The Wizard World Chapter 644

Chapter 644 Looping World 1


No one knew how long had passed in the darkness.

Angele opened his eyes slowly.

Some loud noises came into his ears.

He was on a clean street. There were people and carriages passing by. He was standing in the middle of the street, and the pedestrians were right next to him.

The bright sunlight illuminated the whole street; the buildings on the street were all gray.


A worker from a potion shop was pouring waste on the ground in front of Angele, and the pedestrians were moving away from him.

The green waste landed on the gray road, wetting it.

The worker glanced at Angele; he looked a bit confused, but he quickly returned to the shop.

“Where am I” Angele’s brow furrowed as he checked the surroundings.

The buildings and the street lights made Angele feel like he was in a European country. The pedestrians were wearing clothes made of linen. He also found some people that looked like mercenaries.

“Hey, what are you doing?” A man with red hair patted Angele’s shoulders with his hands. “Why are you standing here? Go to the guild and report back!”

Angele hesitated and looked at the man.

The man waved his hands in front of Angele’s eyes.

“Are you still sleepy? You fell asleep right after we returned from the ruins. The leaders are waiting for us at the guild, come on! Hurry up!” He pushed Angele.

“Sure.” Angele blinked his eyes and nodded.

They started moving in the crowd and headed to the south side of the street. The man was still talking about their exploration on their way to the guild; it seemed like he was the reason why they succeeded.

Angele had no idea what was happening. He listened to the man’s words while observing him.

He was wearing brown leather pants, brown boots, and a brown vest. He had a muscular body and a handsome face. There was a tiny scar under his right eye, and he looked just like a young mercenary.

“I was already ready before the leader said anything, and I saw the red light flashing! I heard someone calling my name from behind. I had no time to think, and knocked the bear down right away. Chris caught the chance, hitting the bear in the head. We finished off the last enraged bear, and I knew that the leader was happy with my performance. That was the best thing that ever happened in my life!” The man was named Rock; he kept telling Angele about his stories. They finally reached a stone building after walking for a while.

The door of the building was open, and there were many mercenaries here. Angele and Rock just looked like two normal mercenaries in the crowd.

Angele just noticed that he was no longer wearing a red robe. Instead, there was a leather suit on his body. He saw fiver silver daggers on his belt; he was half-naked with two metal guards on his wrists.

They entered the building and saw many tables on the floor. The tables looked brown mushrooms.

The front desk was right by the wall; there was a receptionist behind the desk. There were also servers bringing wines and food to the tables.

The mercenaries sitting at the tables were wearing different outfits. They were drinking and chatting. Some of them were staring at the maps in their hands. There were also people playing cards and eating.

Angele glanced around. Rock quickly took him to one of the tables.

“Hey, leader, Rock and Saladin are back!” Rock chuckled and asked Angele to sit down by the table.

There were two other people at the table, a man and a woman. The man had a blank expression on the face; he was wearing a black cloak, while his face was covered by a hood. The woman was wearing a heavy armor; she was just sitting in her seat. There was a sword by her hand. The blade was a bit red, and had the width of a palm.

Angele also saw a beautiful woman with long hair trailing over her shoulders. She had a curved dagger in her hands, and was leaning against the wall. She looked calm and lazy.

The woman scrunched her eyebrows as she glanced at Angele.

“Is Saladin still recovering? He was hit in the head by the bear. I guess it’ll take him a while to recover. Marinda, you’ll be the one to lead on this mission.”

“Sure,” the woman in heavy armor responded. “Is the mission urgent? We came back two days ago, and my axe is still being repaired.”

“It’s somewhat urgent. The situation is getting worse, and the pay is much higher than before,” the woman with long hair said. “Walker, have you prepared your potions?”

“I didn’t have enough time to prepare the paralyze potions, but I do have the explosion potions and poison potions ready. We’ll have to purchase healing potions from others, but the price might be a bit troubling,” the man said in a low voice. “You know the situation is getting worse; they are now quoting much higher prices for the consumables.”

