Unexpected Second Chance At Love Book 1 Chapter 204

Volume 1 Chapter 204 Such A Pity


As the small family walked back to Jade Condos, the red sky from earlier had become dark. The street lamps turned on to light their way.

Arriving at Jade Condos, Lu Tian opens the entrance door for his wife. As he did so, he glance in the direction they came. His dark eyes looking indifferently to a certain area that did not have lamps. Turning away, he enters after his wife and the Samoyed.

"Tian? What's wrong?"

Yue Ling tilt her head and asked the man. Although his action was quick, she knew that look very well. She too had felt it when they were walking back.

"It's nothing. Let's go inside."

Lu Tian shook his head and answered. He doesn't want to frighten his wife. She is with child and anything can happen. Reaching the elevator, he press the button and the doors slide open. The couple and the Samoyed stepped inside as the door close behind them.

Outside in the darkness, behind a tree that was across from Jade Condos, a bearded man steps out. He stare at Jade Condo.

"Bro, do you think that man saw us? What do we do now?"

The man's subordinate asks as he steps out from the other side. Both men staring at Jade Condo's luxurious building.

The bearded man shook his head, "Even if he had looked over here, there's no way he saw us. However, that place is Jade Condos. The owner is not someone we can easily mess with. For now, we'll go report back to boss."

"But they put our brothers behind bar! Are we just going to let them go?"

"Old Luo isn't someone we can cross paths with."

"Old Lu? He's just an old man now, why should we hold back?"

"Shut up! I said we'll go report back. Boss will know what to do."

The bearded man signal with his hand to his other comrades in hiding. He looks in the direction of Jade Condos one last time before he quickly leaves the area and return to his boss.

The area became quiet as no one was ever there. Seconds after the men left, an old figure holding a cane steps out from one side of Jade Condos. He looked at the area the men were hiding and his eyes narrowed into darkness.

"Hmmf. Don't take the old man for a fool."

Manager Luo scoffed inside. He may be old, but that doesn't mean he is not the man he once was. Did those people think he was an idiot? Of course he wasn't. Not only that, the two people these men were after are ones they shouldn be worrying about.

If they think he is someone not to offend, Lu Tian is by far the man they should fear. Not only Lu Tian, Han Yue Ling is the one they should fear the most. She is the one capable of collecting an entire gang's fate, including there's.

Such a pity, those people don't know anything.

Shaking his head, he enters his Jade Condos. He will commence his group to tighten the security here. If anything happens to Yue Ling, who knows what kind of wrath he will receive from Old Ji. Not only that, even Old Han will wake up from the dead and come for him as a ghost.

Yue Ling stepped out of the shower feeling fresh and clean. Coming to the bed, she pull the comforter over her body and positioned herself. Reaching for her phone, she dials Liu Shan, the great's number.

["Hi Boss!"]

"Three men were taken to the police station today. Find out which gang they are from."

["Uhh... okay. Got it."]

Ending the call, she looks at the screen. It was her list of contacts and a name pops up. Sighing, she taps on the number and sends a message.

After she was done, she puts her phone back on the table and rest her head on the pillow.

"Not sleeping yet?"

Just when she was about to close her eyes, Lu Tian's deep voice enter her ears. Yue Ling looked at the balcony door and there he was, looking mighty and heavenly in his black robe. She smiles at him and adjust her body on the bed.

"I just got in bed. Is everything alright?"

Lu Tian locked the balcony door and strides over to his side of the king size bed. He takes his robe off revealing his shirtless body. Getting under the comforter, he wraps the slim Beauty with his arms and pulls her closer to him.

"Mm. I just needed to make a phone call."

Yue Ling turned her body to face the man and she wraps her arms around his waist. She then snuggle her cheeks against the man's hard chest.

"I'm sleepy now."

Hearing his wife's childlike voice, he chuckles and lower his head to hers. Planting a kiss on her lip, he does so with her forehead. Leaning his head against hers, his arms tighten around her.

"Mm. Let's sleep."

Even though he said that, Lu Tian did not fall asleep right away. Shortly after, the bedroom became quiet and the soft breathing sound of Yue Ling sleeping.

Lu Tian looked at the sleeping face of his wife. He smiled and gently caress her cheek. She looked so peaceful like nothing in the world could disturb her sleep.

He still hasn't heard from H International's side about L'amour de ma vie. If things don't go like how he planned, then he will go with plan b.

The only reason we chose L'amour de ma vie was because of the word L'amour. It was the same as his wife's passion, De L'amour.


Yue Ling mumbled in her sleep. Turning her body around, her back faced the man. Unconsciously, she scooted back until she felt the man's warmth and snuggle in his arms.

He held his breath when he felt his wife's bottom resting against the sleeping dragon. Her position now is one that is slowly turning him on. However, he closed his eyes and struggle a hard swallow. She is pregnant and as much as he wants to become one with her, he knows he can't. Suppressing the desire inside, he hugs her tighter and closed his eyes.

Due to him having a hard time, he started counting the annoying Inus jumping over the moon.

In another part of Imperial, quietness overlapped the expensive bungalows. People were already asleep, except for one.

The lights inside this bungalow was brightly turned on and a shadowy figure could be seen pacing back and forth inside a room.

A woman with pixie cut hair stood in front of her mirror. In both her hands were different styles of clothes still hung on the hangers.

"Ahhh!! What should I wear? What should I wear?"

Zhao Ya'Er frown as everything in her closet didn't look nice enough. Turning to face the pile of clothes on her bed and the floor, she sighed.

"Ahh... so many clothes, yet nothing to wear..."

Tossing all the clothes onto the floor, she jumps onto her bed like superman. Grabbing her phone, she looks at the screen and then hugs her phone with an excited squirm.

"My best friend finally wants to go out~! My best friend finally wants to go out~!"

Closing her eyes, she decides that she will sleep on the thought of what to wear tomorrow. However, it was very hard for her. She is too excited.

Just moments ago, she had just came home from work and when she got out of the shower, she received a text. At first she didn't think much of it because it was always Xie Na who bugs her.

However, good thing she decided to check, because it was her best friend who suddenly messaged her. Just how long has she been waiting for this?!

Maybe she and Yue Ling can go shopping! Not only shopping, but get their nails and hair done. Oh, and also have lunch together!

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