When A Mage Revolts Chapter 184

Chapter 184: The Casters In The Forest

Chapter 184: The Casters in the Forest

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The freezing ice sword pierced through a certain part of the air, and the surroundings changed immediately.

The fire that was enveloping Benjamin suddenly disappeared, not even a trace of smoke. The rabbit demon with red glowing eyes that stood at a corner suddenly vanished completely like a reflection on water.

What was different now was the part of the branches where the ice sword hit, a weird thing that was green and purple showed itself.

...It finally appeared.

Benjamin looked it over, only to see that it was still a rabbit shaped life form, but it did not look like a normal rabbit at all. It did not have thick fur, but some sort of skin infection that made it almost bald in most parts of its body. The parts that it shown looked like parts like it was physically abused, some green, some purple, the colors were not even natural. It had compound eyes like a fly would, giving off a disgusting feeling.

"This rabbit...really is very ugly." Thus, Benjamin could only agree with the Systems initial judgment.

The so called magical beasts were beings like these?

Of course, Benjamin did not dare to underestimate this thing. It could create illusions that looked very real, which made his impression of the danger levels of this forest rise back a few hundred points.

If it were not for the System, he would have probably be toyed around very badly by this thing.

Luckily, the System observed the world in a different way, thus, the rabbit could only trick Benjamin and his water elemental energy, but not the System.

The System finally showed its use besides being a GPS and chat functions.

After the illusion was broken, Benjamin saw that the ice sword pierced a part of the rabbit demon which created a wound, bleeding green blood slowly out of it ---- it was not a serious injury, and it could still move.

Thus, Benjamin did not let his guard down, and prepared to summon the ice sword again for a second round.

But after the rabbit was injured, it seemed to have lost its ability to create illusions. At the same time, it knew that it was not in a good situation, it stretched, and turned around, wanting to escape before ice sword could hit it again.

The wound on its body did not affect its agility at all.

"Dont let it escape, this magical beast should be rare. Even though I dont know its name, but its body parts should be precious." The System quickly mentioned.

"You dont have to say it twice." Benjamin naturally understood this.

The rabbit prepared to jump, Benjamin quickly controlled the floating ice sword. Suddenly, it exploded, creating countless shards of nice, scattering all over.

The rabbit was already very fast, almost as fast as an arrow. But, the ice shards were like rain that covered the whole area, blocking off all of its escape routes. So, when it jumped, it was pierced by tons of ice shards, almost turning it into a sieve.

With this, the rabbit demon that was still mid-air already turned into a lifeless corpse, under the laws of gravity, it fell onto a patch of grass below.

Benjamin saw this and was relieved. He released his water elemental sensing technique to make sure that there was no other magical beasts, only then, he walked over to pick up the carcass.

But, what was most unbelievable was that this ugly ass rabbit turned back into the form of a normal rabbit, even those holes created by the ice shards were gone. If the System was not there to confirm it for Benjamin, he would have thought he was hallucinating again.

How marvelous...

So, after this magical beast dies, its wounds would disappear, and the patches of bald spots would grow white fur, and the compound eyes would turn back into the eyes of a normal rabbit?

This was no longer marvelous, but eerie.

The more you know...

After some thought, Benjamin has decided not to waste any more time on this rabbit ---- what is dead is dead, can it even still create illusions? Thus, he used magic to freeze the rabbit corpse and kept it in his bag as loot. His first battle with a magical beast in this world had a happy ending.

Right when he was planning to continue walking forward in search of the "Dark Snake", suddenly, he noticed that there was a strange empty patch in the grass ahead.

He frowned and walked over. He could only see that part of the ground was caved in, as if something attacked it, and the caving was rather uniform. Benjamin went nearer to observe it, and he discovered that there was a charred smell coming from the piece of ground.

As if...some high temperature ball shaped object struck it and turned it that way.

Thinking of this, Benjamin raised his eyebrows.

Even though he could not feel the traces of any elements, but, this piece of land did not seem to be the result of a magical beasts doing.

A magical beast could launch an attack like this, but it could not cause such uniform damage.

Did a mage pass by here?

Plus, seeing the way the ground caved in, the magic seemed to have occurred not long ago. It meant that almost two hours ago, a mage was nearby here, and might have been attacked by some magical beast, and a battle ensured, some of the magic accidentally struck this patch of land and created this area.

Benjamin felt that something was not right.

If he remembered correctly, the old man has said before that everyone in the town were potion mages, and did not have much combat capabilities, they would not risk their lives to enter this forest, plus there were no nearby towns around this forest as well. Plus, the old man has said that most of the adventurer mages had been summoned by the Queen to launch an attack on the Crusader gateway. Thus, at this period of time, this forest would should not have any mages appearing in it.

What was going on?

The Queen was still battling fiercely at the gate, even though Benjamin was not certain of the situation, there was no news to retreat. It obvious that they would remain by the gate for much longer.

A mysterious mage appearing in the middle of the forest...

Thinking of this, Benjamin became even more cautious. That magic was cast a few hours ago, this meant that the mage was likely to still be in the forest. He did not know what the oppositions affiliations was, but he had to be careful.

Thus, with a cautious attitude, Benjamin took a path around this road instead, and prepared to start his search at another part of the forest. His main motive for this search was to trade the "Dark Snake" for the two books, hed best not poke his nose into other matters right now.

But who knew, due to unpredictability, half an hour later, if he still ran into this mysterious "mage" in the forest.

One was probably not suitable, Benjamin used the water elemental sensing technique and discovered there were three unknown people sitting on an empty plain nearby. Their mental energy was sharper than normal, so they had to be mages, but they were dressed in merchants clothing, and their faces had fake beards stuck onto them, as if they did not want anyone to discover their true identity.

Seeing this, Benjamin felt even stranger.

Within the border of Icor, there was no need for mages to hide their identity. These three were being suspicious, which meant that something was up.

But, this was not the weirdest part.

The weirdest part was that even though Benjamin could feel their sharpened mental energy, but beside them, the water elemental energy did not fluctuate like they do with other mages.

Of course, this world had mages that specialized in different elements, even if it was a fire mage, of course, they would learn all elements first to figure out the one that was best suited for them. Thus, even if it was a fire or wind specialist, the water elemental energy around them would form different kind of reactions as a result of their relation.

----This was what Benjamin used to tell apart other mages.

But, at this moment there were three mages in the forest, their water elemental energy around them did not react at all, this meant that they never learned water magic before.

This was weird.

Thinking of this, Benjamin suddenly breathed out cold air.

After excluding all the wrong answers, the remaining answers were unbelievable, but one of it had to be the correct answer.

These three people, used the method of excavating their space of consciousness to train to become mages, or else...they would be casters specialized in light magic, which meant that they were the "priests"of this world.
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