Virtual World Peerless White Emperor Chapter 746

Chapter 746

Sports Arena

Wen Zhong facepalmed when he saw the shadow. "Damn, speaking of the devil."

For some reason, Ye Cang sensed a familiar aura and had an affinity to it and yet some bloodlines of his were despising and rejecting it. "Lets go."

The stadium had turned into a place where the eggs of all kinds of weird creatures, monsters, and worms were being incubated. Meanwhile, corpses and blood had become nutrients for them.

"Cthulu. Cthulu" More and more wicked envoys were mumbling in all kinds of languages, worshipping the intimidating and enormous shadow.

The other hero spirits had discovered how serious the incident was. Old Lady Zhao stopped afar outside the sports arena and reached to the edge of his neck to look at Xingtian. "Alright. Ill listen to you this time. Well wait for those idiots to clean the mess and save our energy. Oh LilXing, since were so free, why dont I teach you how to dance? Im the best lead dancer back in my hometown. Do know that I was given the nickname - Disco Zhao. What?! You dont want to dance?! How dare you reject my invitation! Im kind enough to help you get that whatever cup you wanted and youre so cold?! Youre just the same as my old partner who died! When you needed someone, you acted kind and friendly. But when you dont need them anymore, you give them the cold shoulder. Do you know how hard my life is? After my son got married, he seldom comes back to visit me but fortunately, I have a grandchild who is better. He always calls in to see how I am doing. LilXing, is it good that my grandchild always scores full marks in exams? Isnt there a saying that talented and outstanding people often get envied and commented by others? He is so outstanding and he looks so like me. Especially that pair of eyes. Its totally the same as mine when I was young"

Xingtian sighed and communicated with his eyes.

"Thats more like it! Dancing is good for health. Come on! Follow me! Lets move it!" Old Lady Zhao brought out a speaker from nowhere and started twisting and shaking her body. "We must be precise in twisting. From the heart to the butt. It must be natural. Be one with the music. Look at my dance steps. Move it! Lets change the song. Well be doing Hawaiian dance!"

The hero spirits from afar saw Xingtian moving his body and shaking his butt in a weird way. Dancing?! Wait, somethings wrong! It must be some ancient religious dance!

Angela despised Liu Shan. All these while, weve been either running away or stealing stuff. Worst still, weve been picking stuff other people threw away and running for our lives. Even getting beaten up by his own father was something that happened occasionally. She then stared at the items in Liu Shans hand and sighed without having any hopes. Why are peoples hero spirits so good in battling but mine except for being good at running and immune from being killed, he is so less manly!

Even though Liu Shan was not very good at martial arts, he was given the title of the magic servant. He was extremely good at summoning. He grabbed the item and pressed it against the floor and a magic circle was then formed. A warrior with silver armor was also slowly being formed. He was holding a silver dragon spear and his ponytail was swaying along with the wind. His eyes showed no fear. At the sight of Liu Shan, he kneeled immediately. "Young lord! Zilong at your command!"

"Save the manners. Save the manners. In my heart, Im closer to you than to my own father." Its definitely Zhao Yun! Liu Shan gave him a big welcoming hug. He laid his face closely to Zhao Yuns chest. It was as if two long lost family members are reunited. Zhao Yun was surprised and quickly got Liu Shan up. With a serious tone, he said, "Young lord, with Zilong here, no one can touch you and your envoy, not even a strand of hair!"

While Zhao Yun was looking directly at her, Angela blushed at his good-looking and heroic appearance, and the glittering eyes. So handsome! She checked the warriors profile. Wow! He is even stronger than Liu Shan. It says that because Liu Shan summoned him and their extraordinary relationship, they could now activate cooperative God Mode. Previously their Luck were EX but now its GX! Even though Angela did not understand the story between Zhao Yun and Liu Shan, she was certain with something - Zhao Yun is so handsome. That was all the fangirl knew.

Angela then came back to her senses to see Liu Shan still hugging Zhao Yun. How dare you place your face at my Brother Zilongs chest! She jogged towards them and pulled Liu Shan away. "Brother Zilong, both of us went everywhere to search for you and I even twisted my ankle. I feel so weak. Could you carry me, please~" Angela said in a coquettish manner.

Zhao Yu smiled and carried her to his shoulder single-handedly. "It reminds me of the time when I saved young lord."

"What happened back then?" Angela smelt Zhao Yuns hair and her heart melted.

"The first time was at Changban hill when the lord was escaping with the citizens. I was responsible of taking care of his family"

Chatter and laughter among the two of them along with Angelas facial expression made Liu Shan wonder, "Its impossible. Im more handsome than Zilong though."

"Unless Empress Zhang lied to me" Liu Shan mumbled as he looked up at the night sky and followed up.

The Holy Cup slowly solidified.

At the fifteenth entrance of the stadium, Chao Gai, Shan Xiongxin, Sun Erniang, and the others had turned into mutants. Zhou Yu was clearing the tunnel which had become home to worms. He stepped on the baby worms and threw his swords at the meaty wall. The magic circle of Hell Fire expanded. With a smirk, he said, "Boys and girls, male and female, tentacles, its surely a dirty and disgusting place! Yall shall die! Burn!"

As the sound of the guqin rang, the whole place was filled with the explosive music notes.


Instantly, the flames burned the tunnel, turning everything into ashes.

Cao Cao and Liu Bei both gasped.

"To be honest, when I first met Gongjin, I felt he was strong. As for that Sun Quan he is nothing," Liu Bei whispered.

"What a pity. If I managed to get this crazy fella as my underlings, I would have conquered the world already. With his knowledge on the marines and his intelligence in strategizing, conquering Wu and Shu wouldnt be a problem at all." Cao Cao once returned to where he was and fulfilled his wish of conquering the world. However, the emptiness after succeeding is way more suffering than chasing after his dream. It was different from how he thought but he then understood everything. The value of exploring is gone. Is it good for me to be heartless in return for this?! I might as well be like this bastard and make up some bullshit stories. Well, the past is in the past. If I manage to get the Holy Cup this time, I wish I can have a taste of the unknown future. We shall now stay in the shackles of the past forever. "Hey, Mr. Good-at-Escaping, if we manage to get the Holy Cup, do you have any plans in mind?"

"I dont know. Ill decide when we get it." Liu Bei shook his head with a bitter smile. "What about you, grandmaster?"

"Even though it may sound childish, I wish to return to the battle with Jiang Ziya. I still have the urge to battle him once again. If I cant fulfill this, my spirit will forever be stuck in this realm." Wen Zhong held his whips tightly.

"When you return, he is no longer the Jiang Ziya you know. Youve already known everything." Zhou Yu reached out his hand to fetch the sword back that was coming back to him.

"I know but I still want to try. If thats out of the question, I would just have to wait for the moment of battling him at the Holy Battle of Hero Spirits." Wen Zhong let go of his tightly held hand. Up until then, he still felt helpless and could not accept the elimination of Shang, and what could be worse than losing to Jiang Ziya...
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