Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 1230

Chapter 1230 Spatial Crystal

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When Zhuge Qingxuan saw this stretch of wilderness, his face immediately fell.

This stretch of scorched earth still had residual heat. The land was burned to a charcoal-black color.

People who were capable of accomplishing this were not many.

This way, it affirmed their guesses previously even more.

That person who came forward of his own accord to go up the mountain was very likely Ye Yuan!

At the thought of this, Zhuge Qingxuan was as uncomfortable as having eaten a fly.

Ye Yuans essence fire is the Cleansing Sandal Sacred Flame. Furthermore, it already gave birth to a primordial spirit. Its power is extraordinary. This place, every single thing here was probably done by him! Old Man Han shot Zhuge Qingxuan a very meaningful glance and said.

This seat naturally knows, so no need you to shoot your mouth off! Wait until this seat catches up to him, and Ill definitely tear him limb from limb!

Zhuge Qingxuan gave a cold snort and shot Old Man Han an ill-intent glance.

Old Man Han just smiled slightly and did not care about Zhuge Qingxuans attitude and said again, This region formed a space of its own, it was probably hewed open by a Deity Realm powerhouse with a great divine ability. This place likely has quite a few good stuff.

Zhuge Qingxuans face fell, furious until he gnashed his teeth in hatred.

Ye Yuan sneaked inside from under his eyelids. Now, he already took the preemptive in every aspect.

Humph!An ancient Divine Dao sect isnt what he can mess with as he likes! Does he think that by coming in first, he can have the advantage? When the time comes, he wont even know how he dies! Zhuge Qingxuan said.

Eh?You know this sect? Old Man Han said curiously.

The ancient Soul Refining Sect was a powerful sect in the same era as the Heaven One Sect. It was said that their sect master was also a reclusive pinnacle genius, his heretic path skills cultivated to the extreme, and was a peak Heaven Glimpse Realm powerhouse. Its just a shame that he ran into Absolute Heaven!

The Holy City was the faction with the most ancient inheritance at present. Seeing the Soul Refining Sects name, he remembered the history very quickly.

It was just that in the sects records, this sect was already wiped out by Absolute Heaven. He did not expect that there were still traces that showed up at the Godsfall Mountain Range.

But one thing was certain, this sect was not to be provoked.

This way, Ye Yuan might really not gain any advantage when he enters. A single mishap, and he might really throw himself in. Lord Kanuo said that Ye Yuan entered the Godsfall Mountain Range, and heavens secret is being screened. Killing him, here is the best place. Or, he might play himself to death, who knows? Old Man Hans eyes lit up as he said.

Talking up to here, Zhuge Qingxuans complexion finally eased up a little, his face revealing some mockery as he said, Well go in. I hope that Ye Yuan doesnt get toyed to death.

Slightly earlier, Ye Yuan and the rest entered inside the tomb under Gui Fus lead.

Inside the tomb formed its own space, just like an enormous emperor mausoleum.

The passageways inside the mausoleum were extremely abundant. There were also countless traps.

A moment of carelessness and it was the outcome, perishing and Dao dissipating.

But Ye Yuan searched Gui Fus memories and already knew this place like the back of his hand.

With his lead, the party naturally proceeded unimpeded without obstacles.

After this door, is the place where the spatial crystal is at? Ye Yuan asked.

Ahead was a large door. According to Gui Fus memories, there was a piece of spatial crystal after the large door.

That spatial crystal was the cornerstone of this space.

Controlling the spatial crystal, Ye Yuan would be able to control this tomb as he pleased.

Of course, the prerequisite was that Li Gui did not awaken.

Yes, Master! Its just that theres an extremely powerful restriction on this door. It was personally laid down by Sect Master Li Gui back then, specifically targeting divine souls. Even if an Origin Deity Realm powerhouse was here, it would likely be difficult for him to withstand as well, Gui Fu warned him.

The Soul Refining Sect established the sect with souls and liked to refine divine souls. It was also exceedingly formidable in the path of divine souls.

Li Gui was the person who walked the furthest on this path in the Soul Refining Sect. His cultivation even reached peak Heaven Glimpse Deity Realm.

The restriction that he personally laid down, the power could be seen at a glance.

Even if a million years had gone by, it was also absolutely not what a Dao Profound Realm martial artist could withstand.

Along the way, everyone had long become used to Gui Fus existence already.

According to Ye Yuans request, Gui Fu cast a secret art and showed his form.

Gui Fu was already being controlled by Ye Yuan now. He was naturally worried about Ye Yuans safety.

Restrictions targeting the divine soul?

The corners of Ye Yuans mouth curled slightly, and he revealed a very disdainful expression, and actually directly reached his hand out to push that door.

Gui Fu was taken aback when he saw the situation, and he hurriedly said, Be careful, Master!

When Ye Yuans hand touched that large door, a restriction power that made everyones hearts palpitate instantly invaded Ye Yuans sea of consciousness.

Your Excellency, watch out!


All of them exclaimed in shock, warning Ye Yuan.

After all, Ye Yuan was their only hope right now.

Without Ye Yuan, they were bound to die here, no other possibilities.

However, Ye Yuan was perfectly fine, his hand pressing right onto the door.

And then pushed the door open.

Everyones eyeballs popped out, an expression of seeing ghosts.

Only Yue Mengli and the others who knew Ye Yuan well had a to-be-expected expression. They all knew that Ye Yuan was basically immune to divine soul-type attacks.

If it were some powerful essence energy restrictions, Ye Yuan might need to expend some effort.

But restrictions targeted at the divine soul was seriously too dull and lacking excitement.

Gui Fu felt that this new master of his was the real ghost.

Masters means are truly inconceivable! Gui Fu said with an emotional sigh.


The stone door was easily pushed open by Ye Yuan. A dreamlike scene appeared in front of everyone.

This was a void. It took on a multi-colored appearance inside; magnificent and gorgeous.

In the middle of the void, a chunk of white crystal suspended in the air, emitting powerful undulations.

What a powerful spatial power! Didnt expect that the Divine Realm actually still had such a wondrous thing!

When Ye Yuan saw this spatial crystal, he was incredibly amazed too.

Every since Divine Dao dwindled to zero, the strength that originally transcended the ordinary also gradually disappeared in the long river of history. It was even hard to find any traces at all.

This spatial crystal was clearly one of them.

To be able to support this space for a million years indestructibly, this spatial crystals energy could be imagined.

Of course, to be able to use the spatial crystal to cleave open this space, Li Guis strength was also unimaginable.

The Godsfall Mountain Ranges space is exceedingly unstable. Li Gui made use of the spatial crystal back then and opened up this Soul Refining Sect space on this spatial node, avoided Absolute Heavens eyes and ears. But a million years later, the spatial crystals spatial power is already much weaker and is no longer able to stand independently outside of the void, thats why it would appear in the Godsfall Mountain Range, Gui Fu said.

Ye Yuan sighed emotionally and said, Looks like the means of Deity Realm powerhouses are truly what we cant imagine! Even if its not for the sake of dealing with Kanuo, the allure of Deity Realm is also not what my generation is able to resist.

Not far from the spatial crystal, there was a miniature array formation.

Ye Yuans essence energy urged, sending out the nine poles of Myriad Soul Flags in nine directions.

After that, he slowly walked into the array formation.

Everything inside this Soul Refining Sect space lay within Ye Yuans control!

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