To My Dear Mr. Huo Chapter 35

Chapter 35: What Are the Cards in this Mans Hand?

"Anything else?" Su Qingsang had little intention of continuing the conversation here, especially with Qiu Yanbo.

If Su Peizhen sees this, she will accuse me of something else, she thought.

Qiu Yanbo chuckled and said, "Qingsang, you really don't need to leave in such a hurry, especially since today is a big day for you. We are all family, just stay and let's enjoy a meal together." He cast a glance at Huo Jinyao as he spoke. Now he was really curious about the cards in this guy's hand.

"That won't be necessary." Su Qingsang rejected him directly. "I don't want to affect your appetite."

"How would that happen?" Qiu Yanbo turned his eyes to Huo Jinyao and asked, "Is it also what you think?" It would be a pleasure for anyone to have connections to the Su family, Li family, and Qiu family. He didn't think that anyone would reject it.

Huo Jinyao, however, did reject it. He turned to look at Su Qingsang with extremely affectionate and loving eyes. "I will do whatever Qingsang says. She doesn't want to stay, so we are leaving."

"Huo Jianyao." Qiu Yanbo could not help but frown, his eyes scanning Huo Jinyao. He thought of what he said that day and continued, "I remember you mentioned before you work at a company, right? Which company do you work for?"

Qiu Yanbo knew of every successful and influential company throughout Lin City. If he had seen this guy before, he must have forgotten.

"I resigned," with no trace of embarrassment, Huo Jinyao added, "before our wedding."

"" At the moment Qiu Yanbo really had no idea what else to say. As for Su Qingsang, she seemed to already know it and was not surprised at all.

Qiu Yanbo looked down. All of a sudden, he felt there was something weird, but he could not tell what was weird exactly. He looked toward Huo Jinyao again with the intention to further investigate. "So, Jinyao is unemployed?"

"Yeah," Huo Jinyao responded.

"There are some job openings at our company. Are you"

"No, thanks." Huo Jinyao rejected him without hesitation. "I will look for a job by myself. It won't be necessary to bother Mr. Qiu."

Qiu Yanbo called him by his name while Huo Jinyao called him Mr. Qiu. The difference was clear.

Anyhow, Qiu Yanbo was a specially privileged person. He scowled because of Huo's blunt rejection. Thinking about what Su Chenghui said just now, he hid his displeasure.

"It seems that Jinyao is rather ambitious, but no matter how ambitious you are, you don't have to have such a tense relationship with the family. Qingsang is the daughter of the Su family. What do you say?"

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So this is the stick and the carrot policy? Su Qingsang did not look good. Qiu Yanbo has got a point. As long as the Su family doesn't cut me off directly, then I'll still be a daughter of Su's family. She turned her gaze toward Huo Jinyao. She could not tell why, but she just wanted to know his opinion.

Huo Jinyao smiled at Su Qingsang when he noticed she was looking at him. He turned around to face Qiu Yanbo. His smile disappeared.

"Mr. Qiu, Qingsang doesn't want to have a meal here for one reason: not to disrupt your reunion. Does not dining here mean that she will no longer be a daughter of the Su family?"

Qiu Yanbo's mind went blank for a second.

Huo Jinyao went on, "As you said, Qingsang is a daughter of the Su family, and she doesn't feel well today and would like to go home to rest early. I think you guys understand her situation, right? "

Before Su Qingsang could get over Huo Jinyao's excellent eloquence, he had taken her outside.

Qiu Yanbo stayed behind and watched their receding figures with his eyes narrowed. Huo Jinyao seems quite interesting. Perhaps, I should do another round of investigation.

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