To My Dear Mr. Huo Chapter 39

Chapter 39: Why Are You

Su Qingsang felt rather uncomfortable the whole morning.She had come into the spotlight because of Huo Jinyao's behavior as well as those wedding candies. Later, colleagues not only from a neighboring department but also from downstairs and upstairs departments all came to her department.She even had to act grateful that Huo Jinyao had bought so many candies that there were still some left after giving them out to all the people.

Su Qingsang had no chance to catch a break until lunch time. When she went to the hospital's canteen for lunch, even the staff there winked at her.

"Dr. Su, why didn't give out your wedding candy to me? I have always given you a lot of food."

Su Qingsang blushed. The canteen staff put two more fried eggs in her bowl and said, "Dr. Su, you just had your wedding, and it must've been very tiring. Take care of yourself. "

Other people in the canteen all turned their eyes toward her direction, Su Qingsang was extremely embarrassed. She tried so hard to minimize her existence. So when she took the tray and headed for a seat, she wasn't aware that there was someone standing in front of her.

The second she was about to hit that guy, he was agile enough to grab her and keep her from falling.

"Watch out," he said.

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"Thank you." Su Qingsang raised her head and her eyes flashed with surprise when she saw the man clearly. "Hongchen? Why are you here?"

"Why can't I be here?" Zuo Hongchen had a nice-looking face decorated with a pair of gorgeous eyes. No doubt, his appearance attracted a lot of pursuers. Although he did not need them, he still wore glasses to hide his beautiful eyes and attract fewer pursuers.

Zuo Hongchen was the son of the hospital's chief. He specialized in cardiac surgery, three years ahead of Su Qingsang in school. Young as he was, he was already a well-known cardiac attending. One year ago, he went to America for academic research.

"Have you finished your research?"

"Yeah." Zuo Hongchen nodded. Noticing they had attracted some attention, he pointed to a table. "There are seats here, let's sit down and chat."

"All right." Su Qingsang admired Zuo Hongchen a lot. Though he was young, he was very experienced. Last year, there was a pregnant patient suffering from heart disease in their hospital. Back then, all doctors were afraid to take over the case, except him. Under the combined treatment of the cardiac and obstetrics department, both the mother and the baby were fine eventually. The event became a news headline of the Lin City at that time. Su Qingsang particularly admired those who were capable and competent, especially someone like Zuo Hongchen. Though he was the son of the chief, he was very humble. He usually spent his mealtime with his colleagues.

He picked his food and came over. Su Qingsang looked at his bowl and asked, "Still enjoy vegetarian food?"

"Yes." As a cardiac doctor, Zuo Hongchen performed heart surgery every day, but he liked vegetarian food more than meat, which was nothing new to people here in the hospital.

Su Qingsang took one sip of her soup and found that Zuo Hongchen was staring at her. She was puzzled. "What? Is there anything on my face?"

"I heard you were married as soon as I came back."

Su Qingsang hung up her lip and seemed a bit sad. "Yeah, I am married."

His eyes behind his glasses flashed with sadness. He asked, "Why so suddenly? I remember you said before that you wouldn't get married until you were 30-years-old."

"Well, things don't work out as planned." Su Qingsang smiled and was unwilling to talk more about her quick marriage.

Zuo Hongchen nodded and suddenly sighed. "There must be many single men in our hospital who are heartbroken over your marriage."

"Are you kidding?" Su Qingsang looked at Zuo Hongchen's handsome face and said, "A lot of single girls in our hospital will definitely feel heartbroken on your wedding day."

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