Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 1613

Chapter 1613 Broken Pieces On The Floor

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Li Du knew about this Yuan Chinese flower porcelain. The collection of these things became a trend in the international market these past few years. The price kept shooting high up, and ten million dollars for a vase like this was not an exaggeration.

However, the Yuan Dynasty porcelain was expensive precisely because of its scarcity. Such items were very rare in the two major collection markets in China and the United States. Li Du did not believe that these fraudsters could get genuine porcelain and break it to fraud others.

If only he could be sure that the fragments were not from the real Yuan Dynasty porcelain, that would prove that the old couples words were not trustworthy, and the police would believe his story.

Li Du released the space-time bug with great confidence and the history of the porcelain to which the fragments belonged played out in his view.

A scene full of historical atmosphere appeared before him. A middle-aged man was playing with a model of a vase. His hairstyle and clothes were very distinctive. The hair on his forehead was tied into a small bun like a peach, while the rest of it was made into two braids, then wound into two large rings hanging behind his ears.

Because of the hot sun above him, he wore a bonnet on his head and a short robe on his body. The short garment wrapped tightly around him. There were many wrinkles on the waist part of the robe

Li Du gasped. This thing looked like it was indeed an ancient object.

The scene time changed, and more information about the ancient porcelain showed out. Li Du was stunned as he looked, and became increasingly sure of one thing: these pieces, they really belonged to the Yuan Dynasty porcelain!

This conclusion made him even more stunned. How could this be? How can these people really have a China flower porcelain vase?

The next second he realized that Luo Qun was right. He was really in trouble this time!

The old couple looked at him with great confidence, and the old man shouted, Examine as much as you wish. If you are an expert, you must know what kind of treasure you have broken! If you cant identify the source of the porcelain, we can call in reputable experts to do it!

As the scene of the years passed, more scenes of the porcelain appeared to Li Du.

This was indeed a Yuan China flower porcelain, and these two people were also real fraudsters. The porcelain vase was smuggled to the United States when the eight power allied forces invaded China, and later it was broken. Of course, he was not the one who broke it, and it was not broken so badly, but now how could he prove this matter?

There was nothing he could do to remove the stain from his name!

The situation was getting worse and worse. The old couple played a video, which was recorded on a mobile phone and captured the scene of Li Du lifting the trolley case. They also had a voice recording in which Li Du said himself that he had lifted the trolley case.

All in all, it was a well-planned trap, and he underestimated the other side!

This was the first time Li Du found things were not under his control, and he was afraid that this time he might be on the losing side!

The old couple was clearly relishing their advantage against Li Du. Seeing his silence, they were even more satisfied. They said to the policeman, Officer, please do justice for us. Our porcelain vase was worth millions!

The blonde cop looked at Li Du and asked coldly, Have you got the result of your evaluation, sir?

Li Du did not speak. He was staring at the broken vase. The police officer spoke to him a few more times, but he still said nothing. Then he looked up suddenly and asked the old couple, Where did you get this vase from?

The old man said proudly and arrogantly, This was passed down to us by our ancestors!

Li Du asked, Are you sure that the vase stored in the box is a complete antique? A whole antique porcelain vase?

The old man snorted and said, Of course, this is definitely a complete vase. This is a Yuan China flower, and it was worth ten million dollars!

Hearing this, Li Du rummaged through the porcelain shards again, and gradually, a smile appeared on his face.

The blonde cop said impatiently, What are you looking at? Talk.

Li Du said, What should I say? Do my words count? I told you I was being blackmailed. These people are fraudsters. They want to rip me off.

The blonde cop frowned and said, You are still not admitting

Of course not. Im innocent and I have evidence, Li Du laughed and winked as he looked at the police officer.

Where is the evidence?

Wait, I will first ask these two cheaters a few questions. Turning to the old couple, he said, You have fooled a lot of people with this trick, havent you? It did work a few times, and although you werent able to cheat people out of millions, you did get some compensation, right?

The old man said coldly, I dont understand what you are talking about.

Li Du said, You are indeed tight-lipped, but Ill remind you about something first. I suggest you contact a lawyer at once, or you might die in prison.

Before anyone else could speak, he added, I dont know where you found this China flower porcelain pieces, but you should have tried your best to find all of them at once.

What do you mean? asked another policeman.

Li Du grinned as he explained, My meaning is very simple. These pieces did come from a China flower porcelain item, but it is not a whole item, they have lost some part of it.

You are talking nonsense! The old lady shouted angrily.

Li Du sneered, I am talking nonsense? Its okay. An examination will prove what I said. Officers, you can ask the technical department to recover the vase, and if it can be restored to the full piece, I will plead guilty. If it cant be put together into a complete vase, Ill sue them for fraud.

As he said that, he nodded to Brother Wolf. Call the lawyer, let him deal with this matter!

With some quick thinking, he still had a chance to turn defeat into victory.

He looked back into time and saw that the old man had once accidentally bumped and knocked over the trolley case when he was drunk. The broken porcelain had fallen out and broken further. Some of the pieces fell underneath the sofa and the old man did not notice them.

That is to say, these pieces of broken porcelain could not be put together into a whole China flower vase! It was enough to prove that the old man and woman were lying!

The two liars did not know this. They were still full of confidence and were thinking that Li Du was just grasping at straws.

They agreed to Li Dus request, and so did the police. China Flower porcelain had a high value, and the price was very high. They had to be carefully engaged in this type of case.

The technical department easily put the pieces together, and a Chinese flower porcelain vase with three or four missing parts appeared in the police station.

The two old fraudsters were stunned when this took place. It is impossible, the pieces of the vase were all here!How did this happen? There must be some mistake, it was a whole vase

Hearing this, Li Du shrugged and said, Look, everything is clear now, isnt it? My lawyer should be here tomorrow, and he will file my case for me!

It turned out that Li Du was the real victim. The police had no reason to continue holding him, so they let him go. Then they arrested and locked up the two fraudsters.

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