Venerated Venomous Consort Chapter 1785

Di Fuyi always had great expectations. Since they were married in a prohibited area, he had never wasted any night he had. Since they fell apart, he had deliberately distanced himself from Gu Xijiu. However, his desire for her had never stopped; it had only been suppressed by him. He loved her as much as he loved himself. Every single detail about her needed to be perfect.

Di Fuyi closed his eyes slightly while feeling her fingers gently glide all over his body. However, something was awry. He felt as if he was being… tickled! Could she have not known which body part was the most sensitive?

He thought that was bad! While feeling rather uncomfortable, he opened his eyes and looked at her. He then realized that she looked serious, and her expression was almost similar to that of a doctor’s.

Di Fuyi could not believe it!

“What are you up to?” His voice was utterly hoarse.

Gu Xijiu’s lips twitched. “Checking if you are injured.” Luckily, she did not find any exposed wounds on his body. Through checking his pulse, she knew that he did not suffer from any internal injuries. Except for the fact that he was rather lethargic, there was nothing serious.

She looked at him sternly. “You were not thinking that I would do something to you right here, were you?”

Di Fuyi was caught by surprise.

Gu Xijiu squinched her eyes. “This is an outdoor gazebo. People will occasionally pass by. I will not want others to see when I devour Our Lord!”

Although he had surrounded the gazebo with a veil, the veil was translucent and if there were passers-by, how could they explain it to them?

Di Fuyi sealed his lips tightly and then broke out in laughter. “Baby, in my dictionary, backing out is not allowed!”

His eyes were as deep as the ocean. With a grasp, he held onto her small hand which she was about to bring back to herself. Then, he brought her hand towards the ‘vulnerable’ part of his body, and muttered, “If you would like to devour, please finish the job!”

Gu Xijiu’s hand was forced to touch it…It was scorching hot like melted steel. Gu Xijiu also felt that her cheeks were burning! Finally, she understood that once Di Fuyi stopped suppressing his feelings, he would behave almost animalistic. Still such a narcissist

Her heartbeat was out of control. Yes, she wanted him too, but at that place She felt insecure! She grew anxious, and suddenly hugged him, “Let’s change location!” They teleported right away!

In the following moment, they appeared in the bedroom of the Celestial Master’s Palace. She had mastered her teleportation. Within the radius of hundreds of meters, she could teleport as she wished; without error of more than one metre. She was extremely good at it. However, she was very nervous that day, and instead of teleporting onto their bed, she made they almost crashed onto the wall as she was carrying Di Fuyi!

She hurriedly took a few steps backwards. Not being wary enough, she bumped into the table. The table shook, as well as the cup on it. Then, the sound of glassware shattering could be heard. Outside her bedroom stood the guards, which immediately called the maidservant over. “Who is in there?”

The sound of the footsteps grew more audible. Someone was about to enter and have a look. The maidservants knew when she went out; little did they know she would immediately teleport back

Gu Xijiu looked at the person in her embrace who was half naked. That person was not at all nervous but only looked at her with a smile.

She cursed under her breath, and said in a hurry, “It’s me. You can go… go away from the compound. Without my order, do not enter!”

Although she had tried really hard to calm her voice, it was rather coarse. Upon hearing such a weird order from her, the maid servants were confused; but they still did as told. They answered her order and left.

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