Top Management Chapter 175

Chapter 175: Who is His Person (7)

TL: emptycube / ED: Isleidir

Chief Lee Janghyun opened the door, panting.

It was W&U's outdoor smoking area. A few chiefs from Team 2 were sitting on benches in the garden. The mood was gloomy. Cigarette b.u.t.ts propped up in the ash was like a public cemetery.

Chief Lee panted as he sat amongst them.

"What the heck? I thought our meeting was at 10? Why are you all here?"

"Seeking refuge. The team leader and Son Chaeyoung are fighting again."

"Ah, d.a.m.n it."

Soon, the number of lit cigarettes increased by one.

"How can they cause such a fuss every day this week? Aren't they tired?"

"I guess we won't have a meeting today? The team leader will probably be fierce."

They let out sighs thicker than the cigarette smoke.

"I hope that those rumors are true these days."

"Rumors? What rumors?"

"That the Management Department is going to expand."

Multiple pairs of eyes quickly s.h.i.+fted in a calculating manner.

"About that. Is the rumor trustworthy?"

"I talked to Chief Min in Team 1, and he said that they'll likely stop operations in the US and return here. I think that the rumors that the Management Department in expanding and that a new team will be created are correct. The important part is who will be the team leader."

The chiefs with more years of experience coughed. The only one among them who didn't seem interested in being a team leader was Chief Lee Bongjoon.

"Bongjoon, are you not interested?"

"Nope, nope. 24 hours isn't enough to manage Jijoon."

Chief Lee Bongjoon waved his hand.

Just then, Chief Lee Janghyun cautiously joined in,

"I heard that Jung Sunwoo's been selected? What's going on with that?"

"Hey, are you going spread nonsense? If the team leader hears about this, then it's this."

A different chief swept his finger across his neck.

"It's nonsense. There are so many seniors above him. It's too early for him to lead a team."

"He's already leading one. The temporary team."

Chief Lee Bongjoon coolly replied.

"It's not like this industry promotes people by their years of experience."

"Do you think you'll be able to work if the higher-ups tell you to work under Jung Sunwoo's new team? Just think about sucking up to him and calling him team leader. My internal organs are going to curl up!"

"I've already called him director once and my organs were fine."

Chief Lee Bongjoon chuckled for a good as his round shoulders moved up and down.

"If I'm transferred, I wish he'd give me frequent vacations."

"Team 2 will probably never let go of Jijoon. Maybe Joowon and me."

A man, whose narrow eyes curved like a fox's, said with a smile.

He was Sung Uimin, Im Joowon's manager.

"Chief Jung played a big role in Joowon signing an exclusive contract with W&U."

"Ah, is that so?"

"Even now, if I bring up his next project, he tells me to show it to Chief Jung."

"It's the same for Jijoon. Uh, but if it's like this, it'll be the same members as last time. The ones who went to China together."

"That's right?"

The other chiefs were astonished as they watched these two chat.

Just then, a chief who also went to China with them mumbled,

"Son Chaeyoung was there too, so you guys can take her with you."


A voice mixed with interest continued,

"Isn't there a rumor that Son Chaeyoung is close with Jung Sunwoo?"

"That rumor really lasts long."

"It's a rumor? Son Chaeyoung did a cameo appearance on Royal Family though."

"I don't know why she suddenly changed her mind, Chief Jo said they aren't close. It's nonsense."

Hearing this, Chief Lee Bongjoon and Chief Sung Uimin's expressions turned strange.

A few laughed,

"That's right. No one's close to Son Chaeyoung. Who would stick next to her? Even Chief Jo, who has been working with her for years, is like this."

"Jung Sunwoo needs to manage Son Chaeyoung too. He'll give up and quit."

"Well, he is someone who's only walked the easy path. Do you think he'll be able to handle someone as troublesome as Son Chaeyoung?"

That moment, the door of the smoking area opened. The chatting Team 2 chiefs flinched.

