Three Meals Of A Reincarnator Book 1 Chapter 191

Volume 1 Chapter 191

Min Sung didn't know Ssol's current situation, and that fact made Ho Sung lee's heart pound like crazy.


"I'm too lazy to explain."

Ho Sung Lee dripped in sweat.

If Ssol failed at his blind dates and ended up with depression, he was going to be screwed.

"But what's wrong with your face?" Min Sung asked Ho Sung Lee.

"I-It's nothing."

"Aren't you here because you wanted to tell me something?"

"No. I just came to say hi. Haha, it's not like I'm busy these days. By the way, this tree keeps on growing. Kind of scary. Haha, I'll get going now."

Ho Sung Lee bowed at 90 degrees and hurried out of the garden into the living room.

He was relieved he knew about it early.

He had to find Ssol right away.

The most important thing was to deliver all of the items to him.

The blind date came after that.


Ssol wasn't in the garden.

'Where is he?'

Ho Sung Lee looked for him as if he was playing hide-and-seek.

And after a tiring search, he managed to find Ssol in the yard outside the front door.

Ho Sung Lee stopped in front of Ssol, who was playing with mud, and caught his breath.

"Hey, Ssol!"

In response, Ssol, who was throwing mud in the air under the bright sun, flashed a smile and looked up at Ho Sung Lee.

"Let's go to Min Sung. Right now," Ho Sung Lee said.


"He needs equipment."

Ssol looked at his golden pouch with a sad look on his face.

Ho Sung Lee gulped and laughed.

"Haha, you know that blind date we talked about? I'm already setting those up. Once you hand over the equipment to Min Sung, I'll set you up right away. How's that?"

Ssol's face beamed and then soon turned back to his straight face.

"Set me up on a blind date first," Ssol said with a straight face.

"W-what? No, Min Sung is your master. He needs items right now."

"Blind date comes first."

"Don't you trust me?" Ho Sung Lee's cheeks twitched as he asked.

At that moment, Bowl dug through the dirt to get out of the hole he was in.


Ho Sung Lee was startled by Bowl's sudden movements and landed on his butt.

"I'll go and ask him if this is true."

Bowl ran into the house still covered in dirt.

Ho Sung Lee watched Bowl run in the distance as he hit his forehead with his hand.

And that was when Ssol realized why he reacted the way he did.

Things got more complicated.

Ho Sung Lee felt his heart pounding as he watched where Bowl ran off to.

This was followed by a feeling of anxiousness, which became a reality.

"He said he doesn't need a weapon right away," Bowl said as he returned to the garden.

"Set Sssol up on a blind date first," Bowl said as he jumped back into the hole.

Ho Sung Lee watched Bowl and Ssol in the hole before he scoffed and wiped off the sweat on his forehead.

Ho Sung Lee got up. He brushed off his butt and went back to Min Sung with courage.

Min Sung was watering the large tree in the yard.


"What is it? Min Sung answered.

Ho Sung Lee notified Min Sung that he finished preparing the blind dates he promised Ssol.

After that, he explained why taking care of the items beforehand just in case Ssol went into depression was the best thing they could do.

"Just set him up first," Min Sung said without even looking at Ho Sung Lee.

"But if something goes wrong and Ssol gets depressed, he won't be able to take out your weapons from his golden pouch."

"A promise is a promise."

Ho Sung Lee bit down on his lip and looked at Min Sung.

'Wait, since when was he so easygoing?'

In any case, since the tiger became a little nicer, his position as a fox became less worrisome.

"But Sir, seeing how this tree has such big leaves, it might be a tree that protects our land," Ho Sung Lee said as he looked up at the large and mysterious tree.

"Ho Sung."

"Yes, Sir," Ho Sung Lee replied with a smile.

"Make sure Ssol finds his partner."

Min Sung wasn't speaking in a scary tone, but Ho Sung Lee felt as though he was going to get a death sentence if he failed this mission.


He received a command.

Once he received any kind of command, he had to fulfill it.

Ho Sung Lee felt the anxiousness inside his chest, but he overcame it by putting more strength in his body.

