The Wielder Of Death Magic Book 6 Chapter 224

Volume 6: Era Of Change Chapter 224 Orenmir

Awaken by the clattering of footsteps outside, at around six, a new morning began. The past few days had been overwhelming, to say the least. Information given yesterday by Adete had forced the mind to work throughout the night. "I feel empty," he mumbled whilst opening the curtains behind which laid the balcony. A step outside into the heartless freezing dawn had made chills pierced through the skin and into the bones.

"Lovely morning," Adete voiced still half-asleep, her head leaned on Staxius's neck.

"It sure is," he proceeded to stretch and yawn thus breaking the prison that bound all to this world sleep.

"Lively bunch," she added in jest, no response as usual from her master. He instead made way into the hall with only a t-shirt and boxers, nothing more nothing less.

"Lizzie, stop being a brat and get back here," Auic sprinted across from the bath, their eyes met for a mere fraction of a second. The excitement of living together with her guardian made the tom-boyish girl ecstatic. She enjoyed every single moment; it was proved by how active she was. As if the mother to her, the fox ran around trying to fix the girl's hair.

"Off they go," Adete pointed as the duo disappeared near the stairs.

"Morning master," coming out their rooms, Avon and Deadeyes. With only boxers, the men in said mansion didn't care much for being tactful.

"Morning," the greeting returned with a high-five.

"It feels weird to be able to stay like a family," Deadeyes added whilst brushing his teeth.

"I agree," Avon nodded and gargled.

"I guess so," Staxius agreed and wiped Adete's mouth, "-it sure feels nice to wake up to a lively home as opposed to a desolate room out in nowhere," not wanting to draw attention, the last part was said without them noticing.

"We'll shower later, you go first, master," Avon nodded and left.

"How can I describe this," he stood and stared himself in the mirror, "-do I deserve this?" he asked, Adete gave a keen ear. "A home where my friends and companions lives, does a killer have the right to a peaceful life I wonder."

"Don't be pathetic now," teeth sunk into his neck, "-who cares what has been done. They have a place to stay and call home, just do what you do best, my dear master. It happens, moments of doubts I'm afraid to say that this will be the last time you'll experience such feelings. As a vampire, and one bearing the purest blood, thou shan't dwell on such matters. Thy humanity has long been gone; thou need but live for a single purpose."

"I get it, no need to repeat, I was just joking," the shower-head turned on. Meanwhile, downstairs, Undrar and Achilles got breakfast ready. The boys ran laps around the yard, keeping in shape as adventurers. Auic took care of Lizzie, the Lymsey sisters were in the kitchen - watching and learning the culinary way.

"Morning everyone," he walked, '-look at them,' a faint smile portraited itself. Lizzie dressed in her uniform, waited patiently in the dining hall. For a teenager, she didn't act her age.

"Morning master," the rest greeted.

"Let me help with that," wanting to aid, Staxius assisted in setting plates to serve breakfast. Almost in tandem, as if it was second nature all who were off doing their own things returned with smiles.

Once breakfast was done, Auic immediately took off for Kniq's headquarters. Apparently, some files needed to be compiled. Diane had outdone herself; the payment was made months ago before departing for the quest. Achilles and Undrar had plans to spend the rest of the day out in town. A trip to also restock supplies for the kitchen. "Are you sure about not needing a maid or butler?" Staxius asked.

"No, its fine," Undrar replied whilst doing the dishes, "-we're accustomed to household chores. Taking care of this mansion isn't that big a deal," she turned with soap on her face, "-we're a family, everyone has their duties."

"What about me then?" he wiped off the foam on her cheeks.

"Take care of us, most importantly, take care of the twins and Lizzie. They seem cheerful on the outside though I feel a sense a reluctance between those three,"

"You felt it too"

"Come on," Lizzie rushed into the kitchen, "-we're going to be late."

"On it," he patted Viola's back, a sign that said everything would be fine. Outside, from the garage, Void drove forth to the front. "Let's go," he called, Lizzie bid everyone goodbye then left.

"What now?" Adete asked, the car left the school and headed towards Pandora.

"God's ale, what else," a few hours later, they arrived. "It sure would be faster to just teleport around."

"But you made a promise to Lizzie," Adete interjected.

"Yeah," the door opened with a ding. From the knowledge amassed, he conceived a spell, one that had the ability to freely manipulate mana. It followed a strict guideline, all that was required was a sliver of his own mana. The god's ale would be brewed with no need for intervention. The ingredients were provided by different shops. He made it so that none could ever trace back to him even if the secret got out.

*Driing,* the phone showed Cake's information.


"Morning boss, sorry if I've inconvenienced you," her tone sounded worried.

"What is it?"

"There's a weapons deal that will take place in 1-2 hours at Rotherham. It all seems familiar. Call it woman's intuition, but I feel like enemies are to make a move."

"On what basis?"

"Fighting a war from the shadows isn't easy. Our organization has a firm foot in every dark-trade you can imagine. Contrary to us, this new group doesn't have that much authority. They need weapons and funds to wage a war what better way to get two birds with one stone," the strategist had been working tirelessly."

