Unexpected Second Chance At Love Book 1 Chapter 137

Volume 1 Chapter 137 Delicious



A long sigh escapes Yue Ling's lip. She stands up from her chair and goes over to Lu Tian's side. While doing so, she moves a chair and place it next to his. Sitting down, she grabs his chopsticks and sulk.

Feeding him wasn't a problem. The reason why she is sulking is because, she had only taken one bite from her bowl. Couldn't she at least finish eating first?

Feeling sorry for herself, she grabs Lu Tian's bowl and starts putting meat and vegetables in it.


Looking at the delicious food, she couldn't help but sigh again. Even her stomach was yelling at her for not feeding it. Ignoring her empty stomach, she picks up a piece of meat from the bowl and feeds Lu Tian.


Lu Tian looks at the piece of meat, then his wife. He did not know whether to laugh or cry. He did want her to feed him, but he wasn't evil enough to let her starve.

"You eat first."


Yue Ling stare confusedly at the man. She pursed her lips in thinking. Didn't he want her to feed him? However.....

"Fine then. I'll take your offer."

She quickly stuff the meat in her mouth. Chewing and tasting the deliciousness of the meat flavor, she smile happily in satisfaction. Not caring about the man next to her, she takes another bite, then another and another. She didn't care if she looked like a pig, she was very hungry.

Lu Tian wanted to laugh, but he held it in. He knows his wife is hungry, but did she have to eat like the food was going to run away? Seeing her stuffed cheeks, he was reminded of a chipmunk. Shaking his head, he hands her a glass of water.

"Drink this. Is the food that good?"

Yue Ling swallow her mouthful of food and takes the glass of water. Maybe because she was so hungry, she was already full. She quickly drinks the glass of water and place it down.

She nods her head, "Mm. Very delicious-"

Suddenly, soft lips covers hers and cuts the rest of her words. Her eyes shot open and her body froze.


Lu Tian pulls away and nod his head in agreement. He then licks his lip which made him look extra seductive.

"Mm. You are delicious."


Yue Ling stare speechless at the shameless man. Her cheeks redden and her expression was clear to the eyes, as if saying, 'really?'

Seeing this, Lu Tian scratch the tip of his nose and hides his urging need to smile. He quickly clear his throat and act as if nothing happened.

"I'm famished. Feed me."


Yue Ling continue to stare at Lu Tian and now she really didn't know what to say. This man just keeps saying things that will make her speechless. If there was an Oscar award for a person making others speechless, she was sure Lu Tian would win first place.

Shaking her head, she picks up the chopsticks an bowl. Putting more food in, she looks at Lu Tian with a piece of meat on the chopstick. She thinks of something and looks at him. Her lips curl upwards into a cunning evil smile.

"Say ahh."


This time, it was Lu Tian who was speechless. He stare at Yue Ling like she was an idiot. Say ah? Did he look like a one year old?

Looking at the food then his beautiful wife, Lu Tian sighs inwardly. Even his own mother never once made him do such a thing. He sighs again and open his mouth.


"Hm? What was that?"


Seeing his annoyed expression, Yue Ling smiles sweetly and stuff the meat inside his mouth. She had heard him the first time, but she wanted to tease him. It was her payback for him always teasing her. Besides, knowing he always has on a cold and aloof expression, she wants to see if he'd do it. Surprisingly, he actually did!

From the living room, Inu glares at the evil peasant. He is a noble king, but the peasant was very cleaver. He actually got his mommy's full attention!


After dinner, Lu Tian puts on a shirt and coat. He then takes the noble king outside to do his business. Yue Ling was not allowed to go, because Lu Tian said it was too late and not safe for a woman to go out.

Ahh, if only he knew the other side of Han Yue Ling.

Sighing, Yue Ling warms herself a glass of milk and walks out to the balcony. Stepping out, the cool night breeze brush against her. She walks to the end of the glass rail and stare out to the night view of Imperial. Just like the wind, sadness quickly crawls it's way to her heart...

Her mind couldn't help but think about Jingxu and Ting... One is physically unstable, while the other is mentally unstable. Everything from now will no longer be the same... especially for Ting.

When she went to visit Ting, she had spoke with the doctor. They were able to stabilize his leg, but he will be limited to do things. Too much pressure will add more harm his bone.

Thinking of Ting's sudden life change, Yue Ling sighs. For some people, they recover and strive to live on, however, for some, they live in pain and lose themselves into darkness.

Which path will Ting choose?

"What are you thinking about?"

Lu Tian's deep voice from behind brings Yue Ling out of her thoughts. She did not turn to look at him, but continue to stare out to Imperial.

"Nothing. The view was just very beautiful."

Indeed the view was very beautiful. However, to Lu Tian, it wasn't Imperial. Instead, it was the beautiful woman standing in front of the view. He walks to her and wrap his arms around her waist and rest his head on her shoulder.

When he came back from taking Inu outside, he didn't find her inside the penthouse. He knew she didn't leave because her house slippers were not by the door. So, he came to check the balcony, and found her. Instead of going to her right away, he leaned against the door and decided to enjoy the view of her for a big.

However, strangely to him, the longer he stare at her back, he can't help but get this tightening feeling in his heart. The same feeling he got when he first saw her on the balcony.

Alone and distant.....

Thinking till there, Lu Tian tightens his arms around Yue Ling's slim figure. This woman gives him an unexplainable feeling that he cannot describe, but he wants her to trust him. To know that she is not alone, because she has him.

He wants her to lean and depend on him.

He tug her hair to one side and kiss the side of her neck. Slowly, he pulls her cardigan down and his kiss trail to her shoulder.


Yue Ling subconsciously close her eyes and let out a soft moan. The sudden cold wind and Lu Tian's lips on her skin somehow made her feel relaxed.

Like it was the most natural thing to do, she turn her body to face the man and wrap her arms around his waist.

Lu Tian slips his bandage hand through Yue Ling's cardigan and held her back, feeling the silk of her nightgown. His other hand moves up and caress her cheek.

They stare deeply into each other's eyes. Then like a spell suddenly being cast, Lu Tian lower his head and Yue Ling raise her head. Their eyes closed as their lips touch and everything following deepens.

Lu Tian scoops Yue Ling in his arms. His lips never leaving hers as he carries her princess style inside.

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