Unexpected Second Chance At Love Book 1 Chapter 297

Volume 1 Chapter 297 Never Last Long

Across the city from Imperial Military Hospital is a residential area with substandard housing that is poorly serviced and overcrowded.

Just one look and one can see how unhealthy, unsafe and socially undesirable this area is.

Amongst the crowd of people wondering in the area, a scrawny man is seen moving in a fast pace.

His head turning side to side as if he is searching for someone, but looking closer, he is actually checking his surroundings.

As he walks to the end of the slum area, he stops in front of an extremely rundown building.

He looks around again and seeing no one is following him, he quickly pushes the door open and enter.

A dark hallway with no windows greets him inside.

The walls are so old that cracks are visible to the eyes. The only light the allows the man to see inside is the light coming in through the door he had entered.

Anyone who enters this building will be reminded of a scene in a horror film, however, the man walks forward.

After walking a distance, he comes to a stop in front the only door inside the rundown building. Hanging over the door is a flickering light that looks like it will blow out in any minute.

Lifting one hand, he knocks on the door, but before his hand can touch the door, he stops.

Turning his head, he checks his surrounding again for confirmation that he was not followed.

After a thorough check, he finally knocks on the door.


He knocks once, then pause.

After counting three seconds in his head, he knocks again, but this time, he did it in a set of three.

*knock knock knock *


Just when he finishes the last knock, the lock on the door unlocks it from the inside.

The door is open ajar and poking from behind the door is half the face of a man.


This person's voice is deep and hoarse like someone who has inflammation in his vocal cords. The scrawny man does not hesitate and quickly answers the man.


The man standing behind the door opens the door and allow the man name Gonji to enter.

As Gonji enters the room, he is met with a tall bulky man with a deep scar of his left eye.

Stepping away from the door, he sees that the entire room is cover in thick layers of smoke. However, he can see that in every corner of the room is a group of people.

Men laughing as they are either drinking or taking drugs, while prostitutes dance service their needs. Music is playing so loud that he cannot hear what anyone is saying except for their mouth moving.

"This way."

The tall bulky man spoke as his figure walks pass Gongji.

Looking away from the people, Gonji quickly follows the tall bulky man. After all, he did not come here for entertainment. 

The two individuals walk pass the groups of people and enter another door in the back of the room.

Instead of entering a room right away, it is another dark hallway with stairs leading down to what looks like a basement.

Walking down the stairs, they stop in front of the door.

Gonji stood behind the tall bulky man and his cheeks flush red.

From behind the close door, he can hear the faint moaning of a woman and the groan of a man.

Anyone who hears this can already guess what is going on inside.

He glance at the tall bulky man and seeing how the noise is not affecting him, Gonji quickly steady himself.

The tall bulky man pays no attention to the noise inside and knocks on the door three times.

"Boss, Gonji is here."

The door does not open, but Gonji can hear a loud moan of a woman's voice. From his judgement, the woman probably reached her Climax.

And just as he thought of this, the door in front of them clicks open and a shirtless man comes to view. He gives Gonji a deadly look before walking away from the door.

Gonji gulp and quickly enters the room while the tall bulky man turn to walk up the stairs.

Inside the room. Gonji sees an attractive woman with long red hair sitting on the couch. He grins with a hungry smile as he thought, she must be the woman who was moaning earlier since she's fixing her clothes.

This woman's moan sounded so pleasant to the ear, seeing her now, she must be as delicious as her voice.

"Gonji, you better have good news for disturbing me."

Breaking Gonji's line of thoughts, the shirtless man spoke as he sits down on a chair.

He doesn't care about the lustful look in Gonji's eyes and takes out a cigar to smoke.

Hearing the man, Gonji looks away from the woman and stares at the shirtless man. Taking a step forward the lustful expression he had disappears and he scratch his head.

"Sorry to disturb you, boss, but I do have good news for you."

He grins widely and takes a seat in an empty chair.

"Boss, I got words of who is looking for you."

Hearing these words, the shirtless man arches a brow at Gongji. He blazes the cigar in his hand and takes a puff.


Gongji smiles like a person who is about to recieve the great award. He does not beat around the bush and gets straight to the point.

"Lu Tian."

"Lu Tian?"

The shirtless man furrow his brows with a confuse expression. Why would the business King be after him? He does not remember ever crossing paths with the man at all.

Thinking of this, he looks back at Gonji.