The first person they saw was Kim Hyunjo, who had a smaller stature.

Behind him was Jung Sunwoo, who was a head taller than him.

So they were talking about me.

I scanned their faces while drinking coffee from the vending machine. Their gazes, which were fixed on me, scattered like flies. Only two remained. Chief Lee Bongjoon and Chief Sung Uimin. While I greeted those two, Kim Hyunjo acted familiar with people who had even more experience than him.

Someone with no sense brought over two empty chairs.

"Taekeun keeps going to clubs, so I'm worried he's going to cause trouble."

"Clubs are better than hostess bars. That'll wreck his image."

"These days, it's easier on the mind if celebrities meet each other. They'll both be careful."

"It'll be great if that's all. Choi Yoojung said she doesn't have enough money for a building she wants to buy, so she pleaded her manager to go to a wealthy Chinese man's birthday party. Apparently, he was going to pay her in cash."

"Seeing her actions, she probably won't last long."

Although the mood was awkward, the conversation continued smoothly due to the number of people present. They talked about things that reporters would rush to learn about. I took a step back from the conversation and asked how Seo Jijoon and Im Joowon were doing until someone said something to me.

"Chief Jung, do you have any stories to share?"

Was his name Lee Janghyun?

I saw him walking around with Chief Jo a couple times.

"I saw you partying in the lounge. Neptune and Pretty Girls seemed quite close. They are also nice to the staff. I think everyone you manage is nice and polite."

"Yes, well."

That was true. Neptune, Nam Joyoon, and Pretty Girls didn't cause anything overly troublesome.

Thinking about recent incidents, all I could think of was Lee Songha not eating all her rice, Nam Joyoon eating rice that had gone bad, and Im Seoyoung and LJ ripping a doll while they were fighting. Just things like that.

Since others would mock about how that could possibly be any trouble, so it really was peaceful.

I smiled because I was suddenly happy when Chief Lee Janghyun asked again,

"Chief Jung, you managed Neptune since you became a road manager, right?"


"Nam Joyoon and Pretty Girls on top of that. You really had it easy."

It seems like he doesn't like me very much.

This wasn't anything new. It was like the penalty for being famous. There were more people who looked at me like that after Making Film began to air, especially managers in the same industry as me. I was worried that someone really might push me down the stairs at this rate.

Chief Lee Janghyun glanced at me.

He looked displeased and wronged. Did I block his path?

With a laugh, other Team 2 chiefs added,

"Compared to our day, Neptune is so easy to handle."

"The stress from them acting is more taxing than being physically exhausted from a busy schedule. I'll be happy to faint from exhaustion if I get to work with someone like Lee Songha."

"You need to really experience those that act out. That's how you gain experience and learn the tricks of the trade. Who would fear after handling Son Chaeyoung?"

"That's right. I don't think I'll ever meet someone as difficult as Son Chaeyoung in my career."

People sighed around me. Kim Hyunjo was frowning. I didn't know if it was because he usually looked gloomy or because they were ignoring him, but a few Team 2 chiefs continued to laugh and chat.

Kim Hyunjo tilted his head and said,

"If what we're doing isn't considered work, then what is it? Do we just play around all day?"

"That's not what we mean. We're just thinking that Chief Jung should also step on the th.o.r.n.y path to learn more. This industry has more th.o.r.n.y paths than flowery ones."

"So nosy. We'll handle ourselves."

Kim Hyunjo coldly replied before I could even frown.

The chief from Team 2 waved his hand.

"Yeah, yeah. We're just saying this because of that rumor about a 'team'."


I did hear that a rumor about a new team and team leader was going around.

Was that why their gazes were so unpleasant towards me?

"Well, it is just nonsense"

The Team 2 chief trailed off. A phone vibrated and rang.

It was mine. I grabbed the phone from the table, but Kim Hyunjo became surprised when he saw who was calling. A few of the chiefs on the other side had wide eyes as well.

