Venerated Venomous Consort Chapter 1783

On top of that, they kept so close to him all the time as if they were about to encounter their biggest enemy! Unsurprisingly, they would shed a tear in private once in a while.Sometimes, he would bump into them and scold them. Thus, they did pretend to be chatty and cheerful in front of him once in a while. Di Fuyi could not do anything about it. Since Di Fuyi did not want to worry them, he decided not to tell them his risky plan just to prevent them from being anxious again.

Gu Xijiu remained silent as she listened to his explanation. Certainly, she knew how the four messengers treated Di Fuyi. Perhaps, their love for him was as much as what she had for Di Fuyi. The only difference was the forms of their love; it was love between a man and a lady from Gu Xijiu, while it was brotherly love from the four messengers. They could even sacrifice their lives for him; hence, the truth was impossible for them to accept!

Suddenly, Gu Xijiu recalled seeing Mu Feng cry to the extent that his face was fully covered by his tears. In fact, she did feel it was like facing an apocalypse when she knew the truth. Even until now, she did not dare to imagine what she would do when the time comes.

She sat there with her face down. Di Fuyi stuffed a bottle into her hand. “Here, drink it; don’t waste my effort.”

At this moment, Gu Xijiu did not plan to be courteous too. She took the bottle and drank the medicine. It was extremely bitter but fragrant when it slid down her throat. She finished in a few mouthfuls. Di Fuyi heaved a sigh of relief and retrieved a piece of candy out of nowhere. “Nah, to sweeten your tongue.”

He was still as caring as usual. Back then when she fell sick or got injured, he always gave her a candy right after she finished taking her medicines and he was still keeping the habit.

Gu Xijiu leaned against his chest; she took the candy and popped it into her mouth as she felt a bittersweet taste in her heart. It was a maple candy and that was her favorite candy. She liked it very much and felt contented. However, she felt that she was going to tear again in a moment. She seemed to be too emotional these days. It was as though she was getting her period soon!

In order to hide her mood swings, she straightened her back. “Should I meditate after I take the medicine?” She did not want to waste the medicine he made.

Di Fuyi smiled and made her sit in a meditative position. “You just need to meditate for an hour. Let me teach you the method”

He taught her the method, and Gu Xijiu made a mental note to ensure she would not forget it. Perhaps, it was because of his companionship too that Gu Xijiu managed to calm herself very quickly. An hour later, she opened her eyes and felt her body. She realized her blood circulation had been improved and her bones were lighter. Besides that, all her anxiety seemed to have disappeared!

His medicine was amazing!

She heaved a sigh and suddenly noticed Di Fuyi was lying beside her as she turned her head. His eyes were closed, and he was breathing heavily; he fell asleep!

Although Gu Xijiu was a little disappointed, she was actually relieved. She still remembered that he did not really take any breaks when she was still in a form of a soul. The only goal he had was to focus on resurrecting her. Perhaps, he did not sleep for two days when he was away to get this medicine for her. He must be exhausted! However, he never mentioned it. She felt sore and warm in her heart at the same time…

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