Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 1483

Chapter 1483 Smart

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Although they suffered a bad loss, the treasure hunters still perked up on Saturday and went to look for Li Du.

The last thing that Li Du said the night before gave them hope. It seemed like he was planning to split some of his warehouses with them.

Nobody could quarrel with money. Their intentions of following Li Du’s lead had been to get richer. However, now money no longer formed the basis of their relationship with Li Du.

Olly showed up first at the manor. Then, when the rest of them arrived, Olly started a discussion. “If Boss Li wants to pass us some of his warehouses, we must not take them.”

“Of course not, Boss Li, Boss Li has already done his best for us.”

“That’s right. Besides, this is not his problem. D*mn, there must be a spy. If I find out who he is, I will not let him off!”

Paying up for the warehouses was not an urgent matter. After Li Du met up with the men, they had lunch first before heading over.

Olly was a straightforward person. When he alighted the car, he stayed at the back and then said nervously, “Boss Li, sorry about yesterday. My words were very foolish, in fact, and I…”

Li Du interrupted him with a smile. “I know, I know. You don’t have to apologize.”

Olly started to grin and said, “That’s great. I’m too insensitive and always hurt others. Fortunately, you know me. Otherwise, I might have done something I regret my entire life!”

Li Du said, “That’s nothing, buddy. Believe me, it’s OK. Let’s go.”

There was a snaking queue in front of the administration office. There were hundreds of people in the queue, waiting to pay up. After they had done that, they would leave and pack up their warehouse.

Not long after Li Du joined the queue, Logan brought a few of the house pickers and walked over, smiling.

Seeing Li Du, Logan waved. A few light green bills fluttered down.

“Hey, Li, what are you guys doing here?” He asked cheerfully.

Li Du said, “Same reasons as you guys. We are here to pay for our warehouses.”

Logan gave him a look of shock and said, “You guys still managed to get some warehouses? My God, we didn’t take all of them?”

Saying that, he looked around and asked, “Who was kind enough to leave some for them? You guys didn’t take all the warehouses?”

The house pickers burst out laughing, their faces full of contempt.

Hearing that, Olly became angry. He rushed forward and raised his fist, ready to hit someone. “F*ck you! You cheating sneaks! You rascals! You whoresons!”

The security officers immediately surrounded them. Brother Wolf acted quickly and pulled Olly back.

Olly yelled, “Let go of me, I must kill these bastards!”

Logan waved at him and said, “Sure, come on.”

Li Du said to Olly, “Calm down. This has nothing to do with you now. You bring a stool over and just watch the show unfold.”

Logan said, “You guys still expect a show? Buddy, Los Angeles is indeed a theatre. However, you country bumpkins do not have the skills to perform here, get it? You guys should scram and go back to Arizona!”

He looked at Olly again and said, “Hey, idiot, let me tell you the truth. Do you know how I got the information on your warehouses? That’s because there’s one of my men amongst you guys!”

The treasure hunters around Li Du instantly looked solemn. That was a cunning move. Although they had guessed this the night before, hearing it coming out from Logan’s mouth was different.

They had known each other for a long time, even longer than they had known Li Du. Besides, Flagstaff was only so big. The treasure hunters bumped into each other everywhere and had a good relationship with one another.

Later, thanks to Li Du, their relationship had gotten even better. Perhaps it would be a little exaggerated to say that they were like family, but they were definitely friends, good buddies, and they worked as a team.

From now on, after Logan said those words, their relationship had changed. They were no longer as close as before. Instead, they started to mistrust each other and were on the guard against one another.

Seeing that the expressions on their faces had changed, Logan gloated even further. He said pointedly, “China dude, I’ve told you from the start, don’t offend so many people. This is California, not Arizona. This is my territory, not yours. You should not have been so cocky.”

“But you didn’t do that. You remained high profile, and as arrogant as before. Look now, are you regretting? You’ve harmed the people around you.”

Bell frowned as he walked over. He said, “Hi, Mr. Suchett. Didn’t think that we would meet here. What’s going on?”

Logan started to smile. “Nothing much, just teaching a junior a lesson.”

The rest of the house pickers started to make a commotion:

“Warehouse auction trade is only so simple. It’s actually quite easy to land a good warehouse.”

“Ha, why has this China dude stopped being so aggressive? Is he tame now?”

“He should thank Logan. Logan taught him a good lesson. We are, after all, humans. We need to grow humble to mature.”

“Let’s hurry and go pay for the warehouses. I can’t wait to see what’s inside. To be able to make a huge sum of money from a new trade is very rewarding.”

The men continued to talk amongst themselves while Li Du stayed silent.

Bell came over and patted his shoulder. He said, “What happened?”

Li Du smiled. “Nothing. Didn’t Mr. Logan say it already? Someone’s here to teach a junior a lesson.”

Hearing his words, Logan felt surprised. Then, he laughed coldly. “You’ve finally got it? I told you before, everyone’s got to be responsible for what they do!”

Li Du nodded. “That’s right, but I have a question. Have you guys paid up? All of the warehouses that you guys have tabs on, are they all paid up?”

A house picker waved the receipt in his hand and smiled. “What’s up? You still think that you have some ways of getting those warehouses? We have long paid up and were just waiting for you to come over to congratulate us.”

Li Du said, “Why would I want those warehouses? There’s only trash in them.”

Everyone was shocked by his words.

“What does that mean?”

“Is that dude crazy?”

“He’s still acting tough!”

Li Du grinned at Logan and said, “You think that you’re very smart, right? You’ve spied on me, but you didn’t evaluate the information you got. I’ve already told you a lot through many people.”

Saying that, he waved.

Bill Shoreton, who had been standing amongst the crowd watching the commotion, walked over. There was a stack of receipts in his hand and he passed them to Li Du.

Bill Shoreton said to a gentlemanly-looking man by Logan’s side, “Quincy, I’ve told you. I’ve told you before that Boss Li is a genius in our trade. He never makes any losses when he attends a warehouse auction, he never makes a mistake! In this trade, everyone who pits against him or bullies him will end up badly!”

The gentlemanly man suddenly because anxious and said, “What do you mean?”

Bill Shoreton shrugged his shoulders and said, “I’ve made it clear, but you still don’t understand. Your intelligence is only this high, and you guys dare to pit against Boss Li? I really don’t know whether you are as foolish as you look!”

“Perhaps they are,” Li Du started to laugh. Then, he passed the receipts to Olly. “Each person gets two warehouses, pick randomly. We are lucky not to have gotten trash!”

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