Unexpected Second Chance At Love Book 1 Chapter 296

Volume 1 Chapter 296 In His Eyes

The crowd in the first floor of Imperial Military Hospital slowly quiet down as police officers and soldiers exit.

Doctor Dong finish wrapping grandmother Nuo's wounds. He sigh in relief knowing that the old woman is not in critical harm.

His mind flashes back to the scene on the roof and sighs again. If anything had happen to her, it wouldn't be Yue Ling's wrath that Doctor Xie has to face. It will also be the wrath of Lu Tian and General Ji combine.

As the head Doctor of Imperial Military Hospital, he is at fault for allowing someone who has malicious thoughts to survive this long. If he had known, he would of never allow such a man to work under him.

Quickly shaking the thought away, he looks at Uncle Nuo and nod his head.

"Your mother is fine now. She was not badly ingure, just a few minor scratches from the fall, but with some ointment, it will heal."

Saying this, he takes out a notepad and pen from his white coat pocket. He starts to scribble some words down and hand the note to Uncle Nuo.

"Take this to the pharmacy to receive her medications. The hospital will take of the bill."

Finishing his words, he looks at Yue Ling and Lu Tian.

Seeing how Lu Tian is shamelessly holding Yue Ling's hand despite standing in front of so many people, it is confirm that the two are definitely in some kind of relationship.

Yue Ling who is finally recovered and back to normal from her yeye's childish act looks at Doctor Dong. Noticing how he is looking at her and Lu Tian while deep in thoughts, she quickly reacts.

"Head Doctor, how is grandmother Nuo's condition besides the minor injuries?"

Hearing her question, Doctor Dong comes back from his thoughts. He sigh and shook his head. He looks back at the old woman and he sigh again.

"Besides her minor injuries, her condition mentally is not stable. She will have to stay here at the hospital and I will personally diagnose her. I will make sure that anyone similar to Doctor Xie is out of this hospital."

Yue Ling nod her head in response. She knows that Doctor Dong is different from Doctor Xie.

Both men may be doctors, but their goals are different in many ways.

One became a doctor to save the lives of people, while the other does it out of ill intentions.

Doctor Dong looks at the two people holding hand and without saying a word, he turn to leave. He wants to call General Ji and ask the man thoughts, but there are still patients that need to be treated since everyone was evacuated outside.

Thinking of this, he decides that once he is done with work, he will call the old man.

Watching him leave, Uncle Nuo quickly support his mother. Helping her stand, he smiles in relief at Yue Ling.

"Miss Han, everything is fine now. So I will take my mother back to her room."

Yue Ling smiles back at him. She takes a step forward, but is quickly pulled back by Lu Tian.


Shooting him a glare, she quickly looks back at Uncle Nuo. Her glaring eyes become normal again.

"Uncle Nuo, if there is anything you need help with, don't hesitate to call me. I will come here or send Liu Shan."

Hearing her say this, Uncle Nuo's eyes turn watery. He shakes his head and bow to her.

"You have already done enough for my Nuo family. There is no possible way we will continue to bother you over small matters."

He advert his eyes from Yue Ling to Lu Tian.

His thoughts are the same as Doctor Dong about the two people.

Witnessing Lu Tian put an end to Doctor Xie's malicious intentions, it is proof that he is not as cold as how everyone put him out to be.

"Mr. Lu, thank you for saving my mother. If you had not helped, who knows what would of happened to her. My Nuo family is indebt to you."

Lu Tian's expression remain cold, but he still nod his head. Looking at him from the side, Yue Ling knows what the man is thinking.

His cold personality is not out of arrogance, it was because of the people who wanted to use him.

And just like Yue Ling, Uncle Lou understood this. He held his mother's hand and turn to leave.

Left alone, Liu Shan scratch his head and looks at his boss. Since everything is taken care of, there's not need for him to stay here right?

As if his thoughts were spoken aloud, Yue Ling roll her eyes at him. She knows that he just want to leave because he is so eager to see his woman.

Shaking the thought, she quickly dismiss him.

"Liu Shan, you can leave."

Hearing this, Liu Shan's eyes lit up and he laughs.

"A-Are you sure? What about your car?"

Yue Ling pout her lip in remembrance that they came together. Left with no other choice, she looks at Lu Tian.

"Tian, I need to drop off Liu Shan off."

"He can driver your car."


She blink her eyes at the man. Can't he give her a little dignity in front of her subordinate?

