Venerated Venomous Consort Chapter 1689

“It’s better for us to settle the outside together. I don’t think it will be too late to go in after we settle the ten of them.” Di Fuyi rejected her proposition.

Gu Xijiu frowned. She did not quite understand him. She paused for a while and said, “Are you afraid that I will do something unfavorable to Lan Jingyi if I go in earlier?”

Di Fuyi was speechless. There were times when she was slow, but sometimes she was amazinglysharp. He did not reply but just stared at her.

Gu Xijiu deemed his silence as an acknowledgment. She chuckled. “Don’t worry; I will never do something unfavorable to her this time. If you don’t believe me, I will swear to you. If I don’t keep to my word, I will…” Before she could finish her sentence, Di Fuyi interrupted her. His voice was cold. “You don’t have to swear. I believe you!” He turned and rushed out.

Gu Xijiu’s suggestion was undoubtedly the quickest way. Three minutes later, Di Fuyi and the ten people were already fighting intensely, and two of them had been killed.

As for Gu Xijiu, she had now stood at the entrance of the weird building, raising her hand and breaking the wizardry barrier that surrounded the building.

As the wizardry barrier broke, she was shocked by a shrill scream from the inside! She could not recognize the owner of this scream but the first person that Gu Xijiu thought of was Lan Waihu!

Her facial expression changed; she teleported in once she broke into the wizardry barrier. Then, she saw the scene inside!

There was a fleshy mermaid lying on the ground, and the ghost-like scream came from the mermaid.

Lan Waihu’s limbs had been tied up, and she was suspended in the air. Her face was pale. There was a big sharp needle inserted in her chest, and blood came out from the other end of the sharp needle. It was still dripping.

A blue-shirted young man was standing in front of her holding a wine cup in his hand. The wine cup was half full, and there was bright red liquid shaking in the container. Apparently, it was the blood from Little Fox’s heart!

When he turned back, his lips were bloody, and the blood was on his lips; he looked like a vampire.

Lan Waihu initially thought that she would die. She was despaired and closed her eyes to bear with the pain.Suddenly, she saw Gu Xijiu who broke in abruptly, her eyes lit up and her mouth was ajar. “Xijiu”

Her tears rolled down her face. The blue-shirted young man heard Gu Xijiu’s entrance. He turned and saw Gu Xijiu who just broke in. He sighed. “Xijiu, you are so fast!You should not get involved in this mess.”

Gu Xijiu grabbed her fingers and looked at this person.

This person looked just like Rong Jialuo. But the temperament…

“You are Mo Zhao.”

That blue-shirted young man laughed and softly said, “Xijiu, you are indeed very familiar with me. Even if I have changed my appearance, you can still recognize me in a second.”

Gu Xijiu walked closer to him. “Where is Rong Jialuo?”

The blue-shirted young man stood straight. “He is here. Xijiu, this body belongs to him. Can’t you recognize it?”, He laughed. At this moment, he looked entirely different from Rong Jialuo.

Gu Xijiu bit her lips. “Are you metamorphosing him, or occupying his body?” Suddenly, a light flashed in her hand and hit the wine cup in the blue-shirted young man’s hand!

She put a lot of power into thatattack. The blue-shirted young man was not able to dodge it, and the wine cup in his hand had shattered into pieces. The blood inside the container was splashed on the ground.

The blue-shirted young man remained silent.

There was a flash of light in his eyes. He rushed directly to Lan Waihu who was hanging there. It was evident that he wanted to take Lan Waihu as hostage.

Gu Xijiu had been prepared for it and immediately teleported to Lan Waihu. She released her spiritual power from her palm, and there was a white light that hit the chest of the blue-shirted young man!

Mo Zhao immediately receded. He retreated to the side of the blood pool and smiled.

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