Three Meals Of A Reincarnator Book 1 Chapter 190

Volume 1 Chapter 190

" Does it have to be a female, not a male?" The employee in charge cautiously asked with a tense look on her face.

From the look in her eyes, it seemed like she was facing off against a monster, which made Ho Sung Lee realize he made a mistake.

"Oh, don't they exist? The hunter I serve has a gold goblin himself."

That was when the employee in charge laughed with relief.

"Oh, I see. Hahaha, so that's why you're looking for a female goblin."

"That's right May I smoke?"

"Oh! Sure. Feel free."

She felt bad about the misunderstanding and pushed an expensive ashtray toward him.

Ho Sung Lee lit his cigarette. He breathed in and breathed out.

Finding a female goblin was a problem, but if he happened to find out, more problems would follow.

Ho Sung Lee thought of Ssol and grimaced.

What if the blind dates happened to fail?

He felt sorry to Ssol, and there was no doubt he would fall into a deep depression, and the harm that would result from that would be his responsibility.

Ho Sung Lee closed his eyes shut and breathed in his cigarette.


Ho Sung Lee opened his eyes in response to the employee in charge.

" Yes?" Ho Sung Lee answered with a tired voice.

"I just checked, and there's a female goblin."

Ho Sung Lee looked at the employee in charge with shocked eyes.



The employee in charge smiled with pride, but Ho Sung Lee was still dumbfounded.

He didn't think there would be any since the dungeons containing monsters were all gone.

So Ho Sung Lee couldn't believe that they had found one already.

"There's a female goblin?!" He asked in a louder voice.

In response, the female employee laughed. She flashed an awkward smile and nodded.

"That's right."

"No way"

He didn't think he would find a place that could find him a monster.

Ho Sung Lee couldn't get rid of his shocked face.

"Look over here."

The employee in charge showed him a video on her tablet.

She then explained, "There's an organization that analyzes monsters, but that doesn't mean they do experiments on them. They check their tendencies or habits and compile data, so they have many times of monsters, and one of them is a goblin."

The employee in charge smiled.

Ho Sung Lee's heart felt weird as he looked at the goblin looking trapped inside a cage through the screen.

It was clear that monsters were vicious creatures that killed humans, but after spending time with Ssol, he started to feel sorry for the monsters trapped in cages.

And the thought of having to connect Ssol with those females made his head feel dizzy.

"Here's the address as well as the map."

The employee in charge handed Ho Sung Lee the papers with a friendly smile.

Ho Sung Lee accepted the papers and sighed as he got up.

"Thank you."

Ho Sung Lee left the VIP room without much energy in his body.





The goblins inside the cages unleashed their violent nature and cried loudly at the presence of a human.

Ho Sung Lee looked around with sunken eyes.

The noises coming from the trapped goblins were horrendous.

Ssol's entire body was gold, and he was so nave that he looked cute, but compared to Ssol, the trapped goblins looked despicable.

They smelled horrible, and he didn't like the way they looked.

They looked appalling.

They had long noses, wide lips that drooled, and their eyes were gray.

On top of that, their skin was wrinkly, and their entire body seemed to be suffering a skin disease.

Did Ssol want to be matched up with monsters like those?

Ho Sung Lee sighed.

"I made a promise though"

As Ho Sung Lee mumbled to himself...

" Pardon?" The organization employee asked.

Ho Sung Lee shook his head.

"It's nothing. How many female goblins do you have here?"

The organization employee counted on his finger.

"Only 10," he replied.

Ho Sung Lee scratched his head with a troubled look on his face.

'Only 10'

He promised to set Ssol up with 101.

Ho Sung Lee thought for a moment before calling the Shadow Guild.

Their attitude changed as soon as he revealed his identity.

Oh, hello, Mr. Sung! How can I help you?

"I need a goblin. Not just a goblin, but a female one."

Since this wasn't the employee in charge that Ho Sung Lee spoke with, the person on the other line sounded taken aback, but Ho Sung Lee couldn't be bothered to explain why he was looking for a female goblin, so he added, "I came by Shadow Guild today. There's an organization that analyzes monsters in our country. I'm sure they have others in other countries as well. Please find out if they can send their goblins over to our country."

