To My Dear Mr. Huo Chapter 36

Chapter 36: Expectations Really Hurt

Su Qingsang seemed to remain absentminded until they got in the car. She sat in the passenger seat and stared at Huo Jinyao. She had known this man was eloquent as early as at their wedding, but she didn't expect that he could get an upper hand in the face of Qiu Yanbo. That was really

He said it was just a meal. Whether she had it or not, she would still be a daughter of the Su Family. The reality was, however, she wasn't regarded as a daughter of the Su Family, whether she took the meal or not. After all, no one would treat their daughter in such a way.

She looked down at her slightly pale fingertips. All the time, she could hardly understand some simple truths. Actually, she still held expectations deep inside. Where there was the expectation, there was the pain. If there was no expectation, then she wouldn't feel disappointed and hurt anymore.

Suddenly, someone held her hand. Su Qingsang looked at Huo Jinyao with a bit of a shock. She had no idea when Huo Jinyao had stopped the car. Huo Jinyao was holding her hand and kindly staring at her.

"If you don't like it, there we won't go back."

Su Qingsang stared at Huo Jinyao's face with a bit of a shock. He was staring at her. A gentle look appeared in his eyes as if she was the only one he could see. His stare made her uncomfortable, so Su Qingsang turned away.

"Why don't I like it there? That's my home." Although the people there never treated her like family

The last sentence was uttered by Su Qingsang in a low sound, but Huo Jinyao heard her clearly and then lightly pinched her palm. "Your home is not there. Let's back home now."

That three-bedroom flat is our home.

Su Qingsang got it and looked at his hand holding hers. Slender, shapely and clean-cut There was no doubt he had beautiful hands.

"No," Su Qingsang suddenly uttered. Su Qingsang turned her head and looked at him. "We should have lunch first." The Su family's mansion was a little far away from the city. After such an exhausting encounter, it was almost noon.

"What do you want to eat?" Huo Jinyao looked at Su Qingsang with warm encouragement in his eyes. "Please don't say 'whatever.' You always say that. It's too hard to guess what you want."

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Su Qingsang didn't utter 'whatever,' which was what she had planned say. Looking at Huo Jinyao's smiling face, she found that her sadness had vanished.

"Crossing the Bridge Rice Noodles," she said. When Huo Qingsang was a student, her friends from Y Province always took her to visit many Crossing the Bridge noodle restaurants in Yang City. She was not a very picky eater, but she couldn't forget how delicious it was.

"Okay. Crossing the Bridge Noodles." Meanwhile, Huo Jinyao started the car. "How do we get there?"

"I know a good restaurant from Y Province," Su Qingsang replied, taking out her cell phone.

"That restaurant needs a reservation in advance. You start the car first, and I check if there is a spot available."

"Okay," Huo Jinyao replied and glimpsed at her. Seeing the disappearance of her frustrated expression, Huo Jinyao smiled.


Su Qingsang woke up in Huo Jinyao's arms again, surprised to find she was kind of accustomed to his embrace. How could she be accustomed to his embrace in such a short time?

Looking at his closed eyes, a complicated sense emerged in her mind. She had no idea who he was, let alone his real identity or history. Although they were married, she hadn't visited his parents yet.

A strong instinct emerged in her mind. Su Qingsang trusted that he wouldn't hurt her. This instinct was not that strong, but she was tempted to go with it.

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