Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 1086

Chapter 1086 Quan Xingzis Headache

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One rock kicking up a tidal wave!

After consuming the medicinal pill, in less than an hour, Lu Wus wife recovered!

He brought his wife to the Heavenly Saint Plaza and was endlessly grateful towards Ye Yuan.

Ye Yuan only urged these this husband and wife couple away after a bout of persuasion.

With this, many people were no longer calm.

The Alchemist Associations alchemists all had their noses pointing up at the sky. How could they be as amiable and approachable as Lord Qingyun Zi?

More importantly, Lord Qingyun Zi did not take a single cent for the pill refinement, and even chipped in spirit medicines!

This sort of opportunity, go where to find?

"I was recently just about to refine a Tier 9 medicinal pill, Three-Lives Profound Gate Pill. The spirit medicines are finally collected. But the price demanded by the Alchemist Associations alchemy emperor, I cant afford it at all!"

"Me too! My Immortal Polyporus Soul Recall Pill has also just gathered together the spirit medicines, emptying out my bank, and even almost losing my small life! How is there still anything that those great deities in the Alchemist Association will take fancy on?"

"Lord Qingyun Zi is a peak Alchemy Emperor! This kind of powerhouse personally refining pills for us, this sort of treatment cant be encountered even once in 10 thousand years! Going past this village, there wouldnt be this shop anymore!"

Ye Yuan said it, he would only refine Tier 9 and above medicinal pills. The rest would be handed to his pupils and grand-pupil to refine.

Lu Wus medicinal pill was refined by Gu Yue.

Gu Yue, Xiao Ruyan, and Ren Dong, the three people taking action, ordinary medicinal pills were naturally nothing difficult.

With somebody striding out the first step, how could each and every one of those Dao Profound Realm powerhouses still be able to remain calm?

It was not that these Dao Profound Realm powerhouses were miserly, but that Tier 9 spirit medicines seriously burned too much money.

And inviting ordinary alchemy emperors to take action, the price normally far exceeded the price of a medicinal pill itself.

There was no choice. Alchemists were really a scarce species. Each and every one was in high demand.

Even if you did not look for them, there would already be a whole group of people queuing to find them to refine pills.

How could there be like today, refining pills completely free?

What was damnable was that Lord Qingyun Zi was far stronger compared to those guys with eyes at the top of their heads!

Finally, someone could not hold back anymore.

A Dao Profound Realm martial artist came before Ye Yuan, bowed down, and said, "This lowly one wants to refine a Three-Lives Profound Gate Pill. Can Your Excellency please take action and refine it?"

Ye Yuan did not put on the slightest bit of airs and said with a nod, "Take out the spirit medicines then."

In less than four hours, a Three-Lives Profound Gate Pill came into existence, a transcendent-grade pill!

That Dao Profound Realm martial artist held the transcendent-grade Three-Lives Profound Gate Pill, feeling like he was dreaming.

If he went to find the Alchemist Associations alchemy emperors to refine the Three-Lives Profound Gate Pill himself, it would at most be middle-grade, even low-grade.

Because he could not afford the price to let high-level alchemists take action.

When ordinary initial-stage alchemy emperors refined tier 9 medicinal pills, being able to refine out middle-grade was already considered pretty good.

But now, he obtained a transcendent-grade Three-Lives Profound Gate Pill!

"Thank you very much, Lord Qingyun Zi! Thank you very much, Lord Qingyun Zi!"

He held the medicinal pill in both hands and immediately knelt down.

To be able to make a Dao Profound Realm powerhouse agitated, how important this medicinal pill was to him could be imagined.

"Peak Alchemy Emperor is peak alchemy Emperor! This alchemy skill is simply a god-like technique!"

"Yeah. I saw before the Alchemist Associations high-rank Alchemy Emperor refine pills before. At that time, it was greatly astonishing. But compared to Lord Qingyun Zi, hes too trashy!"

"Furthermore, this is a Tier 9 medicinal pill. Refining it in four hours and its even transcendent-grade, what kind of concept was this?"