However, seeing how he spoke his words with such a straight face, she couldn't help wonder what goes on in his mind.

Shaking her head, she turn her head to look at Liu Shan.

"Find out where Lin Hui is, after, you can go home."

Hearing her order, Liu Shan's eyes that were lit up with firework starts to lose it's colors. He frown at her and slouch his shoulders.

"So much for letting me go home early."

Saying this, he snorts a loud hmmf and turn to leave.

However, just before he could fully turn away, he caught a glimpse of Lu Tian's expression. The man's expression now is so dark, that he swore his soul would be suck out.

Quickly using his fast reflexes, he darts as fast as he can from the two bosses and flies out of the hospital. If he remains there any longer, Lu Tian will surely murder him for snorting at his wife.

Watching Liu Shan run as his life depended on it, Yue Ling shook her head. All she said was for him to look for Lin Hui, did that terrify the man so much?

Lu Tian grab hold of his wife's hand and starts to walk towards the exit of the hospital too.

"Come, let's leave too."

He ignores the many stares from the officers and soldiers. To him, only his wife matters. No one else.

As the two figures disappear out of the hospital, whispers begin to surface from behind.

"Can you believe this? Lu Corps CEO who is known for his cleanliness is actually holding a woman's hand."

"What are you talking about? It's more like, why is he the one our dream girl, Han Yue Ling chose!!"

While the whispers turn into commotion, in a far distance from Imperial Military Hospital, a black sedan is seen amongst the busy street.

Inside the car, Old man Ji sat in the backseat as he stare out the window.

Seeing the truth about his granddaughter and Lu Tian, his heart is more at ease. If they can marry before his time is up, he will be even more at ease.

In the driver seat, Zhong Yang glance into the rearview mirror. Seeing how the old man is deep in thoughts, he already has a sense of what it is about. He glance at the old man in the mirror and then to the street in front.

"Chairman, what do you think about the young Miss and Lu Tian?"

Hearing this, Old man Ji does not answer right away and his head remain facing the window. After a long minute of thinking, he finally answers his assistant's question.

"Lu Tian.... likes Yue Ling."

His eyes wonder to the passing scenery outside and his words continue.

"I can see it in his eyes."

Zhong Yang furrow his brows hearing the old man's answer. Did Lu Tian really show his feelings? How come he didn't see it? So how...

"The look in his eyes back there was of someone who finally found the one he loves."

Before Zhong Yang could continue his thoughts, Old man Ji interrupts him. His words shot a surprise to the assistant causing him to gasp.

"Chairman, how do you know?"


Old man Ji quickly looks away from the window and glares at his assistant. He wonders if Zhong Yang has grown too old that his brain isn't working well anymore. They were standing together so how did he not see?

Shaking his head at how clueless his assistant is, Old man Ji takes a deep breath and rest his head on the back seat.

"You didn't notice at all?"

In the driver seat, Zhong Yang's eyelids turn extremely heavy as if they can close in that moment. He curse inside at his master's question.

Did he notice? Of course he didn't! He was too busy trying to recover from the old man's childish act!

However, knowing that he did not notice the look in Lu Tian's eyes, Zhong Yang could shake his head truthfully.

"I did not notice."

However, instead of leaving it at that, he purse his lip and continue his words.

"Are you sure you saw it in his eyes? How did they look like? How can you tell?"


Sitting in the backseat, Old man Ji could not believe what he is hearing. Zhong Yang, who has been his assistant for so many years is actually questioning him?

His nostrils flare and his breathing turn heavy. He quickly straightens his posture and slap his thigh with a loud thud.

"Zhong Yang! Are you saying that my eye sight has gone bad?!"

Old man Ji hits his thigh again and his face turn red, while Zhong Yang felt his entire being becoming tinier at each word from the old man. How did he forget that the old man has a bad temper?

However, Old man Ji who is now irritated by his assistant's words continues to rant with his hands flying in every direction.

"I may be old, but my eye sight has not gone bad. In fact, my eyes are so fine that I can see anywhere. See, look, I can read what that says. What does that say? Eh, nevermind. How did Lu Tian's eyes look like? Let me tell you."

He poke his chest out and hits it like a gorilla ready for battle.

"Lu Tian's eyes is he same look I had when I found my wife!"

Saying this, he shoots a glare at Zhong Yang's back with chest heaving up and down.

"It is also the same look in your eyes when you saw your wife!"


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