Unexpected Second Chance At Love Book 1 Chapter 298

Volume 1 Chapter 298 Yearly Meeting

Unknown to the schemes plan against them, Lu Tian drops Yue Ling off at Jade Condos and he drives to Lu Corps.

He is reluctant to leave his wife's side, but after leaving Imperial Military Hospital, Xu Long had notify him about what he found.

Arriving at Lu Corps, Lu Tian does not waste another second and takes the elevator to the high floor.

Just as the elevator door opens, Xu Long is already waiting outside with his laptop in one hand and some documents in the other.

"Boss, you're here!"

He calls out the moment he saw Lu Tian. From one look, he could already guess that he must have ruined the man's time with the lady boss. However, as much as he didn't want to, this is a serious matter.

Lu Tian does not look at his assistant and walks in the direction of his office.

Quickly coming back to his senses, Xu Long follows in pursuit.

Inside the office of the business king, Lu Tian sits on a chair and Xu Long seated across.


Xu Long takes a deep breath and place his laptop on the table separating them. He opens it and unlocks the screen. Quickly typing some code, the screen changes into images and codes.

Finally, he taps the enter button and turn his laptop to Lu Tian.

"Boss, this is everything I found out about Chu Li Xiang. It appears that after we went to Retro, he has gone into hiding."

He lifts his hand to his head and scratch the side with his lip pouting.

"However, if he is trying to hide, did he really think that we won't be able to locate his whereabouts?"

Lu Tian remains quiet and scrolls through the information on the laptop. Reading each detail found, his eyes dim darker and darker. Xu Long had found everything the man has been doing.

Seeing this, Xu Long press his lip tightly together and swallows in difficulty due to the dryness in his mouth.

His hand still holding the documents clench and he looks down at the papers.


He finally gathers enough courage and set the papers down. Slowly, he slides it closer to his boss and his words continue.

"There's something else too."

Lu Tian's eyes that were on the laptop screen shifts to his assistant. Seeing his assistant's expression, an uneasy feeling rises inside him, but he quickly brushes it off.


"Umm, Chu Li Xiang knows about your relationship with Miss Han."


Hearing this, Lu Tian lightly furrow his brows in thoughts. He looks down at the documents on the table and reach for it.

He scans each word on the papers and as if his expression towards the laptop wasn't dark enough, he looks as if he was going to destroy the entire country.

Xu Long struggles a gulp and he retrieve his laptop. He swore, if his precious laptop continues to stay near his boss, it won't be long before he is left with scraps of metal.

However, from the information he gathered, his boss has every reason to be angry.

He types on the keyboard and the image of man pops up on the screen. The image isn't clear because it is an image captured from a surveillance camera.

"This is the man gathering information for Chu Li Xiang."

Saying this, he then taps another button on the keyboard and another image appears on the screen.

 In the second image is another surveillance image, but instead of the same man, it's a woman.

"This woma is Julia, she is Chu Qiang's right hand woman, but from what I found, she is also Chu Li Xiang's woman."

As Xu Long tells his report, Lu Tian had not once look at the images on the laptop. His eyes remain lock on the documents in his hand.

It contained little details of Yue Ling's personal information. The details are the small details that she allow people to know, however, only a little bit is enough to make his heart quiver.

After a long silence surface in the room, Lu Tian finally set the documents down.

He glances at the two images on the screen and his eyes dim dangerously.

"Locate that man. I want him alive when captured."

Hearing this, all the hair on Xu Long's body straighten. His boss wants the man capture alive? Dear lord, he pities the man for crossing his boss's path.

Then again, the only person to blame is the man since he chose to enter a tiger's lair.

Xu Long looks at his boss and points to the other image.

"What about her?"

Lu Tian does not look at the image of the woman. He stood from his seat and walks over to the floor to ceiling window.

Reaching into the pocket of his suit jacket, he takes out a cigarette and light it. He takes two puff of it and he stares out to the busy street below.

"Where is Chu Qiang?"

Xu Long breathes a long sigh. He crosses his arms over his chest and looks at the images in his laptop.

"Chu Qiang is in City Z."

Saying this, he glances at his boss from the corner of his eyes.

"It seems City Z's underworld isn't looking so good."

Hearing his assistant's words, the space between Lu Tian's brows crease into three faint lines. He does not say a word but continue to smoke his cigarette.

Receiving the silent treatment, Xu Long is not offended by it at all. Instead, he takes it as que to continue his report.

"From the looks of it, Chu Qiang is there to meet some of the gang leaders."

Saying this, he quickly remembers something, and he looks at his boss.

"The yearly meeting is held in City Z tomorrow, should I locate where this meet is taking place?"

 Lu Tian raise his hand and put the cigarette on his lip, but before it could touch his lip, his hand pauses in midair.

Xu Long's words repeats in his head.

Due to his time with his wife, he has forgotten about this yearly meeting.

Thinking of something. his eyes shift from the street below to the sky above.

"Book me the earliest flight to City Z tomorrow."

Saying this, he kills the cigarette in his hand and takes out another one.

"Send me the address when you've located where the meeting is taking place."

Hearing this, Xu Long lightly furrow his brows. From what he understands, his boss is planning to go to City Z's underworld….

Imperial and City Z have different rules due to the difference in country. Despite his boss being in the business industry, there are many people in the underworld who wants his life.

Thinking of Lu Tian's order, Xu Long lifts one hand and use his other hand to support the elbow. He continues his thoughts as he bites his nail.

If the meeting is in a public place, everything will be fine. However, if it is really in the depths of City Z, wouldn't that mean his boss is walking into enemy hands?

While Xu Long remain deep in his thoughts, Lu Tian finishes his second cigarette. He takes out the third one, but remembering that his wife is at home waiting, he puts the cigarette away.

"Inform Jiangyu and Yiqing. Only the two of them are going with me to City Z."


Lu Tian's words quickly breaks Xu Long's deep thoughts. His eyes widen with his furrow brows. He parts his lip to speak but is unable to say anything.

After what felt like an entire day had gone by, he finally found his words.

"B-Boss, you'll be in enemy territory. Why…." Are you bringing only two men?

Xu Long wanted to say the remaining words but he could only swallow them. Once his boss says something, he will never take back his words.

Left with no other choice, Xu Long could only let out a long sigh.

"What about me? What do I do?"

Lu Tian turn his head to look at his assistant.

Xu Long has been his assistant for many years and one of his trusted subordinate.

He knows that many sees the man as a useless person with no talents. Some even question why Xu Long is his assistant, but what they don't know is, behind that carefree person is someone with capabilities. 

Give him a name and he can dig the deepest and darkest secrets of the person.

Give him a gun and he will hit his target without missing.

Lu Tian move his gaze from Xu Long and onto the documents on the table.

This is also why he cannot let Xu Long go to City Z with him.

"I am Chu Li Xiang's target. Once I am in City Z, he might change his target to Yue Ling or anyone in the Lu family."

Turning his head slowly, he looks at two items in the corner of his office. He scoffs a very faint chuckle almost like a whisper and walks toward the items. He stares at it and his words continue.

"You and Wolf Team will split in two teams. One team will protect my parents and brother."

He picks up one of the items and stares down at it. His expression is unreadable, but a faint smile curl on his lip. When he returns from City Z, he should really return these two items back to his wife.

Thinking this, he set the item down and turn to face Xu Long.

"The other team will protect Yue Ling."

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