If Lu Wus incident was just a preface, then this Three-Lives Profound Gate Pill just now ignited a bomb, and immediately blew up in the Heavenly Saint Plaza.

No one could resist the allure of a transcendent-grade Tier 9 medicinal pill!

Those Dao Profound powerhouses swarmed forward like bees, scrambling after one another to let Ye Yuan help them refine medicinal pills.

At this time, they already could not be bothered with whatever Alchemist Association anymore!

Could the Alchemist Association let a peak Alchemy Emperor help them refine pills?

Would the Alchemist Association help them refine pills for free?

They would not!

This sort of situation was precisely what Ye Yuan had foreseen long ago. What he wanted was this effect.

He did not believe that those Alchemist Association fellows could still sit still!

As the Holy Citys subsidiary, the Alchemist Association helped the Holy City to amass innumerable riches, letting the Holy Citys alchemists have endless resources to groom their descendants strength.

Smacking the Alchemist Associations face, they would definitely go find Cloudsky.

This was Ye Yuans plan.You dont come out, Ill force you out!

Ye Yuans comprehension of Divine Dao laws became increasingly deeper currently. Right now, refining these Tier 9 medicinal pills was already at his fingertips and did not take too much time at all.

If he was willing, he could even refine a large pile of arcane insight rank medicinal pills.

Ye Yuan called out in a clear voice, "No need to worry, one by one. Those that need to refine Tier 9 medicinal pills, queue up on my side. Those who need to refine Tier 8 and below medicinal pills, go to the three of them there to queue. The few of them are my pupils and grand-pupil. Their alchemy path strengths are still passable, so everyone rest assured. However, if there are people who want to stir up trouble, dont blame me for not being courteous!"

Ao Qian and the few Void Mystic powerhouses released their auras. Those martial artists who were just about to cut queue and start a fight immediately shriveled up.

With Ao Qian, Kuang Tianming, and Jiang Taicang present, the order at the scene was maintained very quickly.

Hence, Ye Yuan and the others started refining pills one by one according to the order.


Inside the Alchemist Association, Quanxing Zi smashed the cup in his hand intopieces1.

"Bullying others too much! Bullying others too much! Qingyun Zi, this punk, is getting more and more lawless! To actually dare block the Alchemist Associations front door and use this sort of underhanded trick to deal with the Alchemist Association! Hes challenging the entire alchemy world here!" Quanxing Zi howled.

Only later on did Quanxing Zi know that that young man he wanted to recruit was actually Ji Qingyun!

Even he, this person who was almost entering the coffin, felt his face burn red-hot at that time too.

Before reincarnating, Ji Qingyuns strength already surpassed him, this veteran peak Alchemy Emperor.

Furthermore, the Medicine King Hall and the Alchemist Association had always been at loggerheads. He was actually silly enough to go and recruit Ye Yuan.

No wonder Ye Yuan had an incomparably arrogant attitude back then, making practically unable to step down the stage. Thinking about it now, he was completely making things hard on him on purpose back then.

And now, this guy actually ran to his doorstep to slap faces!

One had to know, inviting alchemists to take action to refine pills, the price was very costly. This was the alchemy worlds rule.

Because the resources required for grooming an alchemist was far greater compared to a martial artist.

Ye Yuan helping martial artists refine medicinal pills for free, this was breaking the rules. How could Quanxing Zi not be furious?

"But Ji Qingyun is all alone in the world right now without any attachments. We cant do anything to him at all! Unless "

The one speaking was one of the Alchemist Associations three great peak alchemy emperors, Gudao Zi.

At this time, he made a neck-swiping hand gesture. The meaning was actually to kill Ye Yuan.

But Quanxing Zi shook his head at that and said, "Do you think that Ji Qingyun that boy is so easy to deal with? You look at who those people around him are. Just the Void Mystic Realm martial artists number quite a few! Jing Fengtian isnt around either.Sigh what a headache!"

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