The woman asked Walker about the other supplies. Their conversation was simple, fast, and easy to understand.

Angele sat in the seat and listened to their words quietly.

He started observing this place after he entered the realm.

Angele observed the people on the street, and concluded that this world was a weak realm as there were barely any energy particles in this world. The mortals here were also weak.

He checked the mercenaries in the building, and noticed that the strongest being here had the power level of a rank 3 wizard. These people were wearing white robes and were sitting in the corner.

A middle-aged woman behind the front desk had the power of a rank 2 wizard.

There were also several other people that had the power of a rank 2 wizard, but they were only at the Liquid stage. Those included the woman with long black hair, the leader of their group.

“Saladin? Saladin? Hera is talking to you, Saladin?” Rock was waving at Angele again.

“Huh? What’s the matter?” Angele stopped thinking. He finally had a general idea of what was happening.

The woman’s brow furrowed.

“We, the Black Bird Guild, need you to analyze the materials. Your analysis skill leveled up the last time we checked. How’s your situation now?”

Angele hesitated for a second. He was not sure what he should say, as he did not know a skill called analysis skill. It seemed like he replaced someone that was in this guild.

“It’s going well” he gave a random answer. He made it look like he was still dizzy. Angele was certain that he could easily analyze the materials with his biochip and his database.

“Sounds good.” The woman started talking about the requirements of the next mission.

Angele sat in the chair and listened to their conversation quietly while checking the surroundings.

He was a member of this Black Bird Guild, and his duty was to analyze the rare materials they found. He was an important member of the team.

The Black Bird Guild was a famous mercenary group in the city. The city was called Shine City, and the Black Bird Guild usually worked for the nobles. They just completed a hard mission, but there were other missions waiting for them.

Angele rubbed the wooden cup in his hand. The surface of the cup was a bit rough; he sipped some wine from it. The wine was sour, and barely tasted like wine.

He put his arm on the wooden table. The table was a bit wet and cold.

Angele was no longer interested in their conversation after he had a general idea of the situation. He started glancing around again.

A young man and a young woman walked to the front desk. They were wearing gray robes, and were talking to the receptionist. It seemed like they needed some intel.

There were three black metal signs hanging on the gray wall, covered with words and stamps. It seemed like the signs were business licenses.

There was also a glowing figurine floating on the left. The figurine was made of green crystal.

Time passed. Angele arrived at the building in the morning, and it was now noon.

Hera ordered some food, and they quickly finished the lunch together. Hera decided to gather the members and start the mission at night.

Angele talked to the other members for a while and left the building alone.

He stood by the entrance of the building and watched the pedestrians walk. He scrunched his eyebrows as he was still a bit confused about his situation.

‘Where is this place I have the improved scorpion woman’s bloodline power, but I can’t detect any other realms. Maybe this is a special realm that belongs to the injured ancestor?’ He leaned against the wall and started thinking.

‘Why was I teleported to this realm? If Vans gave us the correct information, this should be the ancestor’s realm, or a realm that was created based on his memory. What should I do to learn the secret of the Infinity Origin?’

A lot of thoughts was going through his mind, but the biochip quickly filtered out the thoughts that were not logical. The biochip was analyzing the data it collected after Angele entered the realm, but there was no conclusion.

‘Infinity Origin, Infinity Origin, I don’t even know what that is!’ Angele was getting a bit anxious.


Suddenly, he heard someone scream ahead, and raised his head.

A white carriage with silver decorations charged at a little boy that was standing in the middle of the street, and a middle-aged woman beside him screamed in fear.

The boy was so scared that he just stayed there, and did not move an inch.

Suddenly, a dark shadow flashed in front of the boy.


The shadow and the boy were blown away by the impact. They lay on the ground, and there was blood spurting out of their bodies.

The pedestrians quickly surrounded them.

A man with white hair checked their condition and said, “They are done for”

The people were all blaming the carriage. However, the carriage already escaped, and no one knew where it went.

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