This Earth Is A Bit Fearsome Chapter 152

Chapter 152 Three Months Passed

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The Dragon was seen wearing a bitter smirk. He knew very well what Lu Xuan meant. In truth, who among Qiu Zhen and Song Lingfeng was the stronger one did not matter to him at all.

Those two were leagues beneath him anyway.

That was what Lu Xuan was obviously feeling at the moment. Who the hell would have been bored enough to care about who the strongest out of a bunch was, anyway?

However, the Dragon swallowed that bitter feeling. He was one who had seen a lot, to begin with. If it had not been for the blow he suffered at the moment was so vexing, he would not have had harbored such thoughts to begin with.

With Lu Xuan added to the Special Task Forces ranks, the agency had truly been reinforced even further, albeit in quite a peculiar way.

"Thank you for your guidance, Mr. Lu. My eyes were truly opened today." The Dragon continued, "If it had not been for the fight with you today, Id have probably remained like a frog in a well, only seeing the sky above him."

Lu Xuan did little more than grin at him. He was wondering if the Dragon was being truthful, but then again, that was undoubtedly the truth in a manner of speaking.

What Lu Xuan showcased that day was but the tip of the iceberg.

In truth, the Dragon was indeed among the best of the best throughout the whole wide world at the moment.

1The Dragon remained one of the handful of beings at the very pinnacle for quite a long time back in Lu Xuans past life. He had the backing of the country he served, and for someone like him to be backed by the nation, there was no doubt why he had become the strongest.

"Ill be damned. That guy from your province is really, really something indeed," Chen Feng commented, feeling astonished.

He had never even anticipated the possibility of such an outcome in the first place.

The entire session was one that seemed rather uneventful.

The superior of the two was already revealed before something close to a life and death battle took place. It was totally different from the heated, intense physical exchange that Chen Feng had initially anticipated.

But then again, he was not dumb enough to not be able to tell why such intensity did not happen in the first place, as the difference in combat prowess between the two was simply too vast.

The gulf between the two was so wide that the winner was already decided without the need for such intensity in fighting.

The battle saw how Lu Xuan overwhelmed the Dragon. Not only was the Dragon unable to learn anything, but the spectators were also unable to do so.

It was quite a pity.

But then again, it was not like no one got anything out of it. At the very least, all of them knew now that there had indeed been one such terrifying monster lurking in Min Province all along. It was a monster that none of them could afford to offend.

Ming Yueyao only sighed a breath of complete relief after seeing that the sparring session between the two had ended.

Lu Xuan excused himself right after the session and returned to Min Province.

It was only then that the aftermath of Lu Xuans annihilation of the Song Clan had truly settled in for real.

More and more cultivators learned that there was a literal god in Min Province that nobody could have absolutely afforded to offend.

Three months passed before long.

Three whole months passed after Lu Xuan annihilated the entire Song Clan.

The Spring Festival had just ended not long ago, and everyone seemed to still be steeped in a festive mood.

However, things were different from how it was in past years. The Spring Festival of that year appeared unusually eerie. All places that saw snow since mid-autumn had not seen any snow by the end of the year.

Fauna in all places began to revitalize at the beginning of spring.

There were increasingly more weird happenings taking place during the Spring Festival.

An ancient tree on Mount Tai grew exponentially within mere months, shooting up over 100 meters from the meager height of over a dozen meters. It was quite the scene in Mount Tai.

While the mountain had long been cordoned off by the military, many caught sight of that phenomenon and recorded it.

Other than that, renowned mountains and rivers all over the country saw different changes as well. Some were even able to see vines consuming places like they were living snakes. Those vines had even crackled with lightning.

It was as if the vines had mutated into some mythical plant.

Topics regarding the weird phenomena remained heated all over the internet, so much so that such topics, which would have been erased almost right away in the past, seemed to be scrutinized, and such topics gained massive popularity as a result.

It was as if the authorities were trying to let the people get used to the whole process.

A villa that was capable of being seen with the naked eye at the edge of Fu City actually disappeared gradually in the clouds as time passed.

Lu Xuan performed a hand seal before the villa. His powers circulated, and he infused said powers into several pieces of jade in his hand.

He then distributed the jade pieces to his parents and sister, saying, "Youll need the jade pieces to get in and out of the villa. These items will serve as keys, allowing access to the villa. Lose them, and you wont be able to get in. If anyone tries to force their way in, just remember the mantra Ive taught you all. Youll be able to alter the formation at any given moment through the jade, turning it from a maze to a killing formation."

"I understand. You have everything thought out then," Lu Tianxiang said.

"Yeah, I guess you could say that," Lu Xuan replied.

Lu Xuan learned from the lesson of the invasion of the manor at the lake happened several months ago, deciding to give the place up altogether. He built a villa somewhere outside Fu City instead.

Although it was said that he built the place, there was actually a villa there in the first place, which he modified to a certain extent and put to use before long.

If he were actually to construct such a place from scratch, there was no telling how long the construction would have taken.

While the villa was an expensive purchase, he had all the income he needed from the sale of protection talismans, so he was never short on money in the first place.

But then again, all the modifications and formations he put in place cost him tens of billions of yuan.

The expenditure had been so high that even world-class tycoons would have found it baffling. However, unlike the estates of the usual rich and powerful, the layout and decorations were hardly considered extravagant. The expenditure was mostly spent on some materials for laying down formations that were hard to find.

The planet had not seen the restoration of spirit qi for long, and as such, many materials lacked sentience of any kind, so any materials that possessed sentience were unusually expensive.

Only Lu Xuan would have been able to set things up as he did, as it would still have been difficult for tycoons with trillions to their name to fork out tens of billions of dollars.

He deemed all these expenses worth it, for he was doing it for the safety of his family.

That formation back at the manor was but a preliminary test, as the place was just too small, and there were too many limitations. The place was entirely inadequate for allowing Lu Xuan to put all that he knew about formations into practice.

Things, however, were different at the moment. With the villa having a mountain behind it and bodies of water around, Lu Xuan was free to do whatever he needed to lay down the formation he wanted.

The power of the formation he laid out at that time was exponentially more powerful than the ones he laid before. Even if the likes of the Song Clan were to mobilize all their forces to attack the place, it would not have been possible for them to even get past the maze.

If someone were to break the formation, they would have needed a formation master of higher training than Lu Xuan, and that was utterly impossible.

If anything were to happen, the maze could then be transformed into a killing formation. All who entered would die without a second thought.

Lu Xuan truly had everything thought out, and it was airtight unless a national level force decided to bomb the place with nuclear ordnance. But then again, it would have been the end of everything, given how even the city would have been razed. The possibility of something like that happening was so infinitesimally small that it was deemed negligible.

Conventionally-speaking, that defense he laid out was truly an impregnable one.

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