To My Dear Mr. Huo Chapter 45

Chapter 45: Is Your Husband Not Good Looking

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

Master Huo? Who called him Master Huo?

Su Qingsang hadn’t swallowed the fish in her mouth and looked at Huo JInyao with uncertainty.

“Oh, that was nothing.” Huo Jinyao filled a bowl with soup and placed it in front of Su Qingsang. “I was the youngest and most handsome in my company, so they liked to call me that jokingly.”

Su Qingsang’s lips twitched. Could this person be more thick-skinned? She almost choked on her fish and even Zuo Hongchen almost dropped his chopsticks as well. They had seen thick-skinned people, but they had never seen anyone as thick-skinned as Huo Jinyao.

“What? Am I not handsome?” As he spoke, Huo Jinyao reached out a hand and cradled Su Qingsang’s face in his hand to make her look at him. “Is your husband not good looking?”

Su Qingsang felt as if her face was on fire. This person! How could this person be so obnoxious?

“Stop playing around.” There are people around.

“I’m not playing around.” Huo Jinyao didn’t care if there were people around them or not. He continued. “Wife, you still haven’t said whether I’m handsome or not.”

“Handsome, handsome, handsome.” Su Qingsang could not tolerate it anymore and was about to pull his hand away. She continued, “You’re the most handsome in this whole world. Does that make you happy?”

“That’s about right.” Huo Jinyao released his grasp as he spoke, but he didn’t move his hand away. Instead, he leaned over and kissed Su Qingsang on the cheek and said, “My wife is also the most beautiful woman in the whole world in my heart.”

If there was a hole in the ground, Su Qingsang would have jumped right into it.

She turned around and saw Zuo Hongchen’s shocked expression. She felt so awkward. “Don’t let it bother you, Senior. That’s just how he is.”

“It’s alright.” Zuo Hongchen was crestfallen. The last ray of hope in his heart had been destroyed. “You guys have such a good relationship.”

Who has a good relationship with him? Not me.

Su Qingsang didn’t want to admit it but, at the moment, she couldn’t deny it.

Huo Jinyao went along with it, reached out an arm to pull her into his embrace, and grinned.

“That’s right. Our relationship is very strong.”

There was not any sort of hope in Zuo Hongchen’s heart right now; instead, his heart was full of bitterness.

He didn’t pursue her in time.

For the rest of the meal, he ate but didn’t taste the food. He had no idea what it was he ate.

Su Qingsang was astonished to see Zuo Hongchen picking at dishes that he normally didn’t eat. She quickly understood.

This person had been in the states for a long time, so of course being back in his own country was better. He even ate the foods that he normally didn’t eat. It really showed how much he missed home.

It wasn’t so surprising.

Her extra glances at Zuo Hongchen motivated Huo Jinyao to be even more polite than he had been being.

This made the meal very awkward for two out of the three of the people eating.

The meal finally ended with each person in his or her own thoughts. It was a strange atmosphere, and the three of them left the restaurant together.

It had still been light out when they had arrived, but now it was totally dark.

“Wife, let’s go. Let’s go home.”

Huo Jinyao led Su Qingsang towards his car. Zuo Hongchen stopped in his tracks.

The business card was still in his pocket.

He pondered and thought that it would be better to give it to Su Qingsang.



Zuo Hongchen wanted to say that Huo Jinyao was not a simple person. He wanted to tell her not trust to people so easily. All those words seemed useless, though. The scene of them being so intimate with one another just now was still etched in his head.

Su Qingsang is already married. She’s already married. How could Su Qingsang not know what type of man she married? She was so smart.

Maybe saying that he was unemployed was just a joke. Why should he warn her and offend her?

“Senior?” Just what did he want to say? Su Qingsang stared at him, and Huo Jinyao, who was standing beside her, squinted slightly.

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