Don't tell me it was Son Chaeyoung?

No, they wouldn't know it was her since I saved her as the 'crazy b.i.t.c.h in this area'.

Thinking this, I looked at my screen.

'CEO Baek Hansung.'

I almost dropped my phone in the pile of ashes.

What the heck? Why did this man call me directly again?

The phone had been ringing for a while now. I quickly stood up.

"Chief, I'm going to go answer the phone."

"Uh, go, go. Quickly go and answer."

Kim Hyunjo quickly waved his hand. I excused myself with a nod to the other chiefs and turned around. A few of their gazes lingered on me. Their gazes dropped once I turned the corner.

"Yes, CEO."

-Mmm, I would like to talk.

"By talk you mean?"

Pretty Girls? Or the new team? If not that, Son Chaeyoung?

I really hoped it wasn't the last one.

-Son Chaeyoung.

d.a.m.n it.

It was just the CEO and me in a high-end restaurant.

That seemed like a good thing. However, sitting here, I couldn't even tell if the meat was going down my throat or in my ears.

CEO Baek Hansung was leisurely eating his food. Seeing as he brought me to a restaurant that needed prior reservations and bought me expensive food, it seemed like he was trying to pa.s.s Son Chaeyoung over to me.

I was planning on refusing even if Son Chaeyoung didn't tell me to.

The problem was how to best refuse.

"You really don't want to?"


Best my a.s.s.

I put down my chopsticks and drank some water. He asked for my reason, so I told him.

"I don't want to."

"Because of the incident with Lee Songha?"

"That's that. I also don't want to work with her. I don't think I'll be a swan, but I am working to become a pigeon at least.{1} If I work with Ms. Son Chaeyoung, I think I'll end up as a crow."

"Did you think about your team?"


CEO Baek Hansung said with a smile,

"Not the project team, but an official one. I think you must have already thought about the employees, artists, and actors you want to bring into your team."

Of course, I did.

"Try to get Chaeyoung to decide on her next project. Then I'll let you have that."

"This is Director s...o...b..unghoe's new project! First, first, take a look at the project proposal!"

"I don't want to."

"Son Chaeyoung!"

A red hand slammed the table. This was the third time already. The two teacups, which had managed to hold on until now, finally toppled over. Son Chaeyoung was sitting with her legs crossed on the other side. Unlike the Team 2 Leader, who seemed like he was about to explode at any moment, Son Chaeyoung was calm.

"The writer wrote it thinking about Yoon Jungah, but if you want it, we can bring it over right away. Chaeyoung, you liked Director Seo's direction!"

"I do."

The project proposal dropped from Son Chaeyoung's hand. The papers became soaked with tea.

"I still won't do it."

"Just why are you acting like this?!"

The Team 2 Leader kicked off the sofa. He clenched his fist multiple times.

"Don't tell me it's because of Jung Sunwoo?"

"Why are you bringing him up?"

"You wanted him as your manager last time. Are you acting like this because you think the CEO will hand him over to you?"

Soon, Son Chaeyoung's lips tilted crookedly.

"Did I? It was so long ago."

"If that's not it, then why? Huh? How long are you going to act like this? What have I not done for you? I did everything you wanted, yet why are you tormenting me like this? Say something other than just that you don't want to. What else do you want from m!"

"Team leader."

Son Chaeyoung cut him off and asked,

"Do you think I'm acting like this to torment you?"

"Then what is it?"

"I'm fighting with the CEO."


Son Chaeyoung got up from the sofa.

"You're just a casualty in the fight between the CEO and me. So if you want to stop this useless war of attrition, then go tell the CEO that you can't do it. That you can't persuade me. That you give up. Tell him that."

Her sharp voice, which was akin to gnawing on broken shards of porcelain, added,

"No matter who comes to persuade me, I won't do my next project with this company."

{1} Raws state 'White Heron', I think 'Swan' fits better here.

/ /

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