything for her, but she kept telling him how she loved him.

"There are people here," He muttered.

"Send them away." Her face was too pale. Her face was too thin and she was losing her hair. It was probably the effect of the poison. Those lips that were rosy and soft as a rose had turned black as the night.

He had fed her the antidote, but the poison had taken a toll on her body. It slowed down the healing of the wound on her belly. As for the bite of the undead, that could never be healed.

There wasn't much time. Her death would turn her into an undead. So, he needed to burn her body unless he wanted her empty shell to haunt him after her demise.

"Get out of the room," He commanded his servant as usual. She was his empress and she caused enough chaos. Nothing changed the fact that she awoken him by infuriating him to near death.

When the servants were gone, the woman turned to her side. There was a small smile on her lips. "Lie down beside me."

The huge bed felt uncomfortable for the first time. It wasn't the first time when they slept together, but he had never consummated their marriage. She was also against it, although her disgust for him had never stopped her from peeping when he was taking a bath. Barely after a week of their marriage, he realized that the woman was too abnormal.

They were already married and it was too late. He didn't care anyway. But the woman kept ruining things for him. In his long lifetime, he had never met anyone who was unlucky like her.

If she stayed in her room, divine beasts would come to bully her.

If she strolled the garden, lightning would strike her.

If she was on a vacation, she would go sightseeing for other males.

She even tried to buy men from an auction.

The woman had never kept the dignity of an empress. Because of her, he felt so much rage that the curse on his heart was broken. That's when he remembered his real identity.

In a way, he owed it to this woman.

He lied down next to her. The empress snuggled closer to him. There was barely any flesh on her bones. Her cheeks were hollow.

"Emperor, do you know why I love you?" She looked into his eyes. Her eyes didn't hold the same light that she carried.

"My abs?" He had heard her say it for so many times that it's inscribed in his brain now.

"That's my number one reason." She gave him a solemn nod. "When I saw your body, it was love at first sight."

They had been married for a year but he still couldn't get used to her words.

"You killed me twice." She closed her eyes. "I nearly died because of Abrisa's thorn but you gave me the antidote in time. Though I was acting brave back then, I was scared."

When he found her in the cave, he thought that she was Aloisia Bloodworth. Since Aloisia was Kaige Jin's ex-fiance, he chose her as a slave.

Later, she became his empress because he needed someone from a noble bloodline and she was the only one who didn't have any political advantage. Aloisia's family was gone. She was hated in the North Kingdom.

Dante remembered everything including killing her at the camp and the valley. All the memories came back when the first part of the curse was broken. She wasn't the first person to transmigrate into the book, but she was certainly the first one who was able to break the first curse.

She was a strange creature. He had never met anyone like her.

"You made me suffer, but you also protected me." She chuckled, "In the end, I was one of those fools"

He remained quiet. Her body was burning. There wasn't much time left.

"I have so much to tell you, but I don't think" Her hand crawled toward his crotch. "I will just touch you there and vanish away."

"Is that all you want?" Dante scrutinized her face, searching for hatred or regret. But there was nothing other than peace. He envied her, but he couldn't tell what he was envying. "You could have left this world and send another here. Why were you stubbornly chasing a happy ending for someone else?"

"Your abs were too hard to leave behind." She grinned at him as her hand crawled to his crotch.

Dante stared hard at her. Could anyone be as shameless as her? She was dying. Had she not realized it yet? He flinched when her cold fingers touched his manhood. It's her last wish. Endure. Endure. She suddenly lifted her head and kissed him on his lips.

His body froze at the spot.

"You felt real." She whispered weakly, "Dante, that's why I couldn't leave you. I don't regret my decisions. All I want is..."

Her voice faded away. He couldn't hear what she wanted. So, the weirdest woman in the world died with her fingers coiled around his d.i.c.k.



Her low grumble didn't escape his keen ears. Dante Scheledrus Wyrm, a man of few words and many secrets, stared at the woman who was pretending to be Aloisia Anneliese Bloodworth.

"You can stay as my attendant and raise the undeads for me or you can marry me and live a good life. When I become the emperor, I need an empress who can"

He sighed. "Don't expect any love from me."

She didn't know that it was her fourth life. He had no interest in revealing that information. If he didn't need her, he would have let her stay dead. Did he make the right choice? The woman was a magnet for problems.

It was good that she wouldn't remember anything. That's good. The last thing that he wanted to hear was her constant blabber about love.

"Pervert!" She mumbled to herself, "Bastard! Son of a bitch!"

He parted his lips and sighed. Her language was rather but his ears were already used to it. Who would believe that she was a duke's daughter? She looked too different from Aloisia Anneliese Bloodworth. Why did she even bother to pretend that she was that woman?

The woman squeezed her eyes shut and grabbed her hair. He had no idea what she was thinking about. He couldn't be less curious.

He had to admit that the woman could make expressions that nobody else ever could.

"I don't want to be your empress." She told him, "I am fine being your attendant."

That was different. He blinked his eyes. Last time, she accepted his proposal right away. Did she not fall in love with him when she saw his abs during the bath?

A faint crease appeared between his brows. He knew that she was unpredictable. But why was she even more unpredictable now? It wasn't like he had a keen desire to marry her. He felt nothing for this woman. In fact, he was incapable of feeling anything.

After the first curse was broken, his heart was still in a transition state. He was slowly feeling things. Anger. Annoyance. Irritation. But he had control over his emotions.

Dante Scheledrus Wyrm wasn't an ordinary man. Even before he was cursed, he was a dangerous creature.

Would he want to marry this woman? He had no feelings toward the opposite s.e.x. But things must repeat. She must become his empress again. That was the only way he could protect this woman. After all, this woman was the only one who could break the second curse.

"Why do you not want to marry me?"

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