Unexpected Second Chance At Love Book 1 Chapter 301

Volume 1 Chapter 301 Blood Or Not

Inside the tall dark building in City Z, the workers were going off with their day, but the moment they saw three men enter the building with the man in navy, everyone stops.

All heads turn in the direction of the entrance door and the entire floor turn quiet.

Alertness mix with curiosity flashes in their eyes as they size the figures walking in. They have never seen the bulky man and much less the scrawny man.

Shifting their gaze, their eyes land on the tall figure walking next to the man in navy….

All the men and women could only suck in a mouthful of air.

This man is indeed perfect in looks and built. His eyes alone are enough to give them a chill on the back of their spine…

One look at him and one would profile the man as an ordinary businessman. However, this man, there is not a soul in City Z who has not heard of him.

Walking pass the people, Lu Tian pays not attention to their gazes. His eyes stare in front, but his head is slightly turn towards the man in navy as he listens. Every so often, he will lightly nod his head in response.

Like their boss, Jiangyu and Yiqing pays no attention to the people around them. They have encountered situations like this many times and are accustom to it.

The moment the four men disappear inside the elevator, a commotion of whispers quickly surface.

"Hey, why is he here? He was personally brought in by-"

"Shh! Don't mutter things that should not be said."

"That man is not to be crossed. One word from him and your career is over."

As the people on the first-floor whisper to one another, the elevator comes to a stop at the second highest floor.

First to step out is the man in navy, then Lu Tian, follow by Jiangyu and Yiqing.

Unlike the floor they entered, this floor is emptier. Only a few people are seen walking and sitting at their workstations. The workers on this floor look more professional and does not stare at the arriving men.

Walking to the back of the floor, the man in navy stops in front of a closed door.

Stretching his hand out, he opens the door. Taking a step to the side, he gestures into the room and smiles at Lu Tian.

"Mr. Lu, please go in."

Lu Tian nod his head and walks inside the room as his two men follow behind.

Inside the room is a long black table. A chair at each end of the table and five at the sides. In the left side of the table, seven seats are currently occupied.

An old man in his late sixties sat the end, which looks to be the main seat. The other six people consist of four men and two women. Each looking between their late twenties or fifties.

They seem to be discussing about something seriously since they did not notice the door opening.

The old man is speaking to a young woman on his right with a serious expression. He unknowingly glances up and sees Lu Tian enter the room. His eyes lit up and he quickly stood up with a smile.

"Ah, Mr. Lu, perfect timing. This is great."

Saying this, he gestures to the seat at the right end side of the long table.

"Please have seat."

He smiles widely at Lu Tian like a proud father.

From his time working alongside Lu Tian, he understood that the young man likes cleanliness and is not fond of close contact with women. To which is why he chose the seat at the end, but directly across from him.

Seeing the old man stand up, everyone quiet down, but when they heard his words, they all stood up. Each person looks in the direction of the person and give their greetings.

Lu Tian nod his head in reply and leisurely makes his way to the directed chair. Despite the people inside the room being from City Z, Lu Tian's action made it look like he is still in Imperial.

Jiangyu and Yiqing follows in pursuit, but neither sat down. They stood behind their boss's chair and held their hands behind their back. Each man protruding their own atmosphere in the room.

Lu Tian sits down and his dark eyes met the old man. His eyes slowly blink and he spoke.

"Chief Kim, do carry on."

Being suddenly met with Lu Tian's sharp eyes, Chief Kim was taken back by surprise. The young man sitting across from him gives off a natural intimidating aura. Even he can't help but feel all the hair on his body stand.

This meeting is issue once every year for confidential purposes, yet, instead of the army or a member of the law enforcement, Imperial sends him every year.

It is no surprise to why Imperial's government value him so much.

Even he, the Chief, who has met many dangerous men cannot help but admire the young man.

Chief Kim quickly gathers his thoughts together and advert his attention from Lu Tian. He scans the people in the room and open his mouth his speak.

"Since everyone is here, let us begin the yearly meeting."

Saying this, he reaches for a remote on the table and press a button. The white wall behind him flickers an image as the projector turns on.

"As you all know, it's been 12 years since we've opened this case."

He points to the image and his words continue.

"Two months ago, we found this in the outskirts of City Z. From….."

As Chief Kim's explanation continues, everyone in the room stare and listen attentively.

Some images shown are shots of suspects, while some contain horrifying graphics. The graphics are bloody and gruesome that two of the six people had to look away.

The images change one after another as Chief Kim explains in detail.

Sitting at the right end of the table, Lu Tian's expression remained the same as when he walked in. He didn't bat an eye or look away. To him, things like this is normal.

While Lu Tian is in City Z for a meeting, this time in Imperial, a group of people is seen as a man ruthlessly hits a boy to the ground.

"Ting, are you alright?"

Outside on the steps to Ji Mansion's front door, Ji Jingxu helps a fallen Gu Ting up.


Ting answers with a light grunt and wipe his lip. A small trace of blood transfers onto the back of his hand and he glares ahead.

Hearing Ting say he is alright, Ji Jingxu turn his head and glares ahead too.

Standing in front of the two boys is a slender woman. Her milk chocolate hair bounce on her shoulder to her back and she wore a red dress with matching red heels.

Her thick layers of makeup made her look stunning to the eyes, but to the two boys, all they saw was ugliness.

Two bulky bodyguards stood behind the woman while the one who hit Ting stood separating her from the two boys.

Ji Jingxu wishes so badly to beat the woman. Never in his entire life has he hated someone so much. He clenches his jaw tightly and spoke through his gritted teeth.

"Ji Chu Hua, what do you want?"

That's right, this woman in red with three bodyguards is Ji Chu Hua. She is the eldest miss of the second Ji family.

Hearing Ji Jingxu say her name, Ji Chu Hua snort sarcastically at the boy. The moment he was taken in by grandfather Ji, she never liked him. He is the reason why her position is unstable as the next Chairman of Ji Corps.

Ever since this boy came into the Ji family, she spent every day trying to better herself. To coax others into liking her, she had to put in an innocent façade.

She is already near her thirties and yet, her competitor is none other than a little boy.

Thinking this, blood boiled inside her and she put one hand on her hip. Lifting her chin, she looks down at Ji Jingxu.

"What I want does not involve you. Now move out of the way, I don't have time for you."

"Y-you! What are you scheming?"

Ji Jingxu's breathing turn heavy and he daringly points at the evil woman.

"Grandfather is not here! He said without his permission, you and your family cannot step foot here!!"

Hearing his words, Ji Chu Hua's entire face turned black. Her image as a nice and caring lady rips off and she angrily stomp her heels on the ground.

"Shut up! I am the daughter of the Ji family by blood. You are nothing but a trash found in the country. If it wasn't for my grandfather, someone like you of unknown origins would never be given the surname Ji!"

She gnashes at Ji Jingxu and point to the boy with trembling hand.

"I can send you to the afterlife to be with your poor parents."

"Shut up… Shut up!!!!"

The rims of Ji Jingxu's eyes turn red and he clench his fists tightly at his side.

He knows he isn't supposed to be a member of the Ji family. He knows he doesn't have any Ji blood in his veins. He knows where he came from. He knows it all. But…

Yue Ling and the old man never once belittled him. They treat him like a Ji and no one inferior.

He glares at Ji Chu Hua and ignores the pain of his nails stabbing the skin of his palms.

"Blood or not, I am a Ji. I won't let you get pass me!"

Ji Chu Hua sneers an evil smile. She knew her words had already hit the kid in the heart. Without a care of hurting the boy, Ji Chu Hua sighs nonchalantly and wave her hand in signal.

"Get rid of them. My time is not spent on people like them."

"Yes, Miss."

All three of Ji Chu Hua's bodyguards nod their head and stare at Ji Jingxu and Ting. A sneer curl on each person's lip and they walk towards the boys.

Eyeing the little boys, the bodyguards already knew the outcome. As personal bodyguards, they are trained to protect their master. In comparison to these two little boys, this is going to be a piece of cake.

Ji Jingxu and Ting sees this, and quickly becomes alert of the three bigger men.

However, at the same time, their fists raise in front of them and they took to a fighting stance. They have been training day and night with the soldiers, so they are prepared for situations like this.

As the three bulky man move closer, Ting gives a glance to Ji Jingxu. In response, Ji Jingxu nod his head and both smaller figures do not plan to back down.

One of Ji Chu Hua's bodyguard sees this and howls a loud laugh. He swings his arm out and aims directly at Ji Jingxu's face.


Just as his fist near Ji Jingxu, he feels a sharp stabbing pain on his arm. It felt like someone had drill a sharp knife into his skin.

Quickly as the pain came, his entire bigger body is flips over.

A shadow flashes pass him as his face hits the hard ground and he coughs a groan. Due to the harsh impact on his body, blood slowly slid down the corner of his lip.

Seconds after his fall, he hears a loud thud follow by another and then the groans of pain from the other two men.

None of them could put the pieces together. The two boys didn't hit them, so who did?


Ji Jingxu and Ting remain in their fighting stance. Seeing the three men knockdown in one after another, both their heads tilt confusing to the left.

Uh..... What just happened?

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