Top Star: Journey To Become A Global Star Chapter 123

Chapter 123: Chapter 123. Two projects?

Chapter 123. Two projects?

The story starts with Leo, once a famous singer singing on a stage where he is disrupted by a angry fan and ends up fighting him.

It was revealed that he was once a famous singer but because of his alcohol addiction, his career is in ruins.

He later goes to a bar in a state of drunkenness and listens to a young singer singing his own song.

He was stunned to see that she was singing his song better than him.

After the song finished, he goes to her and reveals himself and promised her, that he will made her a big singer.

The girl introduce herself as Cao Fei, a small bar singer.

She was stunned to see Leo and was overjoyed when he said that he will made her a big singer.

That's how the story started in the A born star.

It was a musical drama which has both intense moments and heartbreaking parts.

"You want to act in this?"

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Jiang Wan said as he looked at Ren with wide eyes. He was looking lik

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