The Wielder Of Death Magic Book 6 Chapter 226

Volume 6: Era Of Change Chapter 226 Planning

"How was school?" the door opened.

"It was awesome," Lizzie sat with a smile.

"Are they treating you right?" Void turned on.

"Yes, very much so, the attitude from the faculty changed quite a bit I feel accepted."

As if nothing happened, Staxius returned to the capital, fetched Lizzie, and headed to the mansion. Cake kept her promise and sent information on the Grey Guild. The latter was but a nickname.

"I still can't believe a girl like me is living in such a grand mansion," her face sparkled, almost radiating as if the sun during summer. "I can assure you it's not a dream. Long enough have you suffered we're a family now, blood or not, you'll always have a place here," a quick pat on her head later, she stepped out of Void and headed inside. There, Auic waited to welcome the energetic girl.

"Now what?" Adete asked.

"We'll go pay my sister a visit," he said without much concern.

"I see," her eyes narrowed, "-sure, let's go. Don't forget about the trip back to the bar. You promised to ask about missions that involve killing," flirtatiously, she licked her lips.

"Don't worry about it," the car turned and headed from whence it came.

"You heading out?" on the pavement next to the gate, Undrar and Achilles returned with grocery bags.

"There's business to attend to, I might come back late, no need to wait to have dinner. Take care of the rest for me," a quick nod later, the car headed deeper inside the noble district.

"A new mansion, shouldering his responsibilities, Staxius is well on his way to becoming someone we can be proud of," Undrar added with a smile.

"I can't believe he's the one who brought my soul over to this world. On top of that, I was given a new body. All in hopes so I could experience life again," the hero from another world was happy too.

"I have the suspicion that things might get hectic," they walked up the small hill.

"What do you mean?" Achilles asked, the words Undrar chose piqued her curiosity.

"Nothing major, just the feeling that someone or something is out to get us. Either way, Kniq isn't going to back down. A demigoddess, an ancient hero, a spirit that is well-versed in combat and support, a talented marksman with the addition of two new bloods, our fighting prowess without brother is formidable,"

"You'd think that we'd be unbeatable; don't forget what happened a few months ago. The whole incident with Swift, I do wonder what they're doing."

"That was then and this is now, Achilles, our team has grown stronger. Not to mention that Staxius is on our side now. Killing him is a futile effort, each death makes him twice as strong as before. Though it comes with the cost of having more curses inflicted,"

"I didnt know that, isn't it dangerous?" they arrived at the porch.

"No, not as far as I'm concerned. Heroes are blessed to get stronger, you've experienced that too. The inverse could also be said, demons are cursed to be stronger," Undrar pointed out strongly.

"Aren't you ashamed to say that the heir to a god is a demon?" Achilles asked with narrowed eyes.

"No, why would I, the god of death isn't close to being righteous. That man, for as long as I've known him he's the complete opposite," hand in hand, they made snacks and prepared dinner. "Dealing with death constantly must take a lot out of a person. There's no room for compassion nor empathy. Their consciousness is hung by a single string, one that keeps their power from overflowing and taking command. For the current god of death, that thread is his passion for jokes and laughter. For Staxius, I want it to be stronger than laughter and jokes, the goal is to make that tiny thread bigger. What better way than to have something to protect," the stove turned on and food was prepared.

"I see, but still, isn't that information meant to be secret?"

"Not really, I felt like telling you because you're from another world. These words might help in understanding the man who we call master. The righteous sense of justice you have is strong and admirable, however, when the time comes Staxius will lose what little humanity he has left. When that day comes, which could be tomorrow or next week he'll stop caring about most of the things he holds dear. Part of the reason why I think he decided to get a mansion and bring everyone together is to have that feeling of protecting something kept ablaze," tears flowed for she cut onions.

"Staxius Haggard, our master sure is a weird one. I'm positive that when that day comes, nothing will change. In no way can we ever read that man, let's just support and help out when he needs it," Achilles threw a smile.

"As expected, you're more understanding than I give credit for. Let's focus on the food though it's nice to talk and know where we stand."

A few twists and turns here and there in combination with teleportation, they arrived at Claudia's residence. The house looked unchanged for the most part. A quick scan of the area with the eyes closed revealed two auras inside.

*Knock, knock,*

"I'm on it," a childish voice was heard tiny footsteps scurried to the door. Left ajar, the boy peeked out to see who it was. "Who is it?" he asked, a foreign man with white and red hair stood.

"I see," he knelt, "-don't you remember me?"

"No, I'm afraid I don't," the boy remained adamant. "-who is it?" a lady's voice came from the back of the house. "I don't know mom, it's some man," to which three loud steps echoed.

"State your business," the eyes cold with the door now wide opened, Claudia stood before Axius she guarded him with her body.

"Really?" he shook his head and stood.

"Who are you?" her tone piercing.

"It's Staxius, I admit I've changed but not that much," the face remained blank. Her eyes narrowed then stared from top to bottom.