"I see, how's the progress of the war going?" a question asked out of curiosity.

"For now, I've no clue. Lack of information, the other side is unpredictable it's almost as if they are being controlled by another higher entity," her voice trailed off.

"No worries, give me the location and what is needed to be done."

"It feels weird to give the boss orders," she sighed, "-the deal will happen at that location," a text with all the details was sent, "-as far as we're concerned, that deal is between the arms traders and some faction hailing from the main continent. Our job is to intervene if the UO decides to make a move. Before you ask, UO, stands for Unidentified Organization, it was decided by the others lackl.u.s.ter, I know."

"Basically, kill and maybe try to capture the outsiders. Though I doubt they'll speak. If UO is as smart as you said, in no way will influential people be sent, probably sacrificial pawns,"

"Right on,"

"Before ending the call, I need a favor,"


"Can you gather information about a group that calls themselves the Grey Guild?"

"The frauds, should be simple enough, are you sure that's all?" she had a vague idea.

"Yeah, send me as much information as you can," the call ended.

A deal happening in Rotherham, one that could end in a fight. Just the thought of a battle breaking out, it filled his mind with anticipation, the thirst for bloodshed. "I see," Adete licked her lips, "-some action at last," her face lit with glee.

"The thirst for blood, more specifically, the killing I can't wait," they stood before a portal, "-being a vampire is more fun than I had thought," it led to Arda. There, after a quick chat with Xula in her office, Staxius headed to meet with the scholars.

"Welcome back, your majesty," they stood in line the same team that had given every weapon and gear used up to this point.

"Is the weapon ready?" he asked in a deep and stern voice.

"Yes," the scholar in charge headed into a closed silvery room. In it, a briefcase that sheltered the weapon. "As specified, this weapon is a replica of Orenmir. Standalone, there's not much power, however, whilst channeling blood-arts into the handle. The strain of having to conjure the sword is reduced thus rendering it twice as strong.It all depends on the wielder's power," to which the case opened. It revealed a slightly curved long sword, the perfect length, and width. The sheathed was black with crimson-colored flowers of which what felt like blood dripped, was laid across.

"You've outdone yourself yet again," he replied whilst paying a closer look at the new partner. "It's perfect," with a smile, "-how much for the trouble?"

"There's no need, your majesty," the leader solemnly refused, "-the information given about the research on ancient scrolls is more than adequate," to which he bowed.

"As you wish," with a handshake, Staxius returned with a new partner.

'Now then,' the sword rested on his work table. '-This trinket might come in handy,' he held out a piece of the God of Destruction's helm. 'A sword is the reflection of a swordsmen's soul,' he mumbled; "-Therefore, it stands to reason that the sword I wield must reflect what I have inside," the mind went into a trance. "All the people I've killed, all the souls I've taken and imprisoned," the words rolled off the tongue. In no way was it an incantation, "-it's time to return where you belong. Former cursed sword, this is thy new host," the finger touched the blade, the trinket had been installed in the handle, "-now go and serve thy master," the pentagram and ancient writings lit vividly.

From silvery to boiling red hot to then white, and finally black, the entire room was engulfed by all the hopeless souls. Their screams and fight for freedom resulted in a deafening cacophony with Staxius at the center. It took a few minutes for the blade to be readied. He who had impressed him long ago, the hoodlum that fought despite all odds had his spirit infused with the weapon. The black-blade had golden and ruby-colored dots all around with silvery fissure marks separating each spot. The aura that surged took the form of a lady knelt and begging for salvation. The same that was seen during the fight against Raulf. In a single motion, Orenmir was sheathed.

"Orenmir and Tharis," the trance broke, "-welcome to the team," they rested on the table in full glory.

"A new cursed blade?" Adete asked.

"One fit for a vampire as well as the heir to the god of death. It's a combination of both powers. Most importantly, this blade has been forged with the strongest material to ever be made available in Arda. Said material was also infused by the mana of the highest grade. On its own, this sword has the rank of Legendary. Now add the enchantments and curses placed by yours truly, it surpasses the rank of Relic it stands on the level of Cursed-items just below Demonic and Heroic swords. Cursed items aren't necessarily that rare, but it all depends on what sort of enchantments had to be given. For now, this is the best I can do. Daemonum Gladio, the true weapon of the Death Reaper, hasn't deemed me worthy yet. What I used in the past was but a tiny speck of it's potential."

"Let's go to war," Adete voiced.

"With pleasure, let's paint the streets red," he added in a stern tone.

"But first," the hand reached for the drawer, "-Shadow must remain hidden," a mask given by Jason as a gift. It was handed over when the tin-box containing cigars was sent over. "I've been hidden up till now. Sadly, Kniq will grow to be popular. People are sure to find out who Shadow is if I don't take precaution." It wasn't full face, but one that only covered half, most importantly, the symbol of power underneath the left eye.

"Half a mask with a loosely worn shirt," she chuckled, "-Shadow sure looks impressive" it was but a sarcastic remark.

"If people lower their guards seeing my apparel who will have the last laugh I wonder."

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