Warrior's Promise Chapter 884

Warrior's Promise Chapter 884 - The Divine Martial Emperor

Chapter 884: The Divine Martial Emperor

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"Are you a candidate?" Looking at Bai Yiner, the man asked.

In his dozens of years experience, he had not seen any contestant like her.

"Is She a beggar!"

Moreover, her hair was short, which looked really weird.

"Yes, I am!" Bai Yiner nodded her head.

"Why are you dressing like this?" The middle-aged eunuch asked. If the Great saw her, he would be angry.

"I have always been like this. if you think I am not qualified, disqualify me!" Bai Yiner said coldly.


The eunuch was stunned and shook his head. He had no authority to do that.

All nominees for the contest had to be reviewed by the Great who was the only one could make the decision.

"Well. Come with me. You can only have one guard and one maid with you. The rest wait here."

The eunuch declared and then turned around to outside.

Then, the eleven contestants left the Crystal Jade Palace with their maids and guards.

Su Mo walked out following Bai Yiner, because he was her guard.

They followed the middle-aged eunuchs, walking through the large palace and finally came to a garden.

The garden was not very large covering an area of more than 2,000 square meters. There were all kinds of exotic flowers and gra.s.s growing there.

In the center of the garden was a Little Square.

At the moment, the square was very busy as hundreds of contestants arrived.

Outside the square, a large number of maids and guards gathered.

At one side of the square, there was a spectator stand with dozens of experts sitting on it.

They were all strong experts. Even the weakest one was stronger than Governor Bai of the Great Martial City.

These were the bigwigs in the Divine Martial Country.

Su Mo also saw the old man who gave him the Blood-striped Seeds in the Fire Palace the night before yesterday.

He immediately felt scared and ran his Dark Force of the wood property to cover his aura.

That night, Su Mo only used his Dark Force of the gold property, so he had to cover this and exchanged to the wood property which felt completely different from that night.

Su Mo was confident that the old man could never recognize him. His aura and his face had changed. Even though the old man was strong enough, he could not recognize him.

Then Su Mo found the huge empty throne in the middle of the stands because the Divine Martial Emperor had not yet arrived.

Su Mo and the rest had been waiting outside the square since they arrived here.

And the beauties were all standing in lines facing the spectators stand and waiting.

They came from 36 cities, therefore they stood in 36 lines. There were 366 people.

Every one of them got a waist badge on their waists.

There was a number on the waist badge instead of a name.

Su Mo saw Bai Yiners number. Since they came here later, her number was362 which was at the end.

The guards and maids were talking outside.

So were the experts on the spectators stand. They were talking, laughing, and gossiping about the beauties.

There was one girl who looked unorthodox among the ladies.

She was Bai Yiner who inevitably attracted everyones attention.

The other contestants were gorgeous, with their colorful dresses fluttering beautifully.

Bai Yiner, on the other hand, was like an ugly duckling among swans, who was very out of line.

Of course, many experts had recognized her.

After all, as a city governors daughter, she had a good ident.i.ty.

Many people also could figure out why she did this, but they all shook their heads secretly, because this was stupid and useless which would attract more attention.

Everyone was waiting for the Divine Martial Emperor.

They didnt wait for long before a yellow figure appeared in the sky, stepping in vain.

Su Mo immediately looked up, staring at the yellow figure in the sky.

It was a young man who was about 28 years old and had a cool face. He was in an ochre yellow robe and violet gold crown. No one could tell how strong he was.

Su Mo narrowed his eyes. He felt dangerous from that man and he must be a super expert.


The young man walked fast like wind and arrived at the spectators stand instantly before he sat on the throne.

"The Great!"

Everyone immediately shouted and saluted the youth, including all the strong men on the stands, no exception.

In order to being not noticed, Su Mo saluted as well.

"Everyone stands up." The Divine Martial Emperor sat on the throne and waved his arms.

"Thank you!" They shouted again.

"The great emperor, the beauties coming form 36 cities are all here now. Can we start?"

At this moment, an old eunuch went to the bottom of the stand and respectfully asked the Divine Martial Emperor.

"Lets begin!" The Divine Martial Emperor nodded his head.


The old eunuch answered and turned around to the contestants in the square.

"Ladies, please move forward five steps and look at the Great." The old eunuch said.

Hearing the old eunuch, the ladies standing in the first row stepped forward in succession.

"Please!" The old eunuch said to the Divine Martial Emperor.

The Divine Martial Emperor glanced at the ten beauties and said, "No. 8!"

As soon as the No. 8 heard this, she suddenly wore a happy face.

Being chosen by the emperor meant that she would become an Imperial Concubine of the Divine Martial Country, which was a great honor.

Even though Bai Yiner didnt want this, the rest of them were crazy to become imperial concubines.

The Emperor had a lot of Imperial Concubines, but being an Imperial Concubines was still honored.

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