"Still not convinced, ask Axius to use Spirit Sense," to which he whistled the tune only known to the Haggard siblings.

"Mom," the boy grabbed onto her dress,"-it is uncle Staxius," to which he jumped into his arms.

"Slow down there, little man," with a smile, he picked up the boy and span around. Axius could but giggle joyfully, "-come on Claudia," they stopped.

"Fine, come in," she gave and accepted, the main reason was Axius the boy did, in fact, use Spirit sense. Sat near the kitchen counter, tea was served whilst Adete played with his nephew.

"Care to explain?" Claudia asked whilst blowing gently on her cup.

"Long story short, I became a vampire," after which he proceeded to show the long teeth and crimson eyes.

"You managed to forgo of that human side you so despised," nonchalantly, she took a sip.

"Things happened, but that's not the issue at hand," the voice stern.

"Go on," her guard lowered, by his mannerism and way of speaking it became obvious that it was her brother.

"I need to get in touch with the Order and from what you said before, mother works there and is high-ranking, I presume?"

"Yes, but why do you need to meet with them?"

"I'm sure you read the news about the first platinum quest being cleared. The Guild known as Kniq is under my command. I don't remember if I said this before but I'm married to a lovely wife who also happens to be the Queen of Arda. An alliance between Hidros and Arda has been created. I'll spare the details my purpose for coming to the capital was to find a way to establish a guild in Arda. Not one under the main-guilds command, but one independent for it's another nation. You know the disparities between humans and non-humans ever since declaring independency, most demi's here have moved over to Arda. Sadly, monsters are running rampant,"

"I get the picture," she finished her tea, "-you want information on what prerequisites one needs to have before opening a new Guild, one that will oversee all the operations?" her question was answered with a nod. "-let me think," her cup lowered onto the counter, silence whelmed the room.

'What is she thinking about. Come on, sister, say something,' he waited patiently.

"Ok," she spoke at last, "-how about a deal?"

"What kind?"

"I need to head to the main continent; a summons has been issued by the Order. Which leaves two options, either I take Axius with me or I hire someone. Since we don't have relatives here, the former was my prior decision. It will take around four days on your behalf, I could speak to mother and ask what can be done," she paused.

"You want me to babysit Axius for four days?"

"You're his uncle some quality bonding time," she laughed.

"Thou art but an imposter to she who is mine own kinfolk," he added in jest then looked away. It was meant to be seen as disgust.

"Jokes aside," she grabbed onto his hands, "-taking him to Iqeavea will be dangerous. Don't turn a blind eye, thou art responsible as well, dearest brother," she let go, "-besides, he's got school it should not be that hard."

"As you wish, I'll take care of Axius for four days and in return pull as much string as is needed. I need information and if possible, a way to finalizing the process money, and repute isn't an option. This comes from a King there should not be that much trouble. In the rare case that something does come up, try to reach out to the lady in charge of Hotel Villareal and get her number. I'll pull some strings on my end."

"You sure are confident," she voiced with a smile, "-just leave everything to your little sister," both hugged.

"Thanks for everything," he stood outside.

"I'll wait for you tomorrow at Ciel's Junior Academy," she waved.

"Ciel's Junior Academy," he mumbled, '-guess Claudia will handle the Order. I'll have to ask Raulf for more information, its best to prepare as much as one can don't want to get blindsided. Tomorrow Kniq resumes it's activities, which means that I'll have to get back to work on researching Scrolls.'

"The bar, don't forget," Adete voiced loudly. Thus, he headed to Pandora. The evening grew closer, dusk was on the horizon. Oblivious to what happened behind the scenes, adventurers and the general populous lived their lives without much thought. Peaceful by night and hectic by day it was the way the world worked. Another month was predicted until the Ardanian embassy would be built. Queen Shanna still hadn't decided to whomst would be sent as ambassador. Rumors about the fake embassy were brought to her majesty's ears by the various spies across the capital. The order to find and execute whoever tried to ensnare demi-humans was issued. The operation took weeks to complete, those who were captured were traced back. The ring-leaders, hoodlums without much backing nor power were killed. The prisoners, those in the capital were sent via convoyed to the Ardanian border. Both sides tried their best to get along willingly.

Once at the bar, after a few hours Jason gave out a few jobs that involved killing defectors of DG. People who betrayed the organization and tried to live a modest life. Their locations were lost only a picture of their faces was given. In total, there were three assassination jobs. Normally, it would be sent to the Assassination Sect though, that day was special. The job request came from the Assassination Sect, the god-father of that branch wanted to test the famed Shadow.

"The payout is 200 Gold per person," Jason whispered under the cover of music.

"To think that human life is worth a mere 200 Gold," he chugged a beer as opposed to the usual whiskey.

"That's what Stanley offered. You shouldn't be surprised, out of all the branches, it's God's ale trafficking that brings the most money,"

"Give me around two days," he stood, "-should I bring their heads on a platter or?"

"Why not; let's piss off Godfather Stanley," they laughed.

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