"Are you sure it is Lu Tian?"

Gongji takes a deep breath and scratch the side of his head.

"I'm sure, I heard this from some of the men at Black Dragon. They said the person who came to look for you is Lu Tian."

Hearing Gonji say this, the shirtless man's hand holding the cigar starts to tremble. It isn't out of anger, but out of fear. He clenches his other hand tightly and press his lip tightly together in thought.

What is the reason behind Lu Tian looking for him?

He hasn't and never crossed the man's line at all.

Could there have been a misunderstanding?

If Lu Tian is after him, then there's no way he will survive. Hiding like what his brother suggested will also be useless.

Seeing the expression on his boss's face, Gongji leans forward and continue to tell the information he gathered.

"Boss, I also found out some things that you should hear."

The shirtless man quickly comes back from his thoughts and shoots Gongji a look as if saying, 'Well, what are you waiting for, spit it out!'

Gongji understood this look and quickly continue his words.

"From my resources, there are rumors that Lu Tian has taken a fancy to the retire supermodel, Han Yue Ling."

"Han Yue Ling?"

The man questionably says the name and Gongji nod his head with a serious expression.

"Mm. From what I heard, a fashion show is being host in a few days in Imperial. Han Yue Ling is also a model in the show and if my resources are correct, Lu Tian will definitely be there."

The man slowly nods his head listening to Gongji's report. He is surprised to hear that the cold and ruthless man of the business world who hated woman is with a woman now. However, when he heard who the woman is, he isn't so surprise.

There is not a single person who does not know of Han Yue Ling's beauty. If he was Lu Tian, he would fall for the model too.

Thinking of this, he ends his thoughts and looks at Gongji with a serious expression.

"Leave. Don't let anyone catch you and wait for my call."

Gongji nod his head and stood from his seat to leave the room. His job here is done.


From behind, the man stops Gongji before he takes a step out the door.

"Gather some men and tell them to wait for my order."

"Yes, boss."

Gongji answers and walks out of the door. He made sure to also close the door in case his boss decides to bang the red hair woman again.

Inside the room, the red hair woman who had remain quiet the entire time finally stood from the couch. She lift her hand and flip her hair back.

"Li Xiang, how are you going to deal with Lu Tian?"

She walks over to the shirtless man and sits down on his lap.

Chu Li Xiang stares at the woman and when he heard her question, he smirks with a sinister expression.

"I have to do what I need to do."

He takes a puff of his cigar and use his other hand to caress the side of the woman's arm.

"I need to use this opportunity to take out the person who wants my life. If I don't, my days in Imperial are over."

Which is the truth. If he does not act first, Lu Tian will find him and when that happens, no one can save him.

The woman stares at Chu Li Xiang for a second and takes the cigar in his hand. She takes a puff of it and blows the smoke up.

"What if your brother finds out? Everyone in Retro knows that he has high respect for Lu Tian."


Chu Li Xiang let's out a sarcastic scuff and he continues to caress the woman's arm.

"Julia, you have been my woman for years. You should know that I never listen to Chu Qiang."

Hearing this, Julia could not refute him. Ever since she met Chu Li Xiang, she had long known that he never listens to Chu Qiang. Even if Chu Qiang is her boss, whatever Chu Li Xiang says or do, she will follow.

Suddenly, she remembers what Gongji reported and jealousy rose in her. She turns away from Chu Li Xiang but remain on the man's lap.

"Li Xiang…. Do you also think Han Yue Ling is pretty?"

Chu Li Xiang looks at Julia and he could already guess the reason for her sudden question.

He leans his head forward and plant a small kiss on the side of her shoulder. Remember seeing the model's photo in magazine, his eyes flash with lust.

"She is indeed beautiful."

He plants another kiss and turn Julia around to face him. He caresses her cheek and plant a kiss on her jaw.

"However, beautiful things never last long."

Hearing his answer, Julia knew the meaning behind his words. She slowly closes her eyes and allow Chu Li Xiang to kiss her.

However, in the darkness of her close eyes, she suddenly remembers the woman who appeared in Retro the same day as Lu Tian.

She thought the woman looked very familiar, but couldn't recall where she has seen her.

As she tries to recall, she suddenly feels Chu Li Xiang's lip brush against her neck.

Julia gasp lowly and quickly push her thoughts to the back of her mind.

Since Gongji had already confirmed that it is Lu Tian who is after her man, there is no need to be wary of the woman.

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