Valkyrie Domination Chapter 4088

Chapter 4088: Ancient Craftsman Tianzun

Jinlin Tianzun appeared and scolded the master of the monster clan away, making the field silent.

Many people's minds are floating.

With the power of the Jinlin Tianzun, it is entirely possible to capture the Golden Dragon Tianzun and the true dragon clan members, but he is indifferent, and even actively scolds the monster clan masters?

This puzzled many people.

Chaos Supreme Treasure is no trivial matter. It is of great help to Tianzun, especially Jinlin and other peak Tianzun masters, who impact the existence of the Supreme Realm. The demand for Chaos Supreme Treasure should be far more than ordinary Tianzun, and they would rather give up...

This makes many people think and think hard, there must be reasons they don't know, otherwise Jinlin Tianzun would never do it.

He is one of the most lawless beings in the universe. He has always been grumpy and murderous. He is not afraid of the heavens and the earth. He is willing to retreat.

This made many of the powerhouses of the ten thousand races who wanted to take action against Jinlong Tianzun and Qin Chen a little fear and retreat.

"Everyone, do you want to stop me from waiting?"

Jinlong Tianzun and Qin Chen stared into the void, murderous, and the vast Tianzun Qi released.

"Naturally not. The true dragons are one of the ten thousand races in the universe. The treasures in the Vientiane Gods Treasure can be obtained by those who can. Naturally, I work hard to do such things. I work hard to congratulate the true dragons. A lot of gains."

In the void, a rumbling roar sounded, and the human race Tianzun spoke.

Days work?

Qin Chen looked up and vaguely saw a majestic figure. Tianzuo Tianzun actually came. I wonder how Wuxue and Ruyue were working in Tianzun?

"It turned out to be the ancient craftsman Tianzun, this true dragon killed you at the Star God Palace of the human race, and the human race, as a top clan, let the masters of the human race and heaven go unpunished."

A gloomy voice suddenly sounded, reaching everyone's ears. "Huh, it turned out to be the puppet Tianzun of the ghost tribe. The Star God Palace is the Star God Palace, and the Human Race is the Human Race. This true dragon tribe is in conflict with the Star God Palace and Dayu Shenshan in the Vientiane God Store. It is to compete for treasures. Star God Palace and Daewoo God Mountain are against each other,

I have never had any personal grievances with the True Dragons in my day job. Why do I want to stand out for the Star God Palace and Dayu God Mountain? The Star God Palace cannot represent my human race. "

Tianzun ancient craftsman Tianzun snorted coldly, "Farewell."

After the words fell, the ancient craftsman Tianzun turned directly and left, Qin Chen vaguely felt the distant void, and a terrible breath disappeared.

"Haha, since Tianjiao has quit, then I also quit the Virtual Temple."

"True Dragon Race, congratulations."


The ancient craftsman Tianzun left, and the other strong human races also turned and left.

This caused the surrounding Ghost Race, Zerg Race and other forces' masters to frown. The two top forces of Human Race and Demon Race are gone, should they make their own moves?

What puzzled them the most was the Demon Race. Among this Demon Race, apart from the slain Molten Flame Heavenly Venerate, no other Heavenly Venerates arrived. This was far from the status of the Demon Race.

There is more than one big camp for the demons on the battlefield of ten thousand races. After so long, it stands to reason that other Heavenly Lords should have arrived, and there is no news?

There is weird.

The Ten Thousand Clan Tianzun present felt something wrong.

Whether it is the monster, human, or demons, they all feel an unusual aura.


Seeing that no one answered, Jin Long Tianzun yelled, rumbling, the golden river engulfed him and Qin Chen, and quickly flew towards the outside of the ten thousand race battlefield.

In the void of the four directions, Ten Thousand Clan Tianzun watched the two leave, hesitated for a long time, but in the end no one dared to take action and let Qin Chen and the others leave.

This battle finally ended.

And everything that happened here, like a hurricane, spread rapidly throughout the universe.

The whole universe was a sensation.


Qin Chen and Jinlong Tianzun swiftly flew across the void in the endless battlefield of ten thousand races.

"Weird, the monster race and the respected person actually gave up the siege of us, it is really weird."

On the way, Jinlong Tianzun was still a little puzzled.

Qin Chen also showed curiosity in his heart. He now looks like a true dragon. According to the truth, no one knows his identity, but for some reason, he always feels that the Jinlin seems to recognize himself.

"Don't care about it, your name is Long Chen? Hahaha, I don't think that my true dragon clan actually has a genius and powerful like you. This time I return to the true dragon ancestor land, the patriarch and ancestor will be extremely excited."

Jin Long Tianzun looked excited. When he received the order from the patriarch, he just wanted to rescue the younger generation in his clan at once, but he never thought that Qin Chen's strength was so terrifying, he was afraid that he would not give up more than himself.

Inexplicably more of such a top expert, the patriarch and ancestor must be extremely excited.

"Patriarch? Patriarch?"

Qin Chen felt guilty in his heart. He knew that he was not a true dragon. If the patriarch and ancestor of the true dragon caught the clue, it would be troublesome.

Pretending to be the true dragon clan, the true dragon clan master will definitely be angry.

"True Dragon Ancestral Land, Human Race kid, you follow him, my ancestor promises you are fine."

Honghuang Zulong seemed to know Qin Chen's worries and said with a smile.

He is the true ancestor of the True Dragon Clan, and he is worried about not being recognized by the True Dragon Clan?

"You can only take one step and count one step." Qin Chen is not so optimistic. The ancestral dragon is indeed born in the ancient world, the ancestor of the true dragon clan, but after all, he is a strong man before countless years, I am afraid that it is true now. The ancestors of the dragon clan had never seen him at all, even if they knew

What will be the consequences of the identity of the great ancestor dragon is not yet clear.

What's more, Senior Honghuang Ancestral Dragon now has only one remnant soul left, not in his heyday.

"Senior Jinlong Tianzun, where are we going now?" Qin Chen asked, it was not like leaving the ten thousand race battlefield. "Although my true dragons have never had camps on the battlefield of ten thousand races, there are also some simple points, which have teleportation wormholes, which can lead to some areas near the true dragon ancestors. The purpose is for my true dragons to enter ten thousand. Clan battlefield experience

And practice, as long as we enter the wormhole, we are truly safe. "

Qin Chen nodded, and then asked, "After entering the wormhole, did he directly reach the True Dragon Ancestral Land?"

"Haha, that's not naturally." Jinlong Tianzun smiled, "The location of my true dragon ancestral land is extremely secret. It has always been a secret in the universe. Entering the wormhole is not enough to enter the one near my true dragon ancestral land. In special areas, its not so easy to reach the real dragon ancestors

. "Qin Chen's heart moved. If this is the case, he can leave the battlefield of the Ten Thousand Races through the True Dragon Clan wormhole, and then find another excuse to leave. It will naturally be safer to go to the True Dragon Ancestor Land when he is ready.

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