Warning Tsundere President Chapter 593

Chapter 593 When Did She Become My Girlfriend?

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Huo Yunting snatched the empty glass dangling at her finger and tossed their glasses to the floor. The piercing sound of glass shattering shocked her, convincing her that she had woken up the beast in him.

“No! Don’t!” In his grip, she shook her head.

“We are married. It’s your responsibility as a wife.” Rage soon welled up in his glaring eyes as he imagined how Huo Chen and his woman got along so intimately that his woman decided to reject the offer.

“It can’t be done here! How can we head back to the guests after this?” She pleaded gently as possible, “Huo Yunting, self-control.”

“And yet after four years, you still don’t know your husband.”

She did not know him well. Huo Yunting was no man who would care what others thought of him for what he had done. He was not the kind of man who would go against his needs because of time and place.

Lu Zhaoyang looked down at the hill beneath, she frowned, “We have a dance later, remember?”

“I don’t care.” He easily pulled away her hand covering her lips and brought her closer by her waists. His libido boiled as high as his adrenaline and his lust burned like his rage.

“I can’t let Xiang Xiang see this!” Said Lu Zhaoyang upon getting an idea on stopping the beast.

That should do it! Please work! 

Huo Yunting froze for a brief moment as he thought of that adorable child. He rested his chin on her shoulder as he feasted on the faint scent of her body. Somehow he felt heartbeats coming from her bosom, the anxiety in her.

He lifted his eyes, looking at the ceiling and raided her ears with a long sigh after a moment.

“I’ll try my best to not leave any marks.”

“…” She tumbled as being brought to the sofa before the man fell upon her with his palm sneaking into her dress.

“Please, no. What if someone came in? I am not that kind of secretary!” Lu Zhaoyang shook her head and said affirmatively. She tried lifting her hands to push him away but a quick seize from Huo Yunting stopped her.

She looked at the door constantly. That was a plain wooden door through which everybody could come inside at a simple push. Well, her request was heard. The beast did not like sharing the view with strangers.

She could feel the weight being lifted from her as she sat up instantly. She thought she was freed yet she only saw the man locking the door and coming back.

“Don’t forget that we are here for business, not for leisure,” said Zhaoyang covering her chest with her legs tightly closed.

“I’m indeed into business. Business between the both of us,” said Huo Yunting with the last few words rang grimly.

You’re still thinking of work with this timing? Huo Yunting was displeased. 

“Sure, President Huo but—not in such way…”

“Isn’t there a saying that goes like ‘a good sex a day keeps the fury away’? I thought this would be the most straightforward method for reconciliation. Years and years had passed and you still aren’t aware of your debts. Since you lack the awareness, how about I help you?” The man gradually turned calm as he took the lighter and cigarette from his pocket.

While he was smoking, columns of smoke filled the space as Zhaoyang heard the loud, long exhalation from Huo Yunting in ambience.

“Sorry, I am kind of a clean freak. So, would you mind telling me who’s that Ming Yue who touches you every night? Is that not your new girlfriend?” She could tell the president was not in a good mood lately, especially after the incident a few minutes ago. It was probably impossible for the beast to have a decent conversation with their clients at that moment.

Therefore, she decided to have a different topic. She wanted to know the truth.

“When did she become my girlfriend?” He asked as he turned to Zhaoyang and puffed at her.

“Ugh” She coughed and took a few steps away, “Okay, if she isn’t your girlfriend, why are you giving her a new car and bungalow as well as scripts to aid her career while providing her Mr. Solve-It-All service to her problems? Seems familiar, doesn’t it?”

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