When A Mage Revolts Chapter 276

Chapter 276: Torture Again

Chapter 276: Torture Again

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It was all quiet at the corner of the mountain as though there was no one there.

Benjamin laughed coldly in his mind.

Are they still hiding?

If he hadnt been careful and alert enough to use his water element sensing technique when they left the cave, he would not have noticed the guy hiding in the corner.

With the feedback from the water element, he could clearly see the person's silhouette. It was a middle aged man, with his face covered and his robes all black. He looked exactly like an assassin.

Even though Benjamin did not recognize him, he could guess that he must be the spy of some powerful person.

The question was which powerful person.

When the assassin remained where he was, Benjamin figured that the assassin thought he was just scaring him and shook his head. He chanted the spell in the mind and conjured a pillar of steam.

The steam was undetectable as it floated slowly towards the other person. And suddenly, it picked the assassin up.

The assassin gave a shout of surprise, as Benjamin easily caught the spy.

He held the person in mid air and went over to him.

"Who sent you here?"

The person seemed amazed at Benjamin's prowess but he still didn't open his mouth. He only watched him with big round eyes.

Benjamin sighed impatiently.

Honestly, this can either be a small thing, or things could easily get out of hand. Maybe it was just a small insignificant person who was attracted to to the odd happenings, and they sent someone here as a look out. Benjamin just needed to handle this person then everything will be settled after.

But, what if it was a special power.

When Benjamin thought about this, he had his own theory churn in his mind.

He wanted to test him so Benjamin said, "Rabkauhalla."

The second the words came out of his mouth, he could obviously see a mild change in the other guy's face. Even though the guy hid it well and only showed his reaction for a few short moments. However, Benjamin was watching him so closely it was impossible to miss.

As it turns out, this guy was really from that cult!

Even though he didn't know what the cult wanted to do with the ruins, but, the relationship between the two must be kept a secret. Benjamin accidentally found the ruins, so the cult sent people here to check out what was going on here.

But, knowing who sent the assassin here made things complicated.

He had to deal with things well.

"What do the ruins have to do with you?" He made a fierce face and continued his interrogation.

The spy opened his mouth, but the words that came out from his mouth was undecipherable.


Bemjamin suddenly felt weak.

What if Benjamin didn't understand him?

After giving it some thought, he decided to not give up so easily. So, he used steam to bring himself and the spy up to the sky and found a nice quiet wood. Then he started the real Benjamin inquisition.

Maybe he was going to conjure a few ice crystals to run through the body and heal it again. Benjamin had to create a a strong soundproof igloo, in case the screams travel and scare the random passerby.

Luckily, his efforts paid off. Even though the masked man preferred to speak in his own lamguage. But because he was in this country, he was still able to speak the local language.

"What is your purpose?"

The masked man stuttered as he said, "I'm, I'm looking for... Johnny's murderer."

Benjamin didn't think it was an accident.

By keeping his alliance with the Crows a secret, the people in the cult must be unable to take it. Even if Ferelden sent people out to watch them, they would still want to know who was pulling tricks behind the scenes.

"What did you find out?" Benjamin asked.

"We haven't found anything yet..."

"Really? Benjamin sent the ice crystal through the guy's body again and asked again.

"Really, the people above keep sending people to check on us, and we don't dare to make any moves. If it wasn't... if it wasn't for today at the holy ground... I wouldn't even be here." The masked man screamed and answered it in bursts.

When Benjamim heard this, he let out a breath.

It would be best if they didn't discover anything.

In the world now, the cult was still a weakling, and without the help of the odd green light, they aren't making any waves.

"Holy ground? Its the place where the sheepskin parchment brought us right? What is up with the new place?" Benjamin turned around and asked.

"I'm, I'm not too sure, I only know... that place is important, that's why... that was why we tried to get the scroll back."

Benjamin nodded his head thoughtfully.

He asked more questions about the internal happenings of the cult, and the masked man did not hold any high positions. He didn't know much. They must have been planning something, and after Johnny died, their plans were messed up. The higher ups were angry, but there was nothing to be done; they would hang their tails between their legs and lay low for a while, and figure out a way to get the sheepskin scroll back.

After hearing all this, and when he thought about the tapestry on the wall that depicted the battle, Benjamin couldn't help but feel that he might just have accidentally saved the entire world again?

What if the cult had managed to find the ruins and come up with some elaborate plan, that might be potentially devastating.

After asking all his questions, Benjamin saw that the masked man wasn't saying anything, so he ended him. After getting rid of the body, he wasn't in a hurry to leave and took out the thing that he got from the ruins.

First it was the pair of eyes.

Even though they had already left the world, Benjamin still kept it carefully sealed in ice. The thing was thinking about the fact that the cult might have some other plot, Benjamin looked at the pair of eyes, he felt something in his chest.

He will never let this fall into the hands of the cults no matter what.

Also in there was the sheepskin parchment, the glowing green stones that they picked up from the ruins, and the sculpture made of green crystals. These were his gains, but now, it looked more like an unsettling ticking timebomb.

Benjamin felt like destroying them but they were really solid, as though it would be hard to do so.

Who knows, one day, if these things were used by the cult, then wouldn't he go down in history as a criminal?

Benjamin felt torn.

But very quickly, he thought of an idea that could solve his problem and it have him peace.

It was true that he is unable to find a way to destroy the items. But to think of it another way, he can destroy the cult that is in this world!

They have not established themselves and if they can be killed while they were still young. Benjamin can also settle the murder of Johnny once and for all, or else there will always be someone who will ask questions. It really was killing two birds with one stone. And if the cult is destroyed then the things that he took from the ruins would not be a threat anymore.

And moreover, he might not need to show his own hand in this kind of matter. The justice power of Ferelden, the Crows, and the Mages Freemasonry are all there for Benjamin to use.

After all they went through in the ruins, he believed that at least the Mages Freemasonry will be very willing partners in getting rid of this pain in the ass.

As the thoughts formed in his head, Benjamin carefully kept all his things and flew back to the city of Rayleigh.
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