When A Mage Revolts Chapter 148

Chapter 148: Underground Mage Organization

Chapter 148: Underground Mage Organization

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What the hell?

Benjamin was confused, but he was not that stupid to just stand there and get hit. Thus before the stick on the blacksmiths hand came down on him, he dodged swiftly to the side and avoided the opponents sneak attack.

"I didnt do it on purpose, must you be so serious?" After dodging his attack, he turned around and looked at the blacksmith who was stunned and said this helplessly.

He wanted to make sure why the blacksmith did this.

But the blacksmith did not seem to have the intention of replying. After recovering from this moment, he showed an expression of rage again and continued swinging the stick like he was berserk.

"Are you mentally ill?" Benjamin quickly dodged and ran out of the smithy.

He did not know how he offended the blacksmith. They were still chatting fine a moment ago, but after turning around, the stick already came down on him. It did not make sense.

In reality, after coming back to his senses, he felt like he was totally lost. He could feel that he understood what happened, but did not understand what actually happened. It made him confused.

So he decided to run away.

He did not intend to stay behind to continue this meaningless scuffle ----he could not just use magic to get rid of this blacksmith right? That priest was so near here, using magic means he would be discovered. Plus, he did not want the attention of other people.

He could not fight back, so why not just run?

"Stop running!"

But the blacksmiths hatred towards him seemed to have pierced the heavens. Benjamin ran out of the door of the smithy, but the blacksmiths voice came from behind, attracting the stares from the people around them.

What on earth...so unrelenting?

Benjamin turned around in frustration and had the urge to start fighting him. He did not understand why the blacksmith was so hard on him. He did not try to slash the blacksmith with the knife, nor did he set fire to his shop, why did he act as if he had a personal vengeance that he had to carry out no matter what?

This was too strange!

At this moment, he suddenly saw a shadow appear behind the blacksmith.


He could hear a loud and crisp sound come from the back of the blacksmiths head. The blacksmith was stunned. Then, he flipped his eyes and fainted. The stick rolled onto the floor, making "bing bang" sounds.

Benjamin was also stunned.

What the hell?

Behind the blacksmiths body was a middle-aged woman with a frying pan. She looked at the blacksmith on the floor, then at Benjamin, and nodded apologetically.

"My apologies, he..hes rash, and probably scared you, please dont get angry."


Benjamin did not saying anything. The situation unfolded rather weirdly, he was confused.

First it was this blacksmith who wanted to hit him with a stick without a reason. Then now, there was another woman with a frying pan. With a hit, she knocked the blacksmith out. Can somebody please explain?


Benjamin suddenly felt that this lady looked familiar.

Was she... was she that lady boss from the tailor store? They just met in the tailor store, then why did she suddenly appear at this store?

What is going on anymore?

"No, that..its not really convenient here, everyones looking, lets talk inside." Before Benjamin could ask anything, the lady boss looked at all the spectators and laughed awkwardly, then said this.

Hearing this, Benjamin raised his eyebrows in surprise.

Was there a hidden motive?

If there was nothing special, they did not have to avoid the crowd.

At the moment, he suddenly felt that the situation in front of him was not that simple. Thus, he took extra care ----before answering her questions, he let out the water particle sensing technique, and tried to sense if there was anything wrong with the lady boss.

But the result shocked Benjamin.

The magical elemental energy around the lady boss was gathered differently than those of normal people. And through the sensing of mental energy, Benjamin could feel her mental strength was higher than a normal person.

...She was a mage?

Benjamin was stunned for a while, but then he finally managed to digest this information.

Even though it was hard to believe, the elements did not lie. If they told Benjamin that the lady boss was a mage, then she must be a mage.

But even so, he tried to feel the blacksmith as well. The answer he got made it hard for Benjamin to accept ---- thats right, that blacksmith, he was a mage as well.

...So, anyone can become a mage now huh?

Benjamin felt the urge to flip over tables.


Things were already so, there was no point of him being frustrated.

Everyone was a mage, he did not have to act so hostile. The blacksmith ended up chasing him and trying to hit him, which means there must have been a misunderstanding, but what was most important was that for two mages to appear at the edge of the kingdom, it must not be a coincidence.

Why were they here, and why did they set up shop next to the gate?

There must be more hidden details.

With this, Benjamin tried to ignore the absurdity of the situation and managed to reply: "Its fine, Im not angry."

Hearing this, the lady boss nodded and said: "Thats good to hear. "Saying this, she turned around and dragged the blacksmith, hinting for Benjamin to reenter the smithy with her.

Benjamin thought for a while, walked over to follow the lady boss, and reentered the smith ---- he wanted to see for himself what kind of medicine these two really sold in their gourds.

With this, the lady boss dragged the fainted blacksmith back in, closed the door, and shut off the curious crowd gathered outside.

"You are a mage?" Benjamin did not want to engage in small talk, and asked frankly while looking at the lady boss.

But after hearing this, the lady boss did not show a surprised expression. She only nodded calmly.

She did not seem to want to engage in conversation with Benjamin yet. She walked to the back part of the forge and flipped over a giant block of brick. What followed was a dark, hidden entrance.

"Its not safe here, follow me. If you have any questions, Ill answer them later."

Saying this, she dragged the blacksmith and entered the hole.

Another secret passage...

Benjamin felt that it was weird. But after carefully sensing the elements around the lady boss, her magic was not that strong and did not pose much of a threat. Thus after some thought, he finally followed her into that passage.

Everyone was a mage after all, and under the gaze of the Church, he did not have the strength to start infighting.

The passage was short. After walking a while, they arrived at the end. After walking out from the passage, the following scene left Benjamin stunned.

At the end, there was a giant underground storage area. The storage area did not have much in it, but it was rather lively. There were around twenty plus people, male, female, young and old, all varying in style and manners. All of them stood in the middle of the storage area and looked at the arriving Benjamin and lady boss.

"Everyones here?" The lady boss looked at the crowd and showed a wide smile while saying this loudly.

They quickly went to her. They took over the blacksmith and lifted him to the side. Following that, the crowd started to get louder with chatter, confusing Benjamin, who was standing at the side.

With a bad gut feeling, he use the water particle sensing technique again.


Benjamin took a deep breath involuntarily.

Thats right, all twenty plus people here, all of them were mages.
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