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Warrior's Promise Chapter 886

Chapter 886: n.o.body

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Su Mo was extremely fast, and he was not far away from Bai Yin'er.

He caught Bai Yin'er's hand immediately.

However, Bai Yin'er was fast as well.

Just before Su Mo caught her, Bai Yin'er had hit on her heart.


With a loud rumbling, Bai Yin'er spit out blood from her mouth.

Then, she fell down slowly.

“Miss Bai!”

Su Mo was frightened and immediately took Bai Yin'er into his arms.

“How are you?” Su Mo asked with concern, and he quickly check on her injuries.

Then Su Mo felt sad. Although he had stopped her in time and reduced her power, her injury was still too bad to recover.

As the Dark Force attacked Bai Yin'er's body, Su Mo clearly saw that Bai Yin'er's heart had been broken and her internal organs had been completely shattered.

With such a heavy injury, even if Bai Yin'er was a Martial King Realm martial artist, she could die.

“Su Mo, do me a favor!”

Bai Yin'er's face was pale, and the blood kept flowing from her mouth. She said, “Please tell my father… I can't serve him anymore.”

Then, she slowly closed her eyes.

“Miss Bai, wake up!” Su Mo quickly shouted. If she slept, she would never wake up.

Then, Su Mo sealed Bai Yin'er's internal organs with his Dark Force.

In this way, he could slightly stabilize her injury in a short period of time and stopped her from dying.

Hearing this, Bai Yin'er opened her eyes, and faintly looked at Su Mo. She smiled and said, “Su Mo, I'm tired. I want to sleep for a while. I'm very happy to sleep in your arms!”

Then, she pa.s.sed out.

Su Mo's face became ugly. It was hard to save her.

He never expected that this girl was so strong-willed and cruel to herself and she just committed suicide like this.

At this time, all the people on the scene also woke up.

“She… committed suicide?”

“Apparently, she didn't want to be an Imperial Concubine.”

“She was at Martial King Realm and she just died?”

A lot of people were talking, feeling shocked.

At the moment, the Divine Martial Emperor stopped smiling.

Bai Yin'er had been chosen as his concubine but she committed suicide. She was. .h.i.tting him in the face.

All the experts on the stands fell silent. No one dared to talk. They were waiting for the emperor.

The old eunuch who presided over the selection turned to look at the emperor and asked in fear, “The Great, how to deal with the beauty?”

This kind of thing had never happened before, and the old eunuch was also shocked.

The Divine Martial Emperor wore a cold face. Looking at Bai Yin'er, who was lying in Su Mo's arms, he said, “This woman has become my concubine, even if she dies, she will not change her fate. Bury her in the Royal Tombs.”

“Yes!” The old eunuch immediately answered.

Hearing this, Su Mo felt angry. Bai Yin'er had not died yet! She could be saved but the Divine Martial Emperor just wanted to bury her.

He really didn't care about Bai Yin'er at all.

Su Mo suddenly looked up to the Divine Martial Emperor and was about to say something, but the Divine Martial Emperor spoke before him.

The Divine Martial Emperor looked at Su Mo and said coldly, “This man blasphemes my concubine, kill him now.”


Hearing this, a dozen Divine Guards flew out and surrounded Su Mo in an instant.

People all shook their heads. “The guard dared to cuddle the Emperor's concubine. He deserves to die.”

No one dared to stop the Great. No one could change the Great's order.

“Man, don't fight back.”

They surrounded Su Mo and said.

The head of the guards was a tall middle-aged man at Lv 3 Martial King Realm. He was not afraid of Su Mo, who was at Half Step to Martial King.

Su Mo held Bai Yin'er in his arms and looked at the Divine Martial Emperor, ignoring the Divine Guards.

“You deserve to die.” Su Mo said.

Hearing this, all the people fell silent again.

They were all shocked and opened their eyes widely, looking at Sumo in fear.

“The guard dares to curse the Great?”


“He is crazy!”

All the people felt Su Mo had been crazy.

In their eyes, Su Mu would die in an easy way if he did not resist.

But after he had said such a thing, he could have his whole family eliminated.


Hearing Su Mo, the Divine Martial Emperor who was unhappy before, smiled and said, “Interesting, such a bold guard.”

Then he hesitated and said, “I have changed my mind now. I will not kill you immediately. I want to extract your soul and refine you for 49 days, enjoying the pain.”

However, to everyone's surprise, Su Mo was calm hearing this. He had no fear at all.

“Rubbish, you are just an ant on the Central Continent. You think you can be the Martial Emperor after you came here?” Su Mo disdained and said.

He despised the Divine Martial Emperor.

With his cultivation, he could not be a bigwig on the Central Continent. But here, he could despise all the people.

He had killed so many women since he got here.

And now, he felt nothing about Bai Yin'er. Su Mo wanted to kill him.

Su Mo's words shocked everyone. They were all astonished.

There were many people here who knew that the emperor came from outside, but it was taboo and no one ever dared to talk about it.

But now, this young guard said loudly and he called the Great rubbish!

This was completely insane.

They could not understand.

However, they knew Su Mo was not crazy, because he looked so calm.

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