Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 1232

Chapter 1232 Internecine Fighting

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Old Man Han was aware of Zhuge Qingxuan’s character, having his eyes at the top of his head; coupled with Kanuo’s warnings, he did not argue over things with Zhuge Qingxuan along the way.

But now, the people that he brought were all dead. How could he still have such a good temper?

Zhuge Qingxuan snorted coldly and said, “Kanuo sent trash over, what use can you be of? Don’t think that with just Kanuo backing you up, this seat won’t dare to kill you!”

Old Man Han was furious until he was huffing and puffing. He discovered that this guy was simply unreasonable!

“Heh,if not for Lord Kanuo, you’d have long been killed by Ye Yuan that brat, would it still be your turn to show off your power here?Pooh!”

At this time, quite a number of martial artists were drawn by the sound of the two of their arguing. They stopped to watch the show by the side.

Hearing Old Man Han’s words, everyone turned pale with fright.

That battle did not spread out.

Only now did they know that the Heaven Stabilizing Divine King actually nearly died under Ye Yuan’s hands!

Didn’t this mean that the Heaven Surmounting Divine King already surpassed the Heaven Stabilizing Divine King?

“I didn’t hear wrongly, right? The Heaven Surmounting Divine King actually almost killed this guy!”

“The Heaven Surmounting Divine King’s growth is simply too terrifying! Just how long has it been, his strength actually soared again!”

“If this is true, doesn’t that mean that the Ten Great Divine King’s ranking is going to change again?”

This news was seriously too shocking.

The unbeatable existence in their hearts was actually dragged down from the altar, just like that!

But at this time, virtually everyone was very delighted in their hearts.

After all, the Heaven Stabilizing Divine King already drove them into a dead end. Furthermore, this guy’s personality seriously made people dare not sing praises.

The Heaven Surmounting Divine King replacing the Heaven Stabilizing Divine King, they did not have much sense of a loss. They felt very liberated instead!

What kind of hearing strength did Zhuge Qingxuan have? Hearing these toned down discussions, his anger flared up even more.

“Since you’re seeking death, then this seat will grant your wish!”

How could Zhuge Qingxuan still endure it? He erupted immediately, tapping a finger over toward Old Man Han.

Old Man Han was also not someone who was easy to deal with. The two people clashed together.

This degree of battle, in addition to the fact that it was inside a narrow corridor, how could the others still dare to surround and watch? Each and every one of them ran far away.

Inside the corridor, waves of terrifying undulations transmitted over. But the group of martial artists had excited looks.

“Heh,this Heaven Stabilizing Divine King tyrannically abuses his power. I didn’t expect that they actually broke out in internecine fighting! Truly venting one’s anger!”

“Best if the two of them suffer mutual destruction! This kind of guy is simply not worthy of the name of the Ten Great Divine Kings!”

“Seize this chance, let’s hurry up and run! Carrying on like this, we’d have to die in their hands sooner or later!”

“Yeah, previously, it was our luck that was good. But keep on being cannon fodder for him, it will be death eventually.”

Everyone’s discussion stopped and did not care about the two people currently in a tangled fight. All of them were heading over toward the depths.

However, they discovered that this place seemed to really not have any danger!

Along the way, so many of them actually did not encounter any bit of danger.

This kind of feeling made them feel blissful to the extreme.

For these martial artists to be able to cultivate to their present realm, who knew how many mystic realms they had braved before. Which time wasn’t a narrow escape from death before they could have today’s accomplishment?

However, the situation this time, they had never encountered before.

Moreover, this was the ruins of a Divine Dao sect. Logically speaking, it was impossible for this kind of situation to appear.

However, it just happened.

It was not that nobody suspected Ye Yuan, but it was just that in their opinion, this was simply something impossible.

This was the ruins of a Divine Dao sect, who were you to trigger when you say trigger, not trigger when you said not trigger?

This was a little too preposterous.

In contrast, they were more willing to believe that their luck was good, encountering an empty shell.

The great battle ceasing, Zhuge Qingxuan looked coldly at the Old Man Han covered in wounds all over next to him, and he said with a cold snort, “This bit of capabilities also dare to be arrogant in front of this seat! Today, on the account of Kanuo’s face, I’ll spare your life. If you offend again, I’ll definitely cut you down without mercy!”

The current Old Man Han looked very miserable, looking like a rotten watermelon from head to toe, being beaten by Zhuge Qingxuan into a sieve.

He looked at Zhuge Qingxuan rather apprehensively, very surprised by his might.

Old Man Han was naturally aware of Zhuge Qingxuan’s strength. But he was also rather confident in his own strength.

It was just that he did not expect, no idea what kind of means Lord Kanuo used, to actually let Zhuge Qingxuan’s strength improve to such a level within such a short time.

One had to know that Zhuge Qingxuan did not become Lord Kanuo’s fiend slave and also did not cultivate the fiend path cultivation methods.

What he used was still the Holy City’s most orthodox Brahma Heart Sutra!

“Yes!” Old Man Han voiced out wholeheartedly convinced.

He did not have Lord Kanuo’s means. With Zhuge Qingxuan’s current strength, he was absolutely capable of completely annihilating him.

But he also became more confident in this trip’s mission.

With Zhuge Qingxuan’s current strength, it should be sufficient to cut Ye Yuan down.

After subduing Old Man Han, Zhuge Qingxuan the two of them continued heading towards the depths again.

Except, they were as unlucky as before.

Along the way, they practically set off all of the restrictions that could be set off.

It was the ruins of a Divine Dao sect after all. Some restrictions, even if it was Zhuge Qingxuan, it was also a narrow shave with death before he could get out.

As for Old Man Han, if not for the fiend race’s vitality being tenacious, he would had long died many times over.

“Your Excellency, this is definitely not right! Most likely, it’s someone controlling these restrictions, waiting for us to go trigger! If I didn’t guess wrongly, it’s definitely Ye Yuan!” Old Man Han said with a black face.

Zhuge Qingxuan’s face was livid. Along the way, his injuries were not light either.

Hearing Old Man Han mention it, he snorted coldly and said, “Still need you to say? Do you really take this seat to be a fool? Damn it! How in the world did this brat do it? That ancient Soul Refining Sect, even Lord Zuo Zong was very fearful too. This guy is actually able to control the restrictions here!”

Only now did Zhuge Qingxuan know that it was truly with one misstep, every step turned wrong.

In the beginning, letting Ye Yuan in, it was truly lifting a rock to crush his own feet.

No idea what methods Ye Yuan used either to actually dig such a large pit for them.

This kind of thing should not happen at all!

The corners of Ye Yuan’s mouth curled slightly as he muttered to himself, “Looks like they finally realized it.”

“Big Brother, it’s already been so long, could it be that the restrictions here still can’t kill them?” White Light said in puzzlement.

Ye Yuan’s gaze was profound as he said, “Looks like that Zhuge Qingxuan obtained considerable benefits from Kanuo there, his strength soaring by leaps and bounds. For ordinary restrictions to want to kill him, it’s likely not easy. Even if the current me faces off with him, I might not gain any advantage as well.”

Ye Yuan’s words made everyone’s faces change.

To be able to make Ye Yuan say this sort of words, it seemed like Zhuge Qingxuan’s strength really improved a lot!

“Your Excellency, this What to do here?” Ye Sheng asked hesitantly.

Ye Yuan smiled and said,“Huhu,no big deal. The Soul Refining Sect is a Divine Dao sect at any rate. How can it be that easy for them to want to come out without a scratch? This young master already prepared a big feast for them. I hope that they savor it happily!”

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