"Yes, Sir."

After bowing without another word, Ho Sung Lee left the garden with a complicated mind.


The next morning.

Ssol woke up early in the morning and showered for 2 hours.

After showering, he carefully wiped off the water from his golden body.

When Ho Sung Lee saw this, his heart felt heavy.

Min Sung Kang told him to make Ssol's blind date succeed.

Ho Sung Lee rubbed his chin while watching Ssol.

Since Ssol was golden from head to toe, he put a lot of pressure on most female goblins.

But if he thought about it in his shoes, he would've felt just as pressured if he was set up with a completely golden woman.

So it was no different for the female goblins.

There was no doubt that 100 out of 100 of them would say they didn't want Ssol.

Ho Sung Lee watched Ssol work hard on dressing himself up as he felt more and more scared of what Min Sung would do to him.

'What do I have to do to make the blind dates successful?'

Ho Sung Lee watched Ssol with wide eyes. He grabbed his throbbing head and continued to think hard.


Ssol finished dressing up.

Ssol was excited just like a little kid as he waited to leave.

After telling Min Sung that they were leaving, Ho Sung Lee took Bowl and Ssol into the car.

On the way to the monster analysis organization, Ho Sung Lee smoked his cigarette with a grimace.

He was going to be kicked to the curb.

What did he have to do to make Ssol look attractive and help him to start dating?

He thought about it long and hard, but his chest felt stuffy.

Since Min Sung gave the orders, he had to see it through, but he couldn't figure out how which made him feel like his life was going to come to an end.



Ho Sung Lee called Ssol, but Ssol didn't answer.

Ssol was excited like a little kid going on a field trip when they first left, but he was now frozen still.

It was probably trauma

He was traumatized by getting rejected from all the female goblins and getting kicked out of the goblin pack just because he was golden, and this trauma caused these symptoms.

Ho Sung Lee patted Ssol on the back as he said, "Don't be nervous. You're the one leading this blind date, not them."

However, Ssol couldn't hear any of those comforting words.

Ssol was still frozen.

Ho Sung Lee sighed and headed to the stage where the blind date was arranged.

Originally, there were 8 rooms where between 12 and 16 female goblins were split up, but the plans changed last minute.

They decided to set it up like a stage of a television show instead, and the countless people working there agreed to help with the large-scale blind date.

Thanks to Min Sung Kang, there was a line-up of people just waiting to help him out.

As soon as they arrived on the stage, Ssol expressed his surprise.

He was surprised to see such a vibrant setup.

There were 100 seats set up in the form of a pyramid in the large hall, and on top of it was a throne where Ssol was to sit.

The stage was set up for Ssol's blind date in the same way it looked on TV.

Not only was Ssol surprised by this but so was Ho Sung Lee.

At that moment, some people approached.

It was the people from the broadcaster who set up the stage.

They cautiously asked if they could start filming, but Ho Sung Lee said no.

If it succeeded, it would become a movie, but if it didn't, it was going to be a humiliation.

People were going to whisper about it wherever they went.

Ho Sung Lee patted the nervous Ssol on the back and asked for the program to begin.


Surprisingly, a celebrity went up on the stage to host the show.

He wondered why a celebrity was hosting a goblin dating show, but when he thought about Min Sung Kang's fame, he understood.

An employee told him to get Ssol seated.

Ho Sung Lee took Ssol's stiff body and put him in the throne placed on top of the pyramid, and at that moment, a shocking program'Propose 101' starring 101 goblins including Ssolbegan.

Stage music turned on, and the employees of the analysis organization began escorting the goblins out.




"Ugh! Ugh!"

They all made monstrous sounds as they got dragged up on the stage by the organization employees.

Since the goblins couldn't speak like Ssol, they still had animalistic habits.

Ho Sung Lee knitted his brows at the sight, but Ssol stared at them with his jaw dropped to the floor.

The golden goblin Ssol was excited at the sight of 100 female goblins filling up the stage.

This was the best moment of Ssol's entire life.

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