The Wizard Who Came To Marvel World Chapter 402

Chapter 402: Reminder Of Death

Seeing the action of the Emperor Flame, Abel swung the supreme wand in his hand, and the space before Zeus immediately became distorted, like a ripple in the water, generally turning into an invisible wall to isolate Zeus from the high temperature.

At the same time, Abel raised his wand again and pointed it at the Flame Emperor in the high-temperature core area, and a thunderbolt shot out instantly, directly knocking the Flame Emperor away.

Then Abel turned into a black smoke and directly rammed the Flame Emperor, instead of entangled in falling towards the Egyptian side of the earth.

call out


In a vast desert in Egypt, a meteor surrounded by flames and black smoke crashed down, sending out violent shocks, and a large amount of yellow sand spread out like a wave.


A stream of flames rose to the sky, quickly dissipating the black smoke entwining him, the Emperor Yan slowly walked out of the pit, holding a scepter with flames burning at both ends in his hand, looking towards the sight not far in front of him Abel.

"I heard that there are a lot of obstacles on the earth, but I never thought that these obstacles would have appeared so early, but it saved me the trouble of looking for you."

While talking, the Emperor Yan slowly rotated the scepter in his hand, and the flames burning at both ends gradually rose, forming a huge circle of fire around the Emperor Yan, continuously rotating, causing the yellow sand under his feet to melt quickly and become In a state like hot, viscous liquid glass.

At this moment, a portal opened by Abel's side, Stephen walked out of it, glanced at the flame emperor who was steadily rising over there, and said directly to Abel, "Should I be here late?"

"It's time to take things out."

"of course!"

In response, Stephen shook his hands slightly, and concluded a seal. The next second the ice box that exuded a bit of chill appeared in his hand, and then Stephen threw the ice box into the air, and he and Abel's two shots at the same time triggered the power of the Frozen Treasure Box together.

Stephen released golden-orange magical energy into the Ice Treasure Box with both hands, while Abel raised his hand with the Supreme Magic Wand to shoot a red electric light directly onto the core of the Ice Treasure Box.

Under the guidance of the two strongest magicians on the planet, the Ice Treasure Box released an incredibly huge amount of ice energy as they expected, sweeping out towards the Flame Emperor.

The icy blue frost and snow storm hit the flame emperors rotating and resisting flame scepter head-on. The ice and flame offset each other, releasing a large amount of water vapor, but this water vapor just escaped to the flame. When the emperor's body was not far away, it immediately condensed into ice particles and snowflakes and flew outwards.

Slowly, the entire desert was gradually covered by ice and snow, turning into a completely different appearance from the past.

As for the Flame Emperor in the core area of the ice energy, the flame on his body gradually weakened. The ice energy isolated his absorption of cosmic energy, so that the Flame Emperor could only rely on his own strength to resist the invasion of the ice energy. This directly caused the energy in the Yan Emperor's body to gradually weaken, and the flame's body gradually became dimmed.


The last frost energy spurted from the ice treasure box, and the ice treasure box that originally exuded an icy blue halo became dim and fell to the ground. It seems that it has not been a few years to stop using it. Even the power of authority is not endless.

Stephen put away the ice chest, and Abel came directly to the flame emperor who was sealed by ice.

At this time, Emperor Flame, the power in his body can only barely maintain himself from being killed by the ice power, and to maintain his own vitality. Under the isolation of the ice authority, he cannot absorb the power from the universe, naturally There is no way to recover again.

The magic wand was lightly tapped in the ice, and the flame scepter whose flames at both ends had been extinguished emerged from the ice and fell into Abels hand. He glanced at the sceptre in his hand, and Abel was sure that this thing was related to the Silver Shadowman. The surfboard is almost the same thing, but it seems that the power is much weaker, so he threw the scepter to Stephen.

"Steven, give this thing to Tony and Reid, so that they can study the type of power they use, and then we can work out ways to restrain them based on this. As for this guy, I will take him to my magic. Detained in the dimension, if you have any other needs, you can contact me."

Taking the fire scepter, Stephen nodded and said, "Okay, I get it."

Without saying more, Abel waved his magic wand slightly, and directly carried the frozen Flame Emperor into a twisted vortex and disappeared on the spot, appearing next to his body in the magical dimension, sealing the Flame Emperor and the banned one. The Silver Shadowmen were placed together in the corner of the hall.

After doing this, Abels clone once again left the magical dimension and returned to the earth, while Abels body opened his eyes and waved slightly to the silver surfboard placed aside. The silver surfboard quickly shrank into The palm fell heavily in the palm of Abel's body.

Holding the silver surfboard, Abel sensed the power contained in it, and gradually developed some eyebrows. Originally, Abel thought they used cosmic energy, but now it seems that cosmic energy is just something like food or air. After the energy was sucked into the body by the Silver Shadowman and the Emperor Flame, the power they used was extracted in a special way, but what kind of power is, still needs Abel to further study.

At this time, a woman with black eyes wearing a long black dress and long dark hair appeared in Abel's hall. She looked at the layout of the hall, and then at the Flame Emperor and Silver Shadow who were locked away. Xia then looked at Abel and said with a smile: "You are more decisive than I thought. You have already caught two of the four envoys of Swallowing Stars."

Lifting his head, Abel looked at each other, smiled and said: "Honorable death, I think you suddenly came to me in an incarnation, shouldn't you come to tell me the past?"

With a smile, Death said to Abel: "You are now the top group of existence in the universe. You can take care of yourself. Why should you participate in the following things?"

"My magical dimension is born from the earth, of course it is impossible for the earth to be eaten by the planet devourers. As for other planets, it has nothing to do with me."

"If you have to fight against Star Swallowing, then I can help you a little bit."

"Oh? Then I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart."

"Swallowing Stars is the only remaining survivor in the universe from the last era. Because of this, he became one of the five creation gods with us. However, his state is very unstable. The more hungry he is, the weaker his strength is. In theory, his strength It can be lowered to the level of an ordinary demon **** or the master of dimensions, and this is your only opportunity."

Looking at death thoughtfully, Abel whispered: "Hunger... Then how should we make him hungry?"

"It's up to you to look it up by yourself, but I can give you a reminder that you have found the clue and you should be able to find out the truth if you continue to investigate.

Finally, I can tell you the power used by the swallowing star. UU Reading www.uukanshu.com is what the power he gives to his messenger, that power is called source power, the power that the power of authority sublimates.

If you can master this power, at least you won't be unable to fight him in front of Swallowing Star. "

Hearing the words of death, Abel nodded slowly, then he looked at death and asked: "Why do you want to help us? According to what you said, at your level, there is no need to participate in these things. Isn't it?"

Death did not immediately answer Abel's words, her body gradually became empty, and when she was about to disappear completely, her voice slowly sounded in Abel's ears.

"The five great creation gods each have optimistic people, and they are always optimistic about Gu Yi, and I am optimistic about you, don't let me down, you are officially at the starting point."

The voice fell, and the incarnation of death completely disappeared in the magical dimension.

At this time, Abels expression was difficult to understand, but soon he put all these things aside, grabbed Silver Shadowmans silver surfboard again, and began to study everything about Yuanli. Death had already told Abel this time. Many, he has found the direction of his research, now all he needs is time!

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