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  • Treasure Hunt Tycoon

  • Author(s): Full-Metal Bullet
  • Genres : Adventure -  Male Protagonist -  Black Belly -  Time Manipulation -  Beast Companions
  • Status : Ongoing
  • Last updated :
  • Views : 218.71 K
  • RATE:
    Treasure Hunt Tycoon8 votes : 4.38 / 5

Treasure Hunt Tycoon summary:

They love gold, and they love silver. Even more so, they love gems that dazzle, like stars across the skies. Firearms, jewelleries, and precious metals; A collector’s world will not be complete without antiques. Storage auctions, old goods trade, re-estate sales and gold-digging. But the truth is, if one wants to make money, then the supreme way is through searching for the legendary treasures. Holding the fort, there’s an ocelot, a wolf, and an Andes condor. At the side, there’s a loyal hound, an irascible ape, and an African honey badger. Who said that you can only rely on humans when treasure hunting?!

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Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapters

Time uploaded
Chapter 1548 Kill2 months ago
Chapter 1544 Stop2 months ago
Chapter 1506 Rise2 months ago
Chapter 1493 Scam3 months ago
Chapter 1477 Run3 months ago
Chapter 1464 Help3 months ago
Chapter 1448 Five3 months ago
Chapter 1421 Hire4 months ago
Chapter 1406 Cave4 months ago
Chapter 1402 Past4 months ago
Chapter 1367 Bid5 months ago
Chapter 1353 Fire5 months ago
Chapter 1257 Fish7 months ago
Chapter 1236 Town7 months ago
Chapter 1234 Gsp7 months ago
Chapter 1183 Work8 months ago
Chapter 1138 Gold9 months ago
Chapter 1114 Fox9 months ago
Chapter 1093 Ploy9 months ago
Chapter 1084 Law10 months ago
Chapter 1070 Go10 months ago
Chapter 1058 Art10 months ago
Chapter 1053 Crash10 months ago
Chapter 1044 Wild10 months ago
Chapter 1017 News11 months ago
Chapter 1004 Trust11 months ago
Chapter 990 Bazaar11 months ago
Chapter 983 Prison11 months ago
Chapter 966 Hadza11 months ago
Chapter 951 Zulu12 months ago
Chapter 935 Rodin12 months ago
Chapter 908 Startone year ago
Chapter 893 Helpone year ago
Chapter 859 Giftone year ago
Chapter 799: Alione year ago
Chapter 763: Jerkone year ago
Chapter 597: Luckone year ago
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