Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 1054

Chapter 1054 Seven Star Miluo

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"Could it be that my divine soul can break through the shackles of Divine Dao?"

Thinking up to here, Ye Yuan nearly jumped up.

Very clearly, his divine soul producing an abnormal change was because of studying the divine inscriptions. Then could it be that when his understanding of Divine Dao laws grew deeper and deeper, there would eventually come a day where he could break through to the Deity Realm?"

But very quickly, Ye Yuan denied this notion.

In these 100 thousand years, although no Deity Realm powerhouses had appeared before again, martial artists research toward Divine Dao had never stopped before.

The ones researching divine inscriptions were absolutely not just him, Ye Yuan, alone!

Ye Yuan even felt that the reason why the Ten Great Divine Kings could attain such heights was likely to a very large degree, because of comprehending divine inscriptions!

However they still did not break through to Deity Realm.

"Dont overthink anymore, how can the Deity Realm be so easy to break through? Golden-colored divine soul is exclusive to Deity Realm powerhouses. Attaining Divine Dao, the divine soul would definitely gradually turn golden. Not just the divine soul, after breaking through to Deity Realm, your bloodline, as well as divine essence, will all transform into a golden-color! Yet without the permission of Heavenly Dao, youll forever not be able to achieve Divine Dao!"

Long Tengs figure suddenly appeared beside Ye Yuan and gave his head a blow.

Ye Yuan could not help being stifled when he heard. This was just like when he had just opened up a window, thinking that he could see the scenery outside, but was kicked back by Long Teng heartlessly with one foot.

"In that case, Senior Long Teng, you already reached that level back then too?Oh,also, Senior Fang Tian." Ye Yuan said gloomily.

Long Teng nodded and said, "Fang Tians essence, energy, and spirit, had all already reached the limits, thats why he would think of forcefully breaking through to Deity Realm. Yet this was simply nothing more than wishful thinking! As for me, I was still significantly worse compared to Fang Tian."

When Ye Yuan heard, the corners of his mouth involuntarily twitched slightly.

Fang Tians strength back then was far stronger than his. Essence, energy, and spirit, three paths at the great circle of perfection, such horrifying strengths were sufficient to sweep away any existence in the Divine Realm.

But even so, Fang Tian was still unable to break through the Divine Dao shackles!

Ye Yuan said with an emotional sigh, "I understand. Back then, Father should have comprehended the Medicine Gods Soul Canons divine inscriptions, and his divine soul should have turned golden too. Hence, thats how he was able to refine a half-divine pill. His divine soul realm back then was probably the Divine Realms strongest!"

Long Teng nodded and said, "Exactly so."

Ye Yuan said with a smile,"Huhu,I was greedy. How can the Deity Realm be so easy to break through? But comprehending the Medicine Gods Soul Canon, I seem to be able to enter the soul suppressing space at any time! Comprehending the Medicine Gods Soul Canons divine inscriptions in there can be said to yield twice the results with half the effort!"

Long Teng said, "This Soul Suppressing Pearl is truly magical. I even have a feeling that its grade is probably not lower than the Vast Heaven Stele!"

The process of refining the Unreal Enlightenment Divine Pill was unexpectedly smooth.

After the divine soul had a qualitative transformation, Ye Yuan refining medicinal pills was simply akin to having divine aid. His foundation was exceptionally solid in the first place, and his understanding of medicinal properties was also exceedingly profound. Adding on the golden divine soul, the Unreal Enlightenment Divine Pill that originally should be very taxing was not as difficult to refine as imagined.

The only thing that he was lacking was essence energy. After finishing refining, his entire person appeared somewhat drained.

The medicinal pill entered his hand. A hint of self-satisfaction flashed across Ye Yuans eyes.

In his previous life, refining mystic grade medicinal pills was not considered a very difficult matter to him. But it was absolutely not as effortless as it was now.

"M-Milord, how is it?" Ao Qian asked rather agitatedly.

Seeing that not only did the others recover their strength and even improved a step further, Ao Qian could not help becoming somewhat anxious about his gains and losses.

After all, the medicinal pills that he required, the degree of difficulty was too high. Even peak alchemy emperors might not be able to refine them too.

