To My Dear Mr. Huo Chapter 24

Chapter 24: From Now on, Please Guide Me on How to Become a Perfect Husband

Su Qingsang did not expect Huo Jinyao to take her to the Civil Affairs Bureau.

She sat in her car and watched Huo Jinyao take out her ID card and family records. Su Qingsang had no idea how and where he found them. She moved her lips, opened her mouth, and closed it again. "You"

"Dear wife, we had the wedding yesterday, but we haven't gotten the certificate yet. We're both free today, so let's go get the certificate," Huo Jinyao said.

"I" Su Qingsang didn't want to do that since she thought it would be easier to get a divorce if got married without the official certificate.

This was also the reason why she hadn't been panicking before. A wedding just by itself was not legally valid; however, Huo Jinyao would become her legal husband as soon as they obtained the certificate. After that, it would be much harder to get rid of this man.

"Let's go." Huo Jinyao had already got out of the car and dragged her out as well.

She walked into the Civil Affairs Bureau as Huo Jinyao dragged her by her hand. It wasn't closing time yet, and it was a normal day, so there weren't many people inside.

Su Qingsang was still hesitant because she didn't think that Huo Jinyao actually wanted the certificate. She intended to walk out of the building.

However, Huo Jinyao held her wrist even tighter. He pulled her and continued walking. In Su Qingsang's eyes, he looked very excited. "My wife, you're going in the wrong direction. Here's where you get the certificate."

"Huo Jinyao." She didn't want to get a certificate, she really didn't.

"You see, there are not many people here today. It looks like a good day," Huo Jinyao exclaimed.

Su Qingsang looked at the hall and there were indeed not many people there. Most people liked to pick a good day to get the certificate and they came to the Civil Affairs Bureau early in the morning.

It was almost afternoon and the officers were going to leave soon. The newlywed couple in front of them was finishing up the registration procedures.

It was their turn now. Huo Jinyao handed all the materials to the officer and his diligent attitude surprised Su Qingsang's even more. She got a feeling that Huo Jinyao was very passionate about this marriage. But why would he be? I must be imagining it.

"Congratulations." The employee was very friendly. He took the materials, showed them how to fill out the forms, and led them to take a photo.

Su Qingsang's body felt very stiff during the photo session. The bright light made her eyes feel so uncomfortable that she had to stand up several times, but Huo Jinyao kept pulling her down. "Dear, don't be nervous."

"I am not nervous." Who was nervous? She was just hesitant. "Huo Jinyao, I don't..."

"Don't worry, you look very beautiful. You're very photogenic. You'll look beautiful in the photo." As Huo Jinyao spoke, he smiled at her and flashed his white teeth.

Su Qingsang was dazed by his remarkably bright smile. By the time she recovered, the photo had already been taken.

Two brand-new, red certificates were stamped with an official seal. Su Qingsang stared at the certificate photo of two people holding hands together and didn't know how to feel about it.

She subtly looked at Huo Jinyao.

"My wife, from now on, please guide me on how to become a perfect husband." Huo Jinyao shook the red marriage certificate and smiled at her.

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His smile was too bright for Su Qingsang. She turned away so as to not look at him. She held the marriage certificate in her hand and got a feeling that something was not right.

"Huo Jinyao," she muttered.

Why, why did he marry me? Why did all this happen? Yesterday's wedding and today's marriage certificate. If he went along with the wedding for the sole purpose of helping me, then why did he get the marriage certificate today?

He saw Su Chenghui and Li Qianxue yesterday. He should know that I'm just an illegitimate daughter of the Su family.

I don't have anything he wants. Why is he doing all this?

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