When A Mage Revolts Chapter 198

Chapter 198: The Skill To Using Magic

Chapter 198: The Skill to Using Magic

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The day after Andy successfully brewed the potion, within the group, there was a girl by the name of Hannah who also learnt the art of potion brewing, and joined the ranks of the potion mages.

Benjamin was very pleased with the results.

Among the twenty or so mages, there were two who could become potion mages. This result was really good, seeing as this area needed high level talent.

Benjamin gave them all the required instruments and ingredients, ensuring that they all improve in terms of potion brewing. Even though they were only beginners, but with time and experience, Benjamin believed them they will grow into experienced potion mages.

Benjamin used his magic to create stone bottles that they could keep the potions they brewed during their practice, and placed the bottles in their luggage, when they have the chance to sell it for a little profit.

In fact, Benjamin didnt even feel tired on the road. While leading the others forward, his focus on his meditation never wavered, he even had to use his Ice Blade to create the bottles for the potions, at the same time, he found the time to exchange another book Introduction to Magic, he was so busy he could only get five hours of sleep per day.

Regarding the Introduction to Magic...

After Benjamin finished preparing it, he understood quite a number of things, and gained something from it.

Following the books point of view, now the whole mages world in Icor, all agree that the essence of magic was the imitation of magical creatures. And so, their theory was built on this they didnt mention much about the elements, alongside the emphasis on the building of their mental strength, magic that focuses on the spell, not the words. And the end result of all this is, they do not have a complete theory, but in practice, they managed to discover plenty of weird ideas.

For example, they even discovered a meditation method that kept you on the brink of death, something like the Indian yoga, staying in a strange posture, then gradually stopping your breathing, and its the reason they train their mental strength, even Benjamin felt cramps from trying it.

Besides that, to prepare each spell to its fullest potential, they did quite a lot of research.

Just like the mage Richard being able to summon a continuous chain of ten fireballs, theyre focused on the control of magic, focusing on the limited use of elements and mental strength, somehow digging out the most likely outcome of a magic spell this coincides with the effect of Benjamins triangular runes.

Because of that, Benjamin gained a lot of inspiration from it.

So, after reading the book, he returned to the space of consciousness, and observed the three spells that he learnt.

Just like when he copied the components of the Water of Life, and was able to create a healing water sphere. By switching the arrangements of elements during the creation of magic, he created magic that had even more special effects, for example an ice mirror that could reflect Holy Light, it is also one of the effects of controlling the details of magic creation.

He should focus more on this area.

When the theory of magic mentioned this part, it used an ice arrow as an example. For example, by adjusting the cohesion of the elements, the mage can control the ice arrow better, able to decide if the strength of the penetration, or its freezing power is stronger. So, Benjamin followed the procedure in the book, and released the first ice magic.

As usual, to improve the power during the icebreaking spell, he kept on compressing the ice, until it became as thin as a needle. But now, he tried to allow the ice to break apart, the more it broke apart the thinner it got... until the end, Benjamin could even feel, what he was conjuring wasnt a solid matter, but fog that flashed with light.

Looking at the cloud of floating ice fog, he thought, Benjamin first adjusted its internal components, allowing it freezing power to increase. Then, he conjured a huge water sphere, and made the two collide.

In that sudden moment, Benjamin felt his vision blur. Even before he could see what was happening, the huge sphere of water was frozen into a huge lump of ice, and dropped with a loud crash.

Benjamin felt a moment of glee.

This kind of freezing power, essentially it needed him to prepare an ice needle. But ice needles can only be used in close combat, the conditions were too strict, so Benjamin was still troubled. And now, by allowing the ice to break into an ice fog, he could now control the fogs reach further!

This allowed Benjamins combat power to increase, and by a lot.


In his excitement, Benjamin left the space of consciousness, and returned to reality, preparing to experiment on another variable. But unfortunately, it was already night, and everyone had already set up their tents, preparing to rest.

After giving it some thought, Benjamin quietly left the campsite, and came to a nearby rock pile. Then, he used the mind technique, and released the Icebreaking Spell.

The ice fog quickly took shape, but this time, Benjamin made it harden, adjusting the water that make up the ice fog. Very quickly, after the adjustment, he began to push this lump that twinkled in the moonlight, like tiny diamond particles in the ice fog, slowly flying towards the rocks in front of him.

In a moment, the ice fog touched the rocks.

Benjamin couldnt help raising his hopes.

Only to find the lump of shining ice fog didnt even impact with anything, but went right through the rocks. The shape of the ice fog was the same, there wasnt even a change in the speed.

Surprised, Benjamin dismissed the spell and walked closer towards the rock, and carefully examined it. The originally smooth rock now looked like a piece of wood that was attacked by termites, filled with tiny holes spread out all over.

He paused, then Benjamin raised his hand, and gently nudged the rock.

The moment his hand touched it, he felt like he wasnt pushing a solid rock, rather a piece of damaged plastic bubble. Countless cracks appeared all over the rock, and in a moment, the rock, which was as tall as half a man, crumbled into countless tiny pieces.

Benjamin was pleasantly surprised.

Through the water component in the ice fog, he turned all the tiny particles of ice as hard as diamonds, even though it looked like it had lost it freezing ability, but its uses are indescribable. The ice fog had a mysterious cutting ability.

Benjamin believed that no matter how ferocious a magical creature is, once it went through that ice fog, it will turn to meat paste in an instant.

"Thats something else..."

When he thought about this, he suddenly felt a wave of admiration.

The most powerful attack he had, after a long time, finally can be renewed!

At the time, comparatively, this kind of attack method is not perfect. Maybe Benjamins control was not fine enough, and unable to make the ice fog even thinner, and so, it can still be seen in all kinds of light. Added on with the fact that it moves slowly, its still difficult to use this to destroy his enemies.

But Benjamin didnt feel disappointed.

What kind of joke is this, this was just a trial run, and he got this kind of results? If he continued on with this train of thought, maybe used it on his two other spells, he will surely discover even more new things.

And so, just as Benjamin was about to return to his tent, just as he was thinking about new ideas to use, suddenly, through the Water Particles sensing method, he sensed on the mountainside, a vague silhouette appeared.

"Anyone there?"

Because the distance was too far, Benjamin sensing method was not too clear. As he thought about it, he headed towards that direction, and hid in the night, and continued using the water particles sensing method, to observe the silhouette that suddenly appeared.

Then, when he went closer, he discovered that it wasnt even a silhouette.

It was a huge group of people.
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