Oh! Sure, of course. I'll call you as soon as I confirm.

Once Ho Sung Lee hung up, he grimaced at the screaming and smelly goblins and explained the situation to the organization employee.

He told him about his contract with Min Sung and Ssol, and the organization employee was fascinated as he said he had seen it before on the TV news.

"Are you able to wash the female goblins and move them to a clean room?" Ho Sung Lee asked.

"That's not too difficult to do. We can definitely clean them up and put them in a room, but"

The organization employee's face grew dark.

"Due to their horrible personalities, they must still be inside the cages"

Ho Sung Lee laughed bitterly.

"Of course."

"And we can't put all 101 in one room, so we'll have to divide them up. Is that all right?"

"Yes, that's fine."

"Oh yeah. Since this is a blind date, they should be dressed up. I have a personal party planner. Shall I contact them?"

"Oh That'd be perfect."

Ho Sung Lee looked at the organization employee in shock.

He was surprised that they took care of the matter so professionally, and as a result, he was going to be able to give Ssol his blind dates easily.

The problem of finding female goblins turned out to be easier than expected, but the problem was how this would all end.

The pressure and stress resulting from that worry made Ho Sung Lee feel sad.

" What am I doing?"

In response, the organization employee asked, "Pardon me?"

Ho Sung Lee shook his hands.

"No, it's nothing."

The organization employee looked at Ho Sung Lee and tilted his head.


"I need to be positive. Since I made the promise, I need to see it through."

Ho Sung Lee watched as the goblins entered the organization. The goblins showered, and as the party planners started decorating the rooms, the preparations for the blind dates took place, and it finally came to an end.

Ssol was set to begin his blind dates the next morning.

Ho Sung Lee headed over to Min Sung's house from the monster organization in order to report the news.


Min Sung sat on the bench in the backyard as he stared at his Durandal in his hands.

It was a weapon enchanted with a +7 ability.

As he looked at the weapon, Min Sung thought about the power it held.

When he thought about it, using this weapon clearly made it less straining to deal his attacks, and the fact that he was able to apply more magic force with it was proven through his own body and skin.

And the words of 'that man' from his dreams still lingered in his mind.

The part about needing to be properly armed before facing the new world.

That meant that something more dangerous than the Demonic Realm existed there.

Min Sung smirked.

He wasn't at all curious about what kind of world it would be.

That was outside his interest.

Becoming stronger or more dominant, he wasn't interested in all of that, but there was a reason why he had to protect this world.

That was why he had to be powerful enough to survive in that world, despite his lack of interest.

'I wonder how powerful they are?'

With that thought in mind, Min Sung used the 'shining weapon magic order sheet' of his '+7 Devil's Durandal'.

As the order sheet ripped, a powerful light shined from it, and a moment later, the light disappeared and was replaced with words from the system.

[Your '+7 Devil's Durandal' shined brightly, but it has vaporized.]

Just as the system words explained, the Durandal in his hands disappeared into thin air.

His hands felt empty, and Min Sung smirked at the fact that he just lost his weapon.

"The chances are always so low."

Min Sung smiled sadly.

He lost his weapon, but he still had plenty of weapons in Ssol's golden pouch.

He had picked up a lot of high-quality weapons over time.

All he had to do was rearm himself.

Just as he was thinking that...

"Sir, I'm here."

Ho Sung Lee appeared.

"What were you doing?" Ho Sung Lee approached Min Sung from behind and asked.

"I used the magic order sheet on the Durandal."


Ho Sung Lee jolted his eyes wide open and gasped.

He gulped and carefully asked, "Y-you succeeded, right?"

"No, I lost it."

When Min Sung replied as if he lost a weapon worth just a dollar, Ho Sung Lee sighed.

It didn't seem like he realized how much value he had lost.

" Why did you do that all of a sudden?"

"I need better equipment."

Ho Sung Lee's heart began pounding.

'At a time like this?'

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