Venerated Venomous Consort Chapter 2230

Chapter 2230 Everything Had Its Vanquisher?

Ning Xuemo continued to observe her son, who was now sitting and leaning against the tree for a quick rest. She was very concerned. “He seems to be badly injured. The forest is not safe with the presence of all kinds of ferocious beasts. He might be attacked by the beasts anytime!”

Shen Jiuli waved his sleeve to turn off the images on the white stone. “Xuemo, a fond mother will always spoil her son.”

Ning Xuemo was speechless. She was only concerned for her son, who had gone through many challenges in life even before he was even born. Thus, she became anxious. She did not want to lose her son. All she wanted was for him to stay well and safe.

“Don’t worry. With his Kung Fu, the ferocious beasts are not able to harm him even when he is injured. He will not be taken away from us so easily,” Shen Jiuli reassured her.

“I am only worried that Yun Yanli might come back and plot something evil against him. After all, I have indirectly caused the death of his father. He might use Nianmo as a vent for his grudge.”

The more Ning Xuemo thought about it, the more worried she became. “Should we go to Shura World? Apart from rescuing our son away from the place, we can go and study the land. I still think that something is wrong about the place.”

Shen Jiuli disagreed, “Not necessary. He is able to handle it on his own. Let it be a challenge for him.”

All children should be trained before they could go on their own paths. A timid bird under protection would not be able to soar into the air. Instead of a common bird, the boy was destined to soar like a Kun Peng [1]- the legendary, gigantic bird in the common myths.

Once a Kun Peng spreads its wings, it would rise like a cyclone. This was exactly what was going to happen when the boy finally realized who he really was. Once he made an effort, there was going to be a tremendous change in all the worlds under his guidance. Especially those who had been deliberately perverse to him; they were going to suffer when the time came.

As for Shura World, there was indeed something strange about the place. However, Shen Jiuli believed that the boy was able to correct everything wrong about the place when he finally returned to heaven.

The master of heavenly law was noted to have an eccentric appearance and unconventional behavior. He was already used to sitting up high in a leading position with absolute control over everything. When he was Huang Tu, it was exactly how he behaved – all superior and high above. Even when he was in a relationship with Gu Xijiu, he was the one who had the final say about everything.

This time, the way he behaved around Gu Xijiu was something new. Was he trying to make up for his past regrets? In their past relationship, Gu Xijiu once said that she wanted to become someone who could fight alongside the one she loved; for example, Long Xi.

Perhaps, he had made an attempt to conceal his true strength and transform into another identity of the same power as Gu Xijiu to share the journey with her. The master of heavenly law had taken many different forms of embodiment in the Lower Bound. He had had a great time with absolutely nothing to worry about, winding people around his fingers freely and leisurely just to have fun. This time, he finally met with someone that he could not deal with. Was it true that everything had its vanquisher?

Shen Jiuli looked a little distracted, so Ning Xuemo thought that he was worried about their son. “I still think that our son is too young.” She sighed.

Young? The child’s actual age was unpredictable; even Shen Jiuli had no idea how old the master of heavenly law truly was. Surely, he was many, many years older than both of them. Perhaps, he had lived as long as heaven and earth existed.

Shen Jiuli and Ning Xuemo were another generation younger than the master of heavenly law. As for now, Shen Jiuli was simply delighted to have become the father for the master of heavenly law. He hoped that when the boy finally returned to his power, he would still call Shen Jiuli as his father without any grudge or awkwardness.

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