Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 1424

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Snake hunting was not like the competition they held just now. Previously they had used expert ways to compete. Typically, one would require tools to hunt snakes. Everyone seemed to be fully armed, and they were unafraid of the snake biting them.

After some hassle, the venomous snakes that had escaped were all caught. Li Du and Brother Wolf caught those snakes that had slithered away to the corridor. Griffin himself, along with some of his people, brought back the snakes from the pool.

The snake-catching equipment included thick clothes, pants, and gloves. Wearing that on such a hot day, after working, they were all hot and sweaty.

The cage door was closed and Griffin was the last to come out. He tallied up his losses and did not wear a good expression on his face.

Singer wanted to say something but realized that he was speechless. He could only squat there, dejected and humiliated.

Li Du wiped his perspiration and said, “You guys will be busy. I won’t stay here and get in your way, let’s meet again next time.”

Griffin said, “Thank you for your help just now. Give me a sec, I’ll write you a check.”

Li Du waved his hands. “No need for that. You can go clear up your mess, I did not come here to win money from you.”

Hearing that, Griffin froze for a second and then said, “Oh right, why did you come? I still don’t know why you’re here to look for me.”

The two parties had walked right into conflict when they met. In the end, Li Du had yet to talk about his reason for being there in the first place. That was quite comical.

Li Du said, “I had initially come here to hire you. I found a native tribe in the Blue Ridge of the Appalachian Mountains and traded with them. The tribe has a business catching wild vipers to collect serum, venom, and snakeskin. I want to find someone to be in charge of that.”

Griffin said, “You’re not here to sell me serum? D*mn it, I mistook you!”

He added, “Initially when you said that you wanted to work with me, I thought that you wanted to buy snakes. Then, you brought out your serums. Hence, I thought that you were trying to promote those. The two possibilities were vastly different. In one, I would be able to make money from you, and in the other, you would make money from me. Hence, I treated you accordingly.”

Li Du did not know what to say. That dude was quite simple-minded.

After understanding the reason that Li Du was there, Griffin was tempted. He asked Li Du, “If we can work together, how would that be?”

Li Du said, “You can help to inspect the quality of the antidote and serum and then set the price. You can be considered a consultant. Every time you go over to the mountains, I will take care of the travel and equipment and pay you a consulting fee of between three and five thousand dollars depending on the workload.”

Griffin rubbed his hands and said, “Why didn’t you say so earlier? I’m willing to work with you. I will be your consultant.”

Li Du remarked, “I did try, but you gave me no chance to.”

Awkwardly, Griffin said, “Sorry, sorry, my bad. How about this, I will act in the capacity of your consultant and will not take any fees for the first two missions. We can call it a trial period.”

Li Du’s expression softened. This dude is pretty decent. However, Griffin did not lose out by his generous offer either. Based on the bet of earlier, Griffin had lost one hundred thousand to Li Du. Li Du had not pursued the payment, and now that Griffin was supposedly doing him a favor, he hoped that Li Du would forget about the debt for good.

A few introductory sentences would have done the job. However, in the end, despite everything, the issue was settled anyway. In between, some trouble arose and it was Griffin’s side who had got themselves into that plight.

The two parties exchanged contact details and Li Du passed the contract that he had prepared for Griffin to sign. With that, the two parties entered into a partnership.

With Francis and Griffin, the business at the Tavisi tribe could be carried out. That would be yet another way to make money. Although it was impossible to make big money from the snakes, it could be a long-term business. It was going to be an interesting venture.

A few days later, Steve returned from the cave with the rock paintings. He took a lot of photos and analyzed the photos as he wanted to study the origin of the rock paintings.

At that point, Li Du and Old Martin announced the existence of the painted cave: in the deep section of the Blue Ridge, the oldest rock paintings in North America had been discovered!

With the consultant, bodyguards, and experts, Li Du returned to the deep mountains.

This time they flew directly to Pittsburgh by plane, and then transferred to a car. They continued their journey all the way along the winding road into the Blue Ridge and then began to climb the mountains.

There were many mountaineers in the United States. The caves and rock paintings had yet to be discovered because they were hidden in a remote location. Hence, although this time around the climb was easier, it still required a lot of effort and time.

The aged experts were physically weak. Often, they needed the bodyguards to help them along. Li Du had prepared a lot of energy bars and sports drinks in advance to prevent his team members from dropping off with exhaustion.

Fortunately, out of sheer determination, the aged experts endured the hardships and trekked behind Li Du. Some of the old experts did well and it was easy to see that they had considerable stamina.

Old Martin was one of those who trekked well. Li Du wanted to help him but he waved him off. “Everything’s OK. I feel all right. The air here is really good. It’s a pity I haven’t come to the Blue Ridges previously.”

Li Du replied, “Keep climbing, there’s better scenery ahead of us.”

Finally, under the guidance of the GPS, they entered a cave. Brightly colored, sensationalized rock paintings appeared before them!

After seeing those paintings, their tiredness evaporated at once and they quickly entered the cave with their flashlights to begin the inspection.

Someone wanted to take pictures. An archaeologist stopped him and said seriously, “This is a precious asset. We have to do everything to protect it. Don’t take pictures inside, don’t let the light hurt the rock paintings!”

Li Du felt that such a precaution was not necessary. Strictly speaking, these drawings were not painted but carved in the rock. How could they be so easily destroyed?

However, the experts were very cautious, and all the lights brought into the cave were cold lights that minimized any possible impact on the rock paintings.

The rest of the matter had nothing to do with Li Du, who took the consultant group to the Tavisi tribe to trade.

Seeing him again, the people in the tribe treated him with the highest courtesy. Li Du had brought along Ah Ow, who had a place of honor in the tribe.

He had brought many gifts to the tribe, mostly daily necessities needed in the mountains, all kinds of spices, various flavoring agents, household necessities, and also some books. After seeing those, Sadisram could only smile helplessly.

The chieftain smiled at the gift and then brought out his gold, silver, snake skins, fur, herbs, and handicrafts.

In the end, the chieftain said to Li Du, “If possible, can you help us bring some horses here next time?”

It turned out that originally, North America had no horses. The Europeans brought the animal to the continent, and the natives who lived in the wild quickly became attached to them.

Li Du promised that it would be no problem. This time around they had brought animals over, but they were mules. Without the mules, they would not have been able to bring the gifts up the mountain, nor could they bring the Tavisi goods down the mountain.

Francis and Griffin started their inspection of the precious metals and snake products. As for the rest of the items, Li Du would be pricing them himself. They stayed in the tribe for a day. Finally, Li Du surrendered 400,000 dollars in cash and took away goods that were worth millions.

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