He naturally did not doubt Ye Yuans ability. But he was afraid that Ye Yuan was unable to refine out a high-quality medicinal pill.

Ye Yuan said with a smile, "Unreal Enlightenment Divine Pill, arcane insight rank!"

Ao Qians entire body trembled, and tears actually coursed down his old face.

Three days later, in the 500 thousand years region.

Jian Wushuang suddenly said agitatedly, "Uncle Thirteen, you look, thats a Seven Stars Miluo!"

Sword Thirteen nodded and said, "Thats right, its indeed a Seven Stars Miluo! With it, Wushuang, you can finally break through to the realm of Void Mystic!"

The Heavenly Sword Sect entering the Immemorial Medicine Garden this time, their objective apart from divine rank spirit medicines was this Seven Stars Miluo.

A Seven Stars Miluo had the function of driving out mental demons. A 500 thousand-year-old Seven Stars Miluo could virtually shield all mental demons and had exceedingly good effects towards a martial artists breakthrough.

Jian Wushuang was actually a Heavenly Sword Sects genius with exceedingly powerful talent and rose up at practically the same time with Ji Qingyun.

But in this era, any genius would have to be trampled underneath Ji Qingyuns foot!

Regardless of whether they were alchemists or martial artists, which person could stand at the pinnacle of this Divine Realm, and sit as equals at the same table with those peak figures within 500 years?

These few years, Jian Wushuang had been unable to break through Ji Qingyun this devilish obstruction all along. Hence, he kept failing to step into the realm of Void Mystic.

Otherwise, with his talent, his current strength should likely not be beneath the Extreme Sword Divine King and Thundercry Divine King already.

"Hahaha!Truly, heaven is blessing me!" Jian Wushuang said with wild elation.


As if replying to Jian Wushuangs wild laughter, an angry roar billowed into the sky.

Jian Wushuangs expression changed. A lion-form desolate beast already appeared in his sights.

Sword Thirteens face fell, and he said, "Its the Desolate Ancient Celestial Lion. Appearing in this region, its strength is likely already not inferior to mine! Wushuang, Ill draw it away, you go and pluck the Seven Stars Miluo!"

Jian Wushuangs expression sunk, and he said with a nod, "Be careful, Uncle Thirteen!"

Sword Thirteen slowly nodded his head. Lifting his hand, it was a ray of sword light that rumbled straight for the Desolate Ancient Celestial Lion.


The Desolate Ancient Celestial Lion actually did not evade nor dodge and received this ray of sword light, and was completely unscathed!

Sword Thirteens expression changed. This Desolate Ancient Celestial Lions strength was even above his expectations!

"Vile beast, prepare to die!"

Sword Thirteen gave a loud cry and immediately opened up his divine king domain. A violent attack rumbled over towards the Desolate Ancient Celestial Lion explosively.

The Desolate Ancient Celestial Lion was finally infuriated by Sword Thirteen. With a crazed howl, its figure chased over towards Sword Thirteen like lightning.

Sword Thirteens speed was exceedingly swift and led him away into the distance.

When Jian Wushuang saw the situation, he could not help being overjoyed and sprinted over towards the Seven Stars Miluo.

Right then, Jian Wushuangs expression suddenly changed. Countless sharp spikes stabbed towards him.

Jian Wushuangs scalp tingled, but it was already too late to want to dodge. He might as well take advantage of the opportunity to roll on the ground, avoiding this attack with a narrow shave.

"This This Seven Stars Miluo actually became a spirit! This time, its rather troublesome!" Jian Wushuang said with a frown.

The Seven Stars Miluo did not give Jian Wushuang the slightest chance to rest. Countless sharp spikes blotted out the skies and covered the earth and rammed at him.

These spurs were incomparably sharp. If stabbed to this extent, no need to think, and one would also know the result.

Jian Wushuang was in an incomparably dismal state and just fled for his life ardently. How could he still care about plucking the Seven Stars Miluo?

All of a sudden, he discovered that those sharp spikes were no more. The tempest-like spurs actually stopped.

He focused his eyes and looked over. He saw Ye Yuan currently playing with the Seven Stars Miluo in his hand, looking at him with a smile on his face.

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