When A Mage Revolts Chapter 268

Chapter 268: Water Elemental Rain

Chapter 268: Water Elemental Rain

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Confused, Benjamin walked over towards that direction.

The water elemental energy in the dimension of consciousness has all vanished, this was a huge thing. You have to know, water elemental energy was the foundation of Benjamins magic. Without the water elemental energy storage, other than meditation, he would not be able to use magic at all and would be no different from a normal person.

Thus, he could not lightly view the incident that happened in his dimension of consciousness, albeit it being just a small thing.

After reaching the side of the triangular rune, Benjamin frowned, and finally managed to see clearly what the glowing blue object was.

It was just a small bubble of sort, as if it was water in zero gravity, it floated around the rune. After proper examination, the bubble contained some sort of thick liquid inside, Benjamin got closer to it, and the cool feeling that hit his face was rather refreshing.

What was more amazing was that he felt a strange affinity with this water bubble.

"This is..."

Not knowing why, he had an idea, and was rather sure of it as well-----this was the water elemental energy he had been storing.

How did it become like this?

In other words, after returning from the pure blue space, his water elemental energy has been all compressed into just a tiny blue bubble.

What did this mean?

His only encounter with compressed water elemental energy was the water elemental crystal he found previously. It was obvious that this water bubble was different from the crystal, its composition should be different as well.

What was most important was, could he still use magic?

After thinking for a while, Benjamin let out his mental energy to see whether he could control this highly compressed water elemental energy.

But, to his surprise, when his mental energy made contact with the bubble, it was like turning on the switch for a fountain, a lot of water elemental energy spurted out.

In the blink of an eye, the whole dimension was scattered with drops of rain. Standing in the middle of this water elemental rain, Benjamin could feel his fatigue disappear while his body and mind relaxed, even his mental energy felt like it grew.

He turned around to look at the three runes, they were shining like street lights in rain, freely absorbing the water elemental energy, as if they grew even more rapidly than they did when Benjamin meditated.

At that moment, Benjamin was overjoyed.

Until now, he had no idea what happened to him, but based on everything that was happening, it was something good.

That tiny water bubble is simply marvelous! If he could sit in this rain some more, his magic would probably grow to the point where it would be unmatched, right?

But, things were not as perfect as he thought. The water elemental rain lasted for a short while, and suddenly stopped. The tiny bubble that was like a fountain was like an empty husk now, and no longer glowed, it looked shriveled, as if it grew older.

Benjamin was stunned.

This....has the water elemental energy ran out?

He released his mental energy once more to feel it, he found that the water bubble had tiny bits of energy left, but the amount was too little to trigger another water elemental rain, this looked so tragic.

After seeing this, Benjamin was worried, would this be a one-time experience, never to happen again in the future? Luckily, after some observation, the water elemental energy in the water bubble was slowly regenerating, even though it was slow, but still, it was able to slowly replenish itself.

Thus, he calmed down and returned his gaze to the dimension of consciousness and magical rune.

After being baptized, his mental energy and the runes definitely grew in strength. The three runes had drifted closer a little, and shone in a blue light, as if they were full from eating and drinking. Benjamin was sure that rain just now was the equivalent for him meditating for three days.

At that moment, he thought that he had found a better method of training.

Until now, he still did not know the principles behind it, but after piecing everything together: the pure blue space might have changed the way he stored water elemental energy-----the water elemental energy before this flowed freely, and was stored in the whole dimension of consciousness. Right now, all the water elemental energy has been condensed into a small bubble, by using mental energy to trigger it, it would rejuvenate Benjamin, it was a more effective way to increase his power.

The difference in efficiency was like comparing normal meditation with high-level meditation.

In other words, the pure blue space dragging him in just to suffer, whether it was on purpose or not, managed grant him new skills, making his meditation methods more efficient.

Thus, Benjamin was grateful.

To be honest, if the System did not trigger the intangible form in the pure blue space just now, he would not know what would have happened. Would he be trapped there? Would the energy waves smash him into smithereens? Or, would he gain even more benefits than he did right now?

The pure blue space was far too mysterious, Benjamin felt that it was an existence that was beyond his understanding.

But, no matter, from what he gained, he already felt extremely satisfied.

He tried using magic again, and everything happened just as he expected it to. The water elemental energy was extracted from the water bubble, the three runes reverberated for a while, and a giant water ball was formed.

After using magic a few times, Benjamin understood that this did not give his magic any new capabilities, but, his casting speed has increased by a few milliseconds.

After confirming this, Benjamin nodded.

The more condensed the water elemental energy was, the easier it was to control it, which resulted in his casting speed increasing as well. This was understandable.

Well, the remaining problem was, after that rain, how much water elemental energy would be left in the water bubble? If it was not much, he had to regulate it, under battle circumstances, he could not simply rely on this bubble. If not, he would probably end up in a void-like state.

Other than that, how much time would the water bubble take to return to its original form? Would he gathering water elemental energy from the outside world speed up this process?

There were a lot of things to think about.

Right when he was thinking and using the water elemental energy from the outside world to replenish the water bubble, in reality, he seemed to have been bothered by something. Suddenly, with a buzzing sounded in his heart, forcing him to wake up. Benjamins vision blurred, and left the dimension of consciousness involuntarily, returning back to reality.

....What happened?

Benjamin almost forgot to breathe.

In reality, nothing much changed, he was still in the underground city, his hand still clutching the stone board, and the whole area was still green.

But, at this moment, he turned back slightly, an unknown hand was placed on his left shoulder.
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