Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 1231

Chapter 1231 Unlucky Zhuge Qingxuan.

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“All of you, all enter for this seat!”

Zhuge Qingxuan displayed his despotic power grandly and chased everyone inside the tomb like herding ducks.

Everyone was helpless and could only toughen their scalps despite being aware of the danger and entered the tomb.

Zhuge Qingxuan had a scornful look as he said, “A bunch of ant-like existences also have delusions of grandeur about achieving Dao, truly toads lusting after swan meat!”

“Huhu,there are millions upon millions of ants in the world, who doesn’t wish to achieve Dao and be eternal? One can always think about it,” Old Man Han said with a smile.

Only after seeing everyone disappear in their line of sight one by one did Zhuge Qingxuan and party enter inside.

But, the moment Zhuge Qingxuan entered the enchantment, alarm bells went off!

In front of him was a blood-red world!

Countless resentful spirits bared their fangs and brandished their claws, clawing over towards Zhuge Qingxuan.

These resentful spirits were not very powerful, but they heavily outnumbered him.

These resentful spirits in front of them seemingly stretched to infinity, totally unable to kill finish.

Zhuge Qingxuan snorted coldly. The Profound Calamity Finger suddenly attacked.


Thousands of resentful spirits were directly blotted out by this finger.

However, these thousands of resentful spirits were merely a drop in the ocean.

This hole was filled by the other resentful spirits very soon.

“Give me back my life!”

“I want you to die!”

“Kill, kill, kill!”

These resentful spirits seemed to have deep hatred with Zhuge Qingxuan, all screaming as they arrived with a howl.

“Humph!A bunch of reckless things! Mere resentful spirits wish to trap this seat as well?”

Zhuge Qingxuan snorted coldly. A terrifying aura surged to the sky.

“True Martial Brahma!”

With Zhuge Qingxuan as the center, a pale-blue light screen formed within a radius of a hundred feet.

The moment these resentful spirits entered this hundred feet radius, they were immediately ground up and turned to ashes!

However, they still rushed over toward Zhuge Qingxuan like moths fluttering towards the fire.

Inside the spatial crystal array formation, Ye Yuan was slightly surprised and said to himself, “I didn’t expect that this guy actually comprehended a Divine Dao Domain too! Looks like these past few days, his strength advanced by leaps and bounds! Kanuo is indeed well-deserving of being a former heavenly fiendgod, to actually have such means!”

In front of Zhuge Qingxuan’s eyes turned blurry, his figure appearing in a long passageway.

Old Man Han seemed to have entered long ago. He shot Zhuge Qingxuan a strange glance and said, “Why have you only just come?”

Zhuge Qingxuan also gave him a glance weirdly and said, “You entered after me, why did you reach first instead? Could it be that you didn’t run into those resentful spirits?”

“Resentful spirits? What resentful spirits? We came straight in and didn’t encounter anything.” Old Man Han said in confusion.

Right at this time, there was another Divine King Realm martial artist who came in.

Zhuge Qingxuan’s brows furrowed, and he grabbed him and asked, “You came in through the enchantment, did you encounter anything?”

Being pressed by Zhuge Qingxuan, that person’s expression was somewhat ugly, but he still shook his head and said, “No, I came straight in and didn’t encounter anything.”

Zhuge Qingxuan was depressed now and asked a few more who came in first, and discovered that none of them ran into resentful spirits.

Why was it just him who encountered?

Could it be because he was unlucky?

Even though those resentful spirits did not pose much threat to him, just him alone encountering it, that was rather depressing too.

Old Man Han noticed something wrong and asked, “What place did you go to earlier?”

Zhuge Qingxuan said, “I don’t know what place it was either, seemed to be a certain space in the enchantment where it raised countless resentful spirits. Even if the average Void Mystic martial artist was inside, it would probably be hard to come out as well. If not for this seat having a great advancement in strength recently, I probably wouldn’t have come out so fast yet!”

Old Man Han was also slightly surprised when he heard that and secretly thought that Zhuge Qingxuan was truly a bit too unlucky.

All of them did not encounter it. It was only Zhuge Qingxuan alone that ran into it.

As for someone deliberately manipulating it, they did not think in this area at all.

This was an ancient Divine Dao sect, so who could manipulate things to such an extent as they wished?

After making noise for a long time, Zhuge Qingxuan did not figure anything out either, and he could only continue deeper in.

The corridors crisscrossed here, extending in all directions, just like a maze.

Although their numbers were many, they were like headless flies, unable to find the direction.

However, along the way, they did not run into any danger. This made the martial artists who came in rather surprised.

They even thought that this Divine Dao sect’s ruins would definitely have many restrictions and traps, but did not expect that nothing actually happened at all.

Zhuge Qingxuan was naturally very surprised too. He and Old Man Han exchanged a glance and opened his mouth, “Could it be that this place is just an empty shell?”

“This isn’t too likely, right?” Old Man Han said, with uncertainty.

“If it’s not an empty shell, why isn’t there any danger at all?”

The moment Zhuge Qingxuan’s words came out of his mouth, his face immediately changed.

“True Martial Brahma!”

Without the slightest hesitation, Zhuge Qingxuan instantly opened up his Divine Dao domain.

Countless blood light flashed, swarming over from all directions, enveloping Zhuge Qingxuan’s party inside fully.


A series of shrill and miserable screams came over. Apart from Old Man Han and Zhuge Qingxuan, their party was one-shotted instantly.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

These blood lights were incomparably scary from beginning to end. Even though the two people’s strength stood head and shoulders above all others, they did not dare to slack off in the slightest.

This restriction power was laid down by a Deity Realm powerhouse one million years ago. The power was unimaginable!

The two people used all of their abilities and finally charged out from inside the restriction.

Following the two people coming out, that restriction slowly died down.

The two people exchanged a glance, still having some lingering fear in their hearts.

“Just now, there was someone who just went past in front and didn’t set off the restriction. Why does when it comes to us, it will trigger such a terrifying restriction?” Zhuge Qingxuan said with an ugly look.

Zhuge Qingxuan hearing those martial artists inside, the objective was in order to be scapegoats.

But those people were fine, while he was nearly turned to dregs by the restriction. This made him incomparably frustrated.

Old Man Han’s expression was also incomparably ugly. The people that he brought over actually all died. Even their divine souls did not escape as well, directly obliterated by the restriction.

“That’s right! There were quite a few people who walked past just now, and they were all fine! No idea why, when it came to us walking past, it triggered the restriction!” Old Man Han said gloomily.

Zhuge Qingxuan gave him a glance and said suspiciously, “It wouldn’t be your subordinates who were blind and triggered the restriction, right?”

Old Man Han’s expression flickered incessantly and could only heave a sigh finally and said, “I’m afraid that’s only this possibility as well.”

Apart from this explanation, he seriously could only think of other possibilities.

“Damn it! Bring this kind of good-for-nothings out for what? Apart from causing trouble, they were utterly useless!” Zhuge Qingxuan said with a black face.

He was extremely pent-up with anger right now. Seemed like ever since he entered this tomb, nothing went well for him.

It seemed like this Divine Dao sect’s ruins was specifically targeting him alone.

Old Man Han was also greatly angered and said unhappily, “Zhuge Qingxuan, don’t you sit on your high horse! You don’t think that this Han is scared of